January 22, Happy Birthday!

My visits with Dr. David had become less frequent by now, and rather than at 10 day intervals, like they were during chemotherapy, I would see him on a monthly basis. I had seen him approximately a week prior to the stent removal and I wouldn’t see him again for blood work until after the first week of the new year.
It was at that visit, on January 9, 2014 we arranged for the second PET scan. He wanted to have it done after the last chemotherapy had had a chance to settle in and do it’s thing unrushed, as the first scan had been so soon after session 4. Either way, we were still a little apprehensive of the outcome–did the chemotherapy do the job? Again, we didn’t want to be too overly optimistic yet didn’t want to be overly pessimistic. So, as we’d always been, we just coasted and trusted what the doctor had to tell us.
The day finally came, January 22, when we’d find out the answer. Since I’d already gone through all the formalities the first time, I was able to skip the orientation and go straight to the Quiet Room. Oh, no, not the Quiet Room again. But I had goofed, when I got dressed to leave I didn’t realize the pockets of my sweat pants had metal zippers so they had to give me something else to wear before I got in the tube. It was a rather fetching pair of dark blue paper pants that were so big even the draw string wouldn’t keep them tight around my waist.
So there I was once again getting my finger pricked and getting infused with glow in the dark sugar.
“Mr.Sigley, we’re going to move you to this other chair because we’ll be bringing in another patient who will be going after you”. Ack! I get myself all resettled and cozy under a blanket and in comes the next patient, behind the curtain. Mind you, it was not a soundproof curtain and that would have come in handy because….
The patient didn’t speak English and his friend, who acted as his interpreter, knew scant more than he did. Oh, Lordy, how many ways can a nurse ask if someone is allergic to any medications before she finally gives up?
Now, see, here’s the irony. I have a language translator app on my phone, either spoken or typed, which might have come in handy had I had it on my person, but I had to surrender it because it’s not relaxing to be playing on the phone. (Tongue clicks sarcastically). This intercontinental discourse lasted for about 20 minutes before the hapless threesome next to me figured a phone call to someone else with better interpretation skills was in order and then the entire matter started all over. Really, is Candy Crush really that much of a distraction?
“Okay Mr. Sigley, we’re ready for you.” B-b-but, I’m not rested.
Once again for about 25 or so minutes I was ensconced in that clanking whirring tube, remaining as still as possible, unsure if my eyes could be opened or should be closed. Again, ask questions!
I kept the paper pants after I changed back into my sweats and left for home; I was ready for food, and Perkins was on the way home. Ariel was poised to call Dr. David at the stroke of 4 o’clock. The time came and in a few minutes, after he had a moment to review the results which had just come in, he called us back. The tumor had shrunk even more . These are the results:
And he cautiously added that, “It’s cancer and we never know with these things” but he also stated that he was confident enough in these results to declare my cancer was in remission.
And that was the best news ever and January 22 officially became my second birthday.
In 5 days from today I will be 5 months cancer free. See? 5’s! My favorite number.
I would not see Dr David again for three months when he would determine if he wanted to have another scan performed then or wait. Time would tell, but for now, I had the news that I was cancer free and so I went about the business of getting back to normal.

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