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With This Ring…Whoops!

May 19, 2011

I was out on my own last night. It’s official; The Ghost of Commander has left the building. Beyonce was last night’s mentor and her first charge was Scottypants who sang “Amazed” by Lonestar. His performance was decidedly better (with the usual Scotty smoothness and confidence) than his rehearsal.

Lauren was next with “She’s A Wild One” by Faith Hill. She started okay, went a little flat in an attempt to reach some high notes, then brought it back.

The last contestant for this round decided on Led Zeppelin’s “What Is And What Should Never Be”. To me, this alleged superstar sounded like Charlie Brown’s mother. And then she fell. It was hard to tell how she sang because the band played so loud on top of her.

Round two: “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” by Thompson Square is Jimmy Iovine’s pick for Scotty. Again, cool, confident Scotty.

Lauren’s round two song was “If I Die Young” by Perry. Did she miss a line? Again she sounded a little unsure of herself.

The third contestant sang “Rhiannon” by Stevie Nicks. Again, Charlie Brown’s mother.

Scotty’s final song was Kenny Rogers’ “She Believes In Me”. Scotty! Scotty! Scotty!

Lauren sang “I Hope You Dance” by LeeAnn Womak. Her best of the night.

The last judge’s choice is “You Oughtta Know” by Alanis Morissette. By far the worst of the night.

Okay, you know who I’m gunning for. I’ll be happy with a Scotty/Lauren finale! Let’s see what happens.


Okay, time for a quick, yet uncomfortable video. It’s fairly self explanatory.


And now the continuing saga of the Battle of the Soaps: My head is actually pounding while I’m writing this. Soap Nazi (thank you whichever Facebook group member who came up with that, I love that) Brian Frons waved and chuckled at protestors outside New York’s Lincoln Center on Tuesday after a meeting of ABC Upfront, a meeting between network execs and advertisers in preparation for the upcoming season. Chuckled? The man who allegedly was brought to tears when he made the announcement of the cancellation, an emotion confirmed by kiss-ass Barbara Walters?  He never thought he’d be the one to do that, he’s been known to say. He also was quoted as saying there is no chance the shows will be back. You’re so full of shit, Frons! And you know it! That’s him with the sunglasses and the smug look on his face!

Our groups on Facebook don’t have much more time until the Upfronts are over and we are bombarding current advertisers to try to get them to not sponsor the new shows. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but The Chew, or, how I affectionately refer to it as The Cud, is set to replace All My Children on September 26, 2011 and The Revulsion (what they’re calling The Revolution) is scheduled to replace One Life to Live beginning on Monday, January 23, 2012. Goodbye, ABC. 

Susan Lucci (Erica Kane) made this following statement:

GaGa Idol

May 12, 2011

Last night was the American Idol stylings of the Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller songbook and as per his own boycott, The Ghost of Commander was nowhere to be found. Lady Gaga was the night’s mentor but James came barreling out of the chute without benefit of any mentoring. He sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” He was alright. I think he’s done better and the night, at that point was still young so we’ll see what else he can do to wow me. As long as Haley goes, I don’t care how James sings. (Turns out, GaGa wouldn’t be out until the second half of the show)

Speaking of whom, she sang Michael Jackson’s Earth Song. I don’t know this song, but the general consensus in the house is that it was horrible and we happen to have the consummate Michael Jackson here….my niece Melissa. And because I’m the furthest thing from an MJ fan, I have to take her word for it and she wholeheartedly agreed with J-lo and Randy’s opinions.

Scottypants sang Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning by Alan Jackson. It’s a known fact that everyone loves Scottypants and with good reason. He’s so in the Scotty zone, he’s always Scotty, he never tries to be anything but that.

Lauren cleaned up the first round with Martina McBride’s Anyway.

Finally here comes the Lady Gaga mentoring round. She was decked out in a modified Cruella DeVille get up, with angular protrusions at the temples and garish black makeup around the eyes and redder than red lipstick to mentor and her first task was Haley who smugly sang I Who Have Nothing as if to tell the judges a big F you for their comments. I hate her. Can somebody knock her in the back of the head with one of her spike heels?

