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Judging A Book, or, On Being An Armchair Juror

June 20, 2013

Going back to the conversation on these televised trials, I have an observation that kind of bugs me and I want to see if I’m the only one who thinks the way I do.

As I mentioned I’m watching the jury selection for the George Zimmerman case, which is quite tedious, but on a streaming website rather than on TV, A) because it focuses solely on the interviews and Roman numeral B–thank you, Butchie–I can’t cope with all the commercial breaks. I am missing those tidbits that come to light every so often on the Jodi Arias case. I’m telling you, I’m obsessed with it and it’s obvious I’m giving her even more publicity, I guess. And the over-emotional and over-modulated reactions of the news commentators every step of the way.

So the thing that’s making me wince in frustration with these prospective jurors is how they each have the same response or so it seems; I don’t watch the news because they only put their own slant on it. Well, the way I look at it, don’t we all have our own slant on things? They don’t watch the news or haven’t read about it, but they know the details of the case. How does that happen, anyway?

The lawyers for the state and defense are trying to stress that what is heard on the news, of course, is not evidence–what they refer to as facts– is only what is presented in court and so how could one make a rational decision until evidence is presented. Also, a verdict is not reached by popular consensus or by bias. Because everyone is innocent until proven guilty, even if it’s known, as in the Jodi Arias case, the accused actually did commit the crime, though that case was to determine if the murder was premeditated.

But then comes the question on the integrity of the evidence that’s presented during the trial. Again, like with the Arias trial, her testimony and case was based on the myriad lies she concocted over time–that she was nowhere near the murder scene; that two ninja-like thugs entered and shot and mutilated Travis and nearly killed her; that Travis attacked her because she dropped his camera and she had to defend herself. Of course all those lies caught up with her, but also allegedly unbeknownst to the jury (as they had been admonished against watching TV or gathering other information about the case on their own in any other way), there were pieces of evidence that never made it before the jury, because they might have been considered prejudicial. Well, to me, evidence is evidence. Lay it all out there.

And how are these facts concocted? It seems like each side spins everything to fit their own need. Isn’t that bias? Isn’t that what the attorneys are preaching against? That reminds me of someone creating a computer generated depiction of an event and presenting it as gospel. And to that end, when either side puts an expert on the stand, that expert is allowed to give his or her opinion. Well, opinion is not fact.. His face was smeared with chocolate ice cream. It’s obvious he likes chocolate ice cream. His face was smeared with chocolate ice cream. It’s obvious it was forced on him. Either one works.

So, really, in the end, one true fact remains, that a crime had been committed and then it’s the jury’s job to weed through all that muck and voice their opinions anyway and decide the case. It’s just better when everyone shares that same opinion, hence the hung jury.

i-Yi Yi

June 14, 2013

Look at this!  I’m actually blogging.  How long has it been? February. I remember it well. I think it was still snowing on here when I last posted something. It snows automatically during the winter months. I feel bad I didn’t blog more so that you could see the snow. Alas…

I’m here because I came across something totally silly and I’m thinking useless to give Dad for Father’s Day but before I get to that, let me catch you up.

First, I admit, I am going through Jodi Arias trial withdrawals.  After that insult to the justice system that was the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, I swore I would never get attached to another trial until, well, Jodi Arias. Good Lord what a fiasco, but ever so entertaining and thankfully the jury found her guilty of M1 and of extreme cruelty in the manner in which she murdered her ex, Travis Alexander. But dash it all they were hung on the death sentence phase and now in July, the trial resumes anew with a fresh jury to hear the case one more time. And hopefully this one will see fit to put her down. But now the duh-fense (as I’ve seen them referred to) is hoping to delay further proceedings until after Christmas, A) because the attorney has a full plate of other cases and B) to give them time to build a more convincing case of just how wonderful Jodi Arias is.  But I’m like Pavlov’s dog; any mere mention of Jodi Arias and I’m all over it.

Ugh, and now comes the George Zimmerman case and I’m listening to the tedious interviews with prospective jurors. And in between was the little known Brett Seacat trial. He was charged with first degree murder of wife.  God, Helen Keller could have seen that one coming.

Anyway, it’s now June and after seeing my nutritionist recently, discovered that since November I am down a cool 27 pounds.  That’s nearly 6 bags of sugar, something I don’t see myself carrying around at my local ShopRite for any length of time. Phew. I’m loving it. And I’m also loving how my 34 waist jeans even have room to spare.

And One Life to Live and All My Children have returned to the cyber airwaves. The magical date was April 29 and at 5:30 am, before Ariel left for work and the gym, we watched it. Now we watch it like we always did, after dinner in the den on the big TV, through HuluPlus. But there’s more drama than what’s on the screen and I’ll get into that later. But first….

Father’s Day.  I supposed you could give it or get it any time but since I saw it as a gift suggestion for Dad’s day…

You know how tedious it is to do just about everything these days from cooking spaghetti to watering your lawn with a hose that kinks (actually, I’m dying to try that expanding hose that fits in your pocket <insert whatever snide and crude joke you want here….I have!>).  Well now it’s been determined that barbequing and keeping an eye on your meat is just too much, especially if you have guests, like Kip, you know, the one with his sweater tied across his shoulders, the one that compliments the freshly pressed button down Oxford shirt; I just don’t know why he wears white slacks to a barbeque…goof!

It’s called the iGrill.  It’s a blue tooth meat thermometer (sold separately for around 80 bucks) that communicates with an app you download to your phone and it lets you know when your meat is cooked.  I usually use a knife when I’m unsure and continue cooking til it looks like how I like it. Or, at the very best, for those bothersome guests who prefer to walk away from my barbeques botulism-free, I can dust off the trusty meat thermometer to help guarantee their safety. And I’ve never really had a problem carrying on a conversation while my burgers were gilling. And with iGrill, you can connect with other users to keep track of what they are cooking. I say, who cares?

The next thing you know iErection will be available to let you know when… well, you know. And, most assuredly, it will connect with all your friends…

For my money, I think a nice gesture for Dad would be to give him a cold beer and let him watch you wash his car. Then take him out to dinner and let someone else take the rap for undercooked food.