Easy Just Got Easier

Here’s something I just don’t get and I would be remiss if I didn’t quote Sweet Brown with a definitive, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.”  Thanks to my niece, I can now put fact to fancy, in regards to that recent Facebook staple of Sweet Brown’s face and response to all sorts of situations, ie, shoveling now because the snow blower blew up.

Now, we all know how technology allegedly makes our lives so much easier; cell phones that double as portable pocket-sized computers and the world is instantly within reach.  Then came the larger, slightly more cumbersome than a cell phone, but less than a laptop, iPad, which does everything except make a phone call. At press time, I think that’s still the case. But I’m a poor boy who doesn’t get out much so am not privy to the seemingly ever changing world from one day to the next.

Not only can the larger iPad do most things including download digital books so John Q Public on the go doesn’t have to be bothered with carrying around a suddenly troublesome tome, like, say, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier or Mightier Than The Pen, by Brian K Sigley, the latter of which mainly because it remains unpublished.  But continued steps are being taken to correct that heinous oversight. And of course, in that vein, there are also “tablets” dedicated solely to downloading books and things of that nature. So, all in all, this fairly lightweight, half inch thick instrument is the portal to the world and delivers it right into the palms of your hands, sometimes without even getting out of your PJ’s.  What could be easier?

Apparently, there is something to make even that easier. I now realize, thanks to an email Ariel got from an online vendor just how difficult andipad holder inconvenient it is to have to hold an iPad in your hands, or even in your lap. It never dawned on me the precious few times I’ve actually held one just what a chore it actually is. There is now an adjustable floor stand that will hold your device securely at the corners with no less than four rubber straps, at each corner; the table  tilts, swivels and adjusts to any height you may need. As you can see in the photo, it’s nothing short of accommodating. Apparently, it even yaws, according to the description. And you know I’m all for yawing. I can’t stress that enough.

Oh boy. Well, I guess if you’re a rabid tablet user you might find it useful, especially while laying down. Who needs an iPad crashing down on your face while you fall asleep?  Well, now you don’t have to worry because you can adjust this stand for that as well. Good lord…

This kind of reminds me of the ridiculousness of Eggies, but that’s another story, which, I may have told already at some point.

On that note, I think I’ll go put my hair up in curlers and strap my cell phone to my wrist because I just can’t bear to have to pick it up should I want to use it later.


2 Responses to “Easy Just Got Easier”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Hold a tablet …. on my LAP??? Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

  2. Melissa Says:

    I do love me some Sweet Brown. 🙂

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