Scottypants sang The Coasters’ Young Blood. Again we have an animated and playful Scotty and I agree with J-lo this time, he does need to find a midway point. He can do the ballad, he can do the playful.

Lauren took on Elvis Presley’s Trouble. It started off great while it was all ballad-y, primed to be the best performance of the night, but then she revved it up a little too much and the fevered interlude got the better of her. Her performance lost its oomph.

Love Potion No. 9 by The Drifters was James’ last offering to close out the show. Again, it was good, and I like him, but I’m just not feeling him tonight.

Aside from the over the top theatrics of Lady Gaga, I have to say she gave useful advice to the contestants from the viewpoint of current musical tastes. Rather then just tell them they had to “bring it”, the canned reply most mentors seem to have, she told them what they had to do in order to bring it. I was impressed.  

I’m not having a bottom 3 of my own, I’m just sending Haley home. She’s too conceited and full of entitlement to go any further. And maybe Commander will be back to close out the season.


Reminder: Roger Howarth returns to One Life to Live tomorrow. Set your DVR’s, VCR’s, Betamax’s (if you still have one of those) or just stay home from work if you have to and tune in at 2pm (1pm central) but I take no responsiblity for that.

So Long, Sunday Driver

May 6, 2011

Hang tight everyone, Lady Antebellum is going to purge your ears clean of the Top 5’s Brady Bunch moment; The Turtles’ Happy Together. If it was based on this song, the season would be over. Can we get a do-over? I see you, Commander, giving me that little smirk! Everybody decided to sing off-key and in as many registers as they could manage. What’s up with that? Well, maybe not Scottypants.

As promised, Lady Antebellum sang Just A Kiss and my ears have calmed down considerably.

Time for the results: James, with his frosted hair, gets sent to start a group on one end of the stage. Are they doing that one, leaving the 5th wheel to decide which group to go to? Lauren creates a new group.

Pad, pad, pad. J-Lo sang On The Floor, again, this time, allegedly live.

Oh, back to the results, 45 minutes into the hour-long show and Jacob is up and is joining Lauren’s group. Haley next (honestly, there’s got to be “something” going on with her) and she’s with James. And that leaves Scotty, who is safe and then was walked, by Ryan to the “safe” group because he refused to decide. Scotty, James and Haley are safe (sorry Commander, honestly). That leaves Lauren and Jacob in jeopardy. Dim the lights…(please let it be Jacob) After 60 million votes, it is ,YES!!!!–Jacob. Okay, I got one. But that was really easy after performance night and the last few weeks. Not sure whether Comm–nope, I see Commander still shaking his head. It’ll be me here next week.


Regrets, I’ve had a few. Too much to get into here and now, just trust me, but it relates to what’s coming. There’s a new bill “floating” (I guess that makes it sound lively and fun, like Glinda in her bubble) courtesy of the Obama administration, that would require the study and implementation of a plan to tax automobile drivers….according to how many miles they drive. If it gets passed, a new committee will be formed under the Federal Highway Administration, The Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives Office. So, pretty much, in this bleak economic climate, new jobs are being created, but we are the ones paying the salaries. Anyone surprised? Show of hands. This VMT (vehicle miles traveled) tax would be calculated with an  electronic device installed in your car to determine how many miles were driven in a certain time period and payment could take place electronically at gas stations. Yeah, that’ll be a really good idea, I think. Further screw the lower class who is barely getting by, maybe driving a car held together with a prayer, just trying to get to work to make an honest living, day in, day out. Show of hands?

Though it is yet undetermined where the field trials will begin, there are four criteria to consider; the capability of states to enforce payment, the reliability of technology, administrative costs and user acceptance. Like that will matter. $300M is being funded to the new office through fiscal 2017 for the project.


Speaking of money, it’s being reported that ABC is offering Katie Couric $20M to come to the alphabet network as a fill-in anchor on the news, for a spot on 20/20 and her own talk show in the time slot between 3 and 5 pm, which coincidentally is where General Hospital falls. So, come on people! How many news and talk shows do we need. There are hundreds of channels available nowadays, many of them dedicated to news and to food and to talk.

