In Defense Of… HUH?

Stop me if you’ve heard the one about the breastfeeding professor. I’m not going to debate the issue of public breastfeeding, though, speaking on a personal level, I’m not comfortable seeing it, but I also don’t make a federal case of it on those rare occasions when that event happens to be in line of vision. I just avert my eyes. There are so many other things to look at in this world.

Well, this professor, Adrienne Pine, is wondering why she’s attracting  all the flap over breastfeeding her baby in class. Well, I’m sure there’s one main reason and that’s because in this day and age, everyone wants to be and can be a news commentator and with cell phones and quicker than a wink uploading capabilities to Facebook and other social media, everyone can be.  The other reason is that Pine chose to do it in the first place.

Here’s the situation: her baby woke up with a slight fever and because Pine had no emergency plans for daycare, and didn’t want to miss the first day of class, brought the infant with her to work. One might ask, how effective could teaching be if she were focusing on her sick baby? But that’s neither here nor there, really. However, like other women I know who have babies, who breastfeed also store their milk to bottle feed. But, again, I digress.

I mean, look, if society didn’t think it to be a taboo thing, the news media wouldn’t blur out the connection point between the baby’s mouth and the mother’s breast in the video that accompanied this story on the news.

Okay, so I’m getting to the point of my story today. When being interviewed for the news, Pine defended herself: I don’t believe any part of my breast really was showing. If I had bottle fed my daughter I would not have been attacked for that. If a male professor brought his child to class the response would be ‘how sweet, how cute, how fatherly of him’ whereas, as a woman and I do that, I get attacked. Hmm, yeah, probably, but when is the last time a man whipped out his breast and fed his baby?

So, is she being wrongly persecuted? Perhaps. Should she learn a lesson and bring a bottle next time, or find a baby sitter? Perhaps. Should she, being a professor, come up with a better example than the man theory? Uh-huh.


Phone update: still dead. The trouble has gone from being at the pole in front of my house, to possibly in New Brunswick, to the central office, to a short in my house, back to the pole in front of my house. They same guy from last week was here yesterday telling me they need to “fry” the wires so they stay connected, or some such blabbety blah. It was making some sort of sense when he explained it at my front door yesterday afternoon. Which makes me wonder why that step wasn’t performed in the first place. Then, like a light bulb went off in his head he said to me, “it’s working now, right?” “No”. “We just talked on the phone” “I’ve transferred the house number to my cell” “Oh.”  And that’s probably why the runaround because every time Ariel speaks to a customer service rep, they say they’ll call him back with an answer, yet they call the house number, which is dead, but gets passed through to my cell so they obviously think we’re nuts until I explain, time after time, what the situation is. But the long and short of it is, because it’s raining today, they can’t work outside so it will have to wait until tomorrow when he can also arrange for a police escort and a second truck.


One Response to “In Defense Of… HUH?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    How about this – breast feeding or no breast feeding, I would say that it is inappropriate to have your child (baby) at your workplace at all. Am I right??

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