A Stupid News Trifecta

I know you’ve all heard about this one but I’m gonna write about it anyway. First there was the no shirt, no shoes policy and then there was the social acceptance of public breast feeding and now, well, let’s just hope it’s not going to catch on–potty training in restaurants. Of course that’s a stretch except for the one incident in a packed Utah eatery called the Thanksgiving Point Deli. The woman of twin girls who had them perched on what at first glance appeared to be booster seats were, in actuality, portable potties, and the kids were stripped down, at their table, eating food and pooping. The management of the place said that had they known what was going on they would have asked the woman to leave and by the time they got to the table, after several complaints, the display was aborted. The integrity of the patron who initially brought the incident to light on Facebook is in question now whether she should have posted the picture online or not. Hell yeah! To show the stupidity and ignorance of some people. I can only hope the patrons at nearby tables, at least, got a free lunch. Well, there was that time I pulled a mini pad off the underside of a table in a restaurant. What? It’s gross, right?

The other thing that made me go hmm was the new DipJar that’s being test run at two New York Coffee houses, surprisingly it’s not even Starbucks. The DipJar is a canister-shaped tip jar that takes credit cards to leave a tip for you barista. The only catch is, each swipe is a dollar. Well, maybe the guy that served you your mocha chocolata yaya (hey sister, go sister, soul sister, go sister) was a complete prick and you don’t feel like tipping him a dollar..well, then I guess you don’t swipe your card. Well, I guess it’s meant for people who make their purchase with a credit card and if coffee is that expensive you don’t have ready cash for a cup, maybe you don’t need coffee all that much. So, maybe my DipJar rant is really a moot point. Okay, I’m allowed one. But, wait, okay, how’s this: right now the DipJar company is not taking any fees from each “dip” from the two pilot stores, and the employees get the full dollar (divvied up among who worked during a particular shift) but they will eventually institute a minimal fee for each tip.

The last thing that boggled my mind is the pole dancing craze. First there was the coalition to have it become an Olympic sport, which maybe I can almost see. I mean, it’s probably more demanding than rhythmic gymnastics. But when pole dancing classes are offered to kindergartners, there’s just no hope for the human race. “…Kids love climbing trees. They will climb anything,” says Kristy Craig, owner of The Twisted Grip Dance and Fitness Studio in British Columbia. She also says that her current students, women of appropriate pole dancing learning age gave her the idea of “Little Spinners”, when one such woman said ‘my daughter plays on my pole at home all the time, I’d love her to actually learn how to do things properly and not hurt herself”. What would she say if the kid was playing with an errant marital aid? What the hell is wrong with people? Kids are exposed to too much nowadays. Can’t they just be kids while they’re kids? The clothes that parents dress them in….. hey, even that breast feeding doll that latches on to a flower on a pinafore the kid wears and makes sucking sounds…. and now pole dancing classes.

Is it me?

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One Response to “A Stupid News Trifecta”

  1. Melissa Says:

    No, it’s not just you. It’s a very sad state of affairs. 😦

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