We have to keep the soap genre ALIVE. How can a company like Disney be so cavalier with so many peoples’ livelihoods. Not just the soap actors, but writers, technical people, people associated with publications, both in print and online, dedicated to the Soap Opera, not to mention us, the viewing audience that has come back day after day, year after year to watch stories unfold, the audience who are the consumers of the products that get advertised on these shows. I’m doing all I can, writing letters, emails, making phone calls. I cannot let One Life to Live down, a show that has been part of my life for nearly 42 of its 43 years. Otherwise I could not honestly say I am a fan.

Please, join the fight. WATCH! Roger Howarth is returning. WATCH! It’s going to be a smackdown between team Viki/Dorian and Echo de Savoy. WATCH! Tess has more tricks up her sleeve! WATCH! It’s One Life to Live. Watch, call, write….FIGHT!

And finally, have a great mother’s day. I think I will, too. I’ve been called a mother on various occasions–does that count? Give your mother a great gift, keep her soaps on the air!

The Part of Commander Is Being Played By…

May 5, 2011

Well, it’s time once again for American Idol. Seems ages ago the last blog was posted but last week, as you know, I was away, in Illinois for Easter. And who was it, Stefano that got the boot? Yeah. And because of that, and the fact that Haley is still hanging on, Commander seems to have abdicated his position, so I’ll see what I can do with the remaining 5 contestants, each singing two songs; one a current selection and the other a classic.

Last night’s guest mentor was music’s royalty(?), Sheryl Crowe. And she’s ready to retire because she got to sing with James who was up first singing Closer The Edge by 30 Seconds To Mars. Sorry, and to quote Randy, for me, James was all over the place and flat at times and even his signature and usually melodic screech was quite the opposite. The judges, of course, all peed themselves over it, but I was disappointed. This was his worst performance to date.

I also see Marie Osmond has remarried her first husband. Liz Taylor much?

Jacob decided to sing Jordin Sparks’ No Air. Goodness, even the background singers sounded off key. This was horrid also; again, like James, off key. I’m so looking forward to the return of So You Think You Can Dance.

Lauren then sang Carrie Underpa….Underwood’s Flat On the Floor. You know, Commander and I both gave her a pass a while back, lifting from her the enigma of being this year’s Katherine McPhee. That honor is now firmly planted on Haley. Lauren’s performance was very good–not great–but she left the previous two guys eating her dust.

Scotty…pants (really, Ryan?) sang Gone, by Montgomery Gentry. Still wants to hold his mic like a flute, but this was the most animated I’ve seen Scotty all season and the song fit him to a tee. When he started I was about ready to start yawning…another country song, yeah, whatever, but then he sort of broke out into a performance. And now that was my favorite of the night, so far.

Haley sang You And I by Lady Gaga, a song that’s not even released. Not sure why she’s still on the show.

James returned to sing Nilsson’s Without You, one of my all time personal favorites. Better than his first song, and his emotions got a hold of him, but he held it together and gave a fairly good performance. Still, he has done better. But through his crying and choking up, he did a great job.

Jacob encored with Love Hurts by Nazareth. You know what else hurts? My ears.

Lauren’s classic was The Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody. It was okay, nothing earth-shattering, a little too heavy on the runs. I liked her first song better.

Scotty toned it down with Elvis’ Always On My Mind. I know Elvis sang it, but I think Willie Nelson with this song. Anyway, Scotty did a very good job. He always comes across so cool and confident.

House of the Rising Sun by The Animals was Haley’s closing number.

Okay, I have my bottom 3.


I want to have at least one correct guess this season, so against what  Commander really wants, as you can see, I’m making Jacob the one who should go. But, wouldn’t it be great if this was the week I was wrong and Commander got his wish?


Nothing more yet on the Sony/One Life To Live rumor and our hopes got a little up yesterday with news that The Revolution was going to be canceled. That’s one of the shows, along with the Cud, er, Chew, that’s slated to take the place of  One Life To Live. The thing is, Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef also has a show on ABC called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and the network pulled it in favor of an hour long Dancing With The Stars recap show for May sweeps, airing on Tuesdays before the results show. In the meantime, keep making contact with the names and network affiliates contained within this link. Remember, it could be one of your shows one day. Let’s fight THE MAN and let the little peoples’ voices be heard!

