Because He Can

You know, some things get me hopping mad and oftentimes they have nothing to do with me, directly, but they still get my dander up. The New York City Board of Health approved the ban on the sale of large sodas and other soft drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street carts. It’s not the ban itself that incenses me, it’s how the public just lets things happen….like sheep. Kind of like the smoking ban, and without going all over that one again (believe me, I understand the health hazzards of cigarette smoking) but I don’t approve of how the government just insinuates itself like that.  My stand on the cigarette ban was, by normal standards, perhaps somewhat twisted in that if we’re all in a restaurant and you want to light up, perhaps I should be the one to go outside while you enjoy blowing carcinogens across your filet mignon. Of course I wouldn’t like to do that, go stand in the cold or the rain or get soaked with sweat on a particularly hot day while you slowly kill yourself, but your money is just as green as mine. And the part that killed me about it was hearing things like this: My clothes don’t smell like cigarette smoke at the end of the night.”

Well, now, again, apparently without allowing the public to have a say, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s crusade to control his minions seems to have come to fruition. But I have to ask, what’s to prevent a soda drinker from buying more than one drink at a time? Or hopping from store to store? And what’s next? Being allowed to buy only one slice of pizza at a time? One candy bar? One…whatever, at a time? Isn’t this America? Land of the free and all that?

Does Bloomberg really think a large soda is the main culprit in obesity? How about all the fast food restaurants. Take McDonald’s for example. One plain hamburger has 260 calories and 9 grams of fat. A 16oz of Coke has 187 calories and unbelievably a trace of fat. And popcorn at the movies can range from 400 to 1,200 calories, not to mention the supply of saturated fat, up to three days’ worth. Hmm, even I’m reconsidering the large popcorn after that one.

So, Mayor Bloomberg, why don’t you just shut the city down so you won’t have any fat people? And while you’re at it, maybe fine parents who supply their kids with video games or give them access to computers they sit in front of day and night? Shut down taxi service and make people walk to wherever they need to go. Hey, it would alleviate pollution in the city, wouldn’t it? Have the militia escort all the children to the park on a daily basis, rain or shine, so they can get their exercise. Just don’t be giving our illustrious governor any ideas.

Here’s one more thing that gets me. Yesterday, the big V came to repair the phone line up on the pole in front of my house along with a second truck and a police barricade against the onslaught of whooshing traffic. When he was done, he called to check that the line was working and the noise issue had been resolved. Ariel got a text from V that it had been taken care of and he called me to test it out. It was crystal clear, more so than I remember it being in years, quite frankly. Apparently it’s been a slowly deteriorating situation. Well, later, when I went to call to have my septic tank cleaned out, I had no phone whatsoever. Dead. Dead. Dead. When I called with my cell phone I was told Monday was the earliest they could come. Well, that didn’t fly with me and I told her how dare she insult me like that. I told her that I don’t pay the amount I do on my phone bill to wait and wait. And not to bother transferring my house number to my cell, I can do that myself. What I can’t do is climb the pole outside. I want someone here today.

Well, the end result was, that after she ran a diagnosis on the line, she discovered it was dead (Hello…!, didn’t I just tell her that?) she can have someone here on Saturday.


2 Responses to “Because He Can”

  1. gregory dale Says:

    Libertarians have been making these points for years. Personally, I believe cigarettes to be much more harmful than pot. As for the soda ban, just buy a 2 liter and be done with it. More for everyone!!

  2. Melissa Says:

    “Does Bloomberg really think a large soda is the main culprit in obesity?” <– funniest line of the blog!!

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