Welcome Back (Part 2)

For those of you who I might not have told or hadn’t seen the notice on Facebook, I had my follow-up visit with the nutritionist two weeks ago. In the six weeks since my first appointment with her, just watching my portions and what I eat and trying to ramp up my excercise regime, and keep in mind it was all through the holidays, I lost 8 pounds (that’s nearly two bags of sugar) and 4 inches off my waist. I have another follow up in about 4 weeks from now. Let’s see what the result is this time.  Meanwhile, later the same day….

The Spanish soap opera I was watching, Bajo Las Riendas del Amor ended just before Christmas but on January 7 with the finish I was hoping for and a new one started and it sucked us right in. It’s called Quien Eres Tu? (Who Are You) and it involves twin sisters Veronica and Natalia. To sum up, Veronica is the second wife to Felipe and step mother two his two unruly teenage kids. She gets her sister, who no one ever knew she had, to come visit her under false pretenses at a spa; she tells herQUIN_E~1 she has cancer and wants to go to Panama City to visit her 8 year old son before she gets too sick to travel and because he has kept this cancer from Felipe, she knows if he knew he would never allow her to travel. She convinces Natalia to take her place for one week so she can take care of business and with the aid of an iPad full of information about the people in her life, Natalia reluctantly agrees. Things are going as expected and she’s quick on her feet when things don’t readily jive but she was overheard talking on the phone to Veronica by Francisca (Franky), someone Veronica has no use for and, finding herself unable to worm her way out of this situation, Natalia comes clean as to what’s going on and Franky swears to never mention it to anyone, a pact later cemented by a surprisingly uncharacteristic show of support (to those who know Veronica) when Franky was accused of stealing a signed sheet of paper by the Ambassador staying at the hotel so she could copy it on an application so her daughter could attend a prestigious school, which she really did.

Thinking she was going to a support meeting for cancer patients, Natalia, as Veronica, learns her sister had a drug problem and because he was suspicious about “Veronica’s” actions, Felipe traced her phone calls to who turned out to be his wife’s sponsor and not a secret lover. Veronica was a drug addict and not afflicted with cancer at all. Nor does she have an 8 year old son. Well, because of the sponsor’s suggestion to Felipe to treat her gently otherwise risk sending her in a downward spiral, he found himself, (and vice versa) falling in love with his “wife” all over again and they plan on going away for the coming weekend.

Meanwhile, Veronica, who is hiding in Panama City is telling Natalia she needs her to come to where she is in Panama City on Friday. Veronica has since assumed another identity and is planning on having Natalia and her own lesbian lover killed so she can disappear in Australia.

As it turns out, Natalia is also in a spot of trouble via her now dead friend, Saul. He also was involved in some shady shenanigans and by association, the mob is looking for her. But she is now “Veronica” so hopefully she can hide behind that, though, like I said before, Francisca now knows the truth, so if their new-found rekindled friendship ever takes a turn for the worse… 

Simple, right? And that was just day 1.   Just kidding…

Well, folks, I know that’s a riveting story and what’s even more frustrating is that just 2 weeks in, the network CANCELED that show! Well, apparently the Spanish-speaking soap audience doesn’t appreciate that any more than their English-speaking counterparts and a campaign began and already, after one week of protest, UniMas has reconsidered and is saying Quien Eres Tu will return. Take a lesson ABC… that’s how you deal with a disgruntled audience, you listen to them. We are your bread and butter.

I’d like to say I was part of that campaign. I wrote a rather extensive letter on UniMas’s Facebook page, but first, I had to run it through an English to Spanish translator. I was undecided which language would be best for my letter and I went with Spanish, and explained how I am English-speaking and learning Spanish, blah, blah, blah. Then from the Spanish version, I ran it through a Spanish to English translator, to make sure nothing got lost in the translation. It was a lot of back and forthing, but I finally got the letter done and sent. And now as it turns out, I read a statement where they’ve received so much negative feedback they’re going to recount their decision.  Just have to wait and see when it’ll happen.  Psst, don’t tell anyone, but someone is continuing to post episodes on YouTube passed last Friday’s episode 10.  YAY!

Oh yeah, that passed your eyes joke. You thought I’d forgotten. You might wish I had. Let’s see if it translates as a written joke.

A rather developed woman goes to a spa and after a day of beauty treatments she is ready for the Cleopatra milk bath. She gets into the tub and the attendant asks if she want the milk pasteurized (passed your eyes) and the woman says, “No just up to my boobs. I can splash it up into my face.”


See ya!


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One Response to “Welcome Back (Part 2)”

  1. Melissa Says:

    1. When I was reading the description of the Spanish soap opera, “my mouth was as big as this phone!” That’s QUITE a lot of drama! Quite!

    2. I see there is a new show coming out called “The Taste.” And I’m like – really? Really? We have The View, The Talk, The Chew … and now The Taste?? Could we BE any less creative and completely boring?!? (Maybe the next new show will be called The Show. Yup. I betcha.)

    3. I laughed out loud at the “past your eyes” joke! I thought it was funny. No crickets here!

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