A Bright Spot

April 29, 2011

No matter how I coaxed, The Ghost of Commander was adamant about not doing his recap, so it’s up to me. I hope I do him proud. I know he’ll be reading this.

First of all, Ariel and I were trying to determine where Steven Tyler is buying his clothes and he thought it was the International Male reject warehouse. I, on the other hand, think it’s Carly Simon’s closet.

Then, the six remaining contestants did a horrendous job with a Carole King medley; that aside, I’m just flabbergasted that so many songs that are so familiar and have been around forever are all hers.

Crystal Bowersox, who really should have won last year, America, sang “Ridin With The Radio”. And then the obligatory “pad the hour” with silly stuff and it was question and answer time for the contestants.

Finally time for the results. First up, Haley. She’s safe. WTF? Really! Sorry, Commander. I guess I’ll be here next week, as well. Next is Scotty, but Ryan made him sit and wait a while longer for his results. Then it was Lauren’s turn. And she went back to the couch without her results.

Constipation Casey was next. And back to the couch. Finally, a true result, James is safe. And now it’s Jacob’s turn and Lauren, Constipation Casey and Scotty came back to the stage. Lauren is safe.  And the world waited while Bruno Mars whined through some song or other. Ugh.

So, it was the three remaining boys; Jacob, Scotty and Casey.  Double ugh… Jacob is safe. And between Constipation Casey and Scotty, the person who got voted off was CONSTIPATION CASEY! YES!!!!!! Scotty is safe! That should give Commander a little consolation.



So, there’s a new rumor going around concerning the battle to save One Life to Live and All My Children. I wasn’t sure if mentioning it would be a jinx or not, but I’m seeing it posted almost everywhere, and quite frankly, I’m too excited about the prospect to keep hold onto it. This is a definite bright spot in an otherwise dismal abyss.

Considering this latest bit of news, maybe this rumor may just come to be fact.  One Life To Live tied for second during the week of April 18-22, winning over 263,000 viewers, beating General Hospital in total viewers–the show Brian Frons was going to “keep around” because it was doing so well. But then rumors began to spread that even GH was going bye-bye. Super Genius just wants to kill the “soap”.  Wouldn’t this proposesd acquisition be a huge ostrich egg in Brian Frons’ face!

So, come on, dear readers, I repeat what I said a few days ago, watch an episode or two,  it won’t kill you. Tell a friend to tune in. SAVE OUR SOAPS!

And I’ll close out the week with this short, but nonetheless hysterical video. It’s a few years old, but it came into my mind yesterday and I found it and so here it is. You all have a great weekend.

Jiggity Jig

April 28, 2011

Home again, home again. It’s good to get away but it’s always nice to come home again, be in my comfy red chair, sleep in my own bed, trap and dispose of the stink bugs without their emitting their defensive, well, stink, a skill I’m getting quite adept at and deal with the population of the east coast.

Case in point: I went to pay my property taxes yesterday afternoon and all hopes of returning home within the hour. I still had to go get milk because mine died while I was away. I was fifth in line while ChaCha McHenry was taking her sweet time taking care of each person in line. When it was my turn, I handed her my check and the payment stub, but she alerted me in a frustrated tone she needed the other half still in my hand. Then, horror beyond horror, the check wasn’t signed and I found that out as it came flying back at me with a reprimand and a pen she reluctantly lent me that slammed down on the desk a few beats after the check. Then, as I waited for my receipt, she gave me that side eye and with a huff told me I had my receipt, that it was stamped on the back. I was just waiting for a receipt like she gave everyone else. Meanwhile, while stopping for breakfast on the road during our travels, and seeing that my mother was absent from the table, the waitress took her order back to the oven to keep warm until she returned. Yes, it’s good to be home. Here’s another story, a clear example of culture shock,  from another trip west. Actually, to get the most of it, there are two and they should be read in this order: Endora and Home Sweet Home. It’s a lot of reading, I know. It’s not homework, but there will be a quiz.

