It’s Always Something

Unfortunately things have to take a public outcry to make other [people] realize their decisions are idiotic and pointless. The Madison, Wisconsin chapter of Gilda’s Club, the cancer support group named after the late Saturday Night Live alumna, Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989. They wanted to give the facility a more generic name, Cancer Support Community Southwest Wisconsin. This change was, in part, out of concern that young people today wouldn’t know who Gilda Radner was. The outcry came from members of “The Club” who were angered at the thought, saying it was a slight to the memory of the woman who faced her imminent death with dignity and humor, leaders of other clubs and from Gilda Radner’s widower, Gene Wilder himself. The long and short, the Cancer Support Community Southwest Wisconsin will henceforth be known as Gilda’s Club.  This turned out to be a teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy…never mind!

Across the big pond in County Kerry, Ireland, they have voted to issue special permits to the resident of the isolated area to allow them to drive after a night on the town, throwing back a few tankards of ale. Originally, anything over the blood alcohol level equivalent to less than one pint of beer (why bother, right) was the limit. Now, with this new measure, residents can now have two or three drinks. Now you’re talking! The move was spearheaded by Councillor Danny Healy-Rae who claimed that citizens driving after drinking have never killed anyone and that it would help prevent their depression from living in such an isolated area where there is no public transportation and the residents just end up staying home and staring at the four walls for fear of losing their licenses. So, raise a glass to the party people of County Kerry.

Quien Eres Tu update… now the future of it returning to television is still up in the air, as it turns out.

Meanwhile, here in New Jersey, in the land of jug handles and formerly outlawed runny eggs, we get the answer to a confounding mathematical problem: what’s the difference between 12 inches and 11 ½ inches? The answer, of course, is a lawsuit. John Farley and Charles Noah Pendrack’s attorney, Stephen DeNittis cites that the advertized $5.00 “foot-long” sandwiches sold at Subway stores, come up less than 12 inches, anywhere between 11 and 11 ½ inches. DeNittis says the customers are losing out on between 40 and 60 cents on every sandwich, which he says could mean $50 – $60 dollars a year to regular customers. I guess Farley and Pendrack are fine with buying a bag of “air” instead of a bag of potato chips knowing the air-filled bag is meant to prevent breakage. Are these two that desperate for their 15 minutes of fame? I mean, that’s like counting to make sure there are 1,000 sheets on a roll of toilet paper. I’ll tell you, by the time I got to number 49… er, um…

Well, I have been to Subway and I must say, the ½ inch is not so much an issue as the amount of lunch meat they actually (don’t) put on their sandwiches. I’d be more concerned with that point than a short sandwich, but I’m not in the lawsuit.

I also am smart enough to realize fresh-brewed coffee is HOT!  Just sayin’


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