Er…Happy New Year?

A thought occurred to me yesterday when I was at the doctor–don’t ask!–it turned into “male stuff” so, use your imagination.

You know how when it’s New Years and you run into people after the fact and you keep saying “Happy New Year” to those you meet. How long does that last? A week? Two? Well, here I am, or rather there I was, practically stripped naked (a deplorable image to be sure) having my vitals taken and discussing Sandy and her wake with a virtual stranger, as though someone seeing you nearly in the altogether can be considered a stranger. The Sandy conversation was at a minimum with my doctor when he finally entered the room. Our conversation centered around the vapid topic of my health.

I wondered what the appropriate amount of time is to keep asking, “How’d you make out in the storm?” I’m sure it will be discussed well beyond Memorial Day, though only as a passing mention. “Yeah, that was like during Sandy, I suffered this or someone I know suffered that”. But right now while things are still topsy turvy for so many victims who have lost their possessions and their homes, it’s quite a relevant question.

I hate to make my first blog in however long a medical report, but there you are. You just never know what might spark a thought. I’m still bordering on obese with a BMI of 33, which should be between 20 and 25. Now I have an appointment with a nutritionist. The last ditch approach (all keeping family history in mind) is to be put on some [more] medications to help me lose weight; a mixture of something and something that migraine sufferers take. Apparently it’s been concluded that with that one medication those patients tended to lose weight and keep it off. And, reviewing my last blood test I’m verging on being a diabetic, according to the “new normal”, though, according to the results of the test I had done in August, it was right where it should be. And that was the number he referred to yesterday. Go figure!

So, that’s it. I’ll be back. I just had that thought I wanted to share.

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2 Responses to “Er…Happy New Year?”

  1. nancy Says:

    Sending good thoughts to u….wishing u good health!!

  2. Melissa Says:

    What about smaller portions instead of more medication? I don’t mean that in a snooty sort of way. I would just hope that all avenues were tried before they put you on more medicine. That doesn’t seem like a nice life … having to pop pills every day.

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