So, you know, the day before we were due to leave here, an F3 tornado ripped through my father’s town, a half mile away from his house, in fact. It just missed the only grocery store in the area that serves 3 neighboring towns. On the way from my niece’s to my father’s on Saturday morning, with no one behind us on the road, with random music playing on my Droid, I decided to shoot a little video of the devastation. It wasn’t until the next day, when we watched it on YouTube after I downloaded it, we found a little unintentional humor in the lyrics of the song that also recorded.

We later took a ride through the back roads and it was just so sad to see such damage. A path of snapped trees, debris everywhere, tarps on roofs where shingles had blown off, one house reduced to nothing but the floorboards covering the basement where that family hid out. The fortunate thing is no one died, but a lot of livestock was lost.

And so now I turn this over to Commander for his recap on American Idol.

I told you, I’m done. Haley is still there, I’m done. When she goes, I’ll pick it up again.

I didn’t think you were serious.

As a heart attack! If you want to make the prediction, you can do the honors.

Alright then, if it’s up to me, I’m going to put these three in the bottom for tonight and look who I’m getting rid of, just for you.


 Add this name to your email list: . Email these people and tell them it’s a drastic mistake to kill the soaps.

Movie Night

April 14, 2011

The media is still abuzz with the astounding elimination of Pia last week. I, too, say it was a mistake, but apparently you humans are hearing something in Haley that I’m not. I’m not going to dwell on it, I’m only going to keep wishing she was gone. And congratulations to Jenny from the block for being named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World.

Music from the movies was the theme last night and Paul was up first with “Old Time Rock and Roll”. You may not believe this, but I used to roller skate to this song. You never saw such teeny tiny skates…and four of them yet! Where was I? Oh, yeah, Paul. I think it’s his jumping around that adds to whatever the appeal is. He started off like a sleepy Rod Stewart and I was like…YES!, he’s bombing, and he eventually picked up the pace, but, alas, still wasn’t anything worth noting.

Lauren then sang “The Climb”, though I couldn’t understand what song she said through her mumbling. Nothing really special, weak…kinda. Safe, is what I think the judges should tell her. J-lo told her she has a tear in her voice. I have a tear in my eye from having to hear that.

Stefano, fresh from that close call last week, decided “End Of The Road” by Boyz II Men was going to help him wipe out that memory. He has to be careful; that song has a special place in my heart. I’m sorry, and you know I like him, but he just didn’t do it for me. Could this be a prophetic choice tonight? And will those back up singers just please shut UP?

“Cross My Heart” was Scotty’s choice to get back “in touch” with his country roots. Really, Scotty? Typical Scotty; easy, smooth, confident, I just wasn’t sure about this veritible unfamiliar tune.

Indecisive Constipation Casey wavered between “Nature Boy” and “In The Air Tonight” but decided on “Nature Boy”. I still say the judges were premature in using their save for season.

Haley took on Blondie with “Call Me”. Oh, good grief. Right out of the gate…if she doesn’t go this week, I’m officially going off duty! She just made everyone else who sang tonight sound like a million bucks.

I was wishing Jacob wouldn’t have done that with his voice while he sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, dipping to that real low note that sounded almost comical, but as he sang, he kept building and building until he exploded in the end, giving us the best of the night up to this point.

Closing the show was James Durbin singing Sammy Hagar’s “Heavy Metal”. James held to his convictions that he was going to sing what he wanted and it paid off. He brought the house down.

Well, here goes:    

Until next time….

Cleveland Rocks!

April 7, 2011

Last night’s theme was songs from The Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame. came in to coach the shenanigans and Gwen Stefani styled the girls. Holla Back!

Getting right into it, Jacob decided to change his original choice of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” in favor of Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” because he didn’t feel it, singing about doing “it”. Well, maybe he should have stuck with doing “it” because his performance was just so-so, kind of flat and a little monotone.

Haley took on Janis Joplin’s “Take Another Piece of My Heart”. Please let this be her last week! That’s all I’m saying on that topic. She grunted more than Constipation Casey ever has. Speaking of whom…he was right after Haley with “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” by CCR. It would have been good, it actually started off kind of palatable, but then he got all…constipated and nasally with it.

Katherine McPhee, sorry, Lauren Alaina sang Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” next. I wanted not to like it, but I have to admit she did an admirable job on it.

James Durbin pulled it back with George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. I don’t think this was the right song for him to sing. He’s definitely more suited for a rocking performance.

Cutey-pie Scotty chose the perfect song to mix his country roots with the “rock” theme, the rockabilly sound of Elvis Presley’s “That’s Alright, Mama”.

Pia shrieked through “River Deep Mountain High” by Tina Turner. Hmm. It had its moments, but when she reached for those high notes, quite a few times, it took some doing and she was definitely straining almost like she had a throat full of chalk dust. She needs to reign in that over-enthusiasm just a smidge and this could have been the song of the night.

Stefano gave his all with Percy Sledge’s “When A Man Loves A Woman”, but I don’t believe it was enough. He started off very high, came back down to earth, went high again, came back down and coasted there, thankfully. It was good, not great, but I’ve said it before, singing loud is not singing passionately. And I’m afraid I didn’t feel that Stefano passion that seems to be losing ground week after week.

Helium inflated Rod Stewart, aka Paul McDonald closed the show with Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison”–a spirited rendition. Not one of my favorite contestants, but I enjoyed this performance.

So now who do I put in the bottom 3 and more importantly, who do I send home? I’m torn between 2 for my 3rd spot in the bottom 3 but this is what I’m going with.


Two Had To Go

March 31, 2011

Over 55 million votes (a new record in 10 seasons) went into making tonight’s elimination possible. I have a feeling tonight’s show (this is stream of consciousness at its best, you’re feeling what I felt as I felt it). I have a feeling this show is going to be just as tedious as last night. Changing up the ritual of learning their fates, the contestants are being grouped together to sing and then find out whether each is safe or not.

First up, Scotty and Lauren singing I Told You So and they’re both safe.

Ashford and Simpsons’ Solid is the song Jacob and Naima are singing. Jacob wasn’t too sure of his lyrics in his solo, but together they sounded good. Naima is in the bottom three.

Fantasia all sounding like Betty Boop came out and sang Cornbread.

Pia, Haley and Thia is the next group to sing and Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Pia is safe. Thia is also in the bottom three and Haley is safe. I don’t get it.

Paul, Casey, Stefano and James are up next, sounding like The Lettermen (who remembers them? Show of hands, be honest!) singing Paul McCartney and Wings’ Band On The Run. Casey is safe….figures. James is safe. Paul rounds out the bottom 3. Stefano is safe. Now he better start pulling it out again if he wants to go further.

Hmm, so now we have a whole different line-up than I imagined. I imagined 9 of them in the bottom 3, turns out they only have 3, but one of my picks to go home is in there, so maybe I’ll be half right. Of the three, I think it will be Paul and Thia. Damn judges wasted that save last week.

Then, posing as entertainment, and Jamie (someone once told me I had talent and I believed them) Foxx sang some crappy song from some movie or other. I was trimming my toenails during that time. No I wasn’t. Newt ghosts don’t have toenails. Neither do live ones.

Here we go…. the one person safe is Paul. So, there goes Naima but so does Thia. So, I’m half right.


Until next time….. (rackin frackin &$**#&&#)

The Day The Music Died

March 25, 2011

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough was the “Brady Bunch Moment” song and it was a commendable offering and then the OH MY GOD moment—Stevie Wonder appeared. Who saw that one coming? Oh, there’s a joke basting in bad taste in there somewhere, but I need fate on my side to oust Haley tonight, so I’ll behave. Apparently it was Steven Tyler’s birthday and Little Stevie Wonder was a surprise for him.

Time for the results. First up…Pia, Lauren and Scotty. All safe! And the first three inducted into the Top 10 for the Tour.

Then Sugarland broke up the monotony with their performance of Stuck Like Glue.

James and Paul were up next and oh! Damn that Ryan tells them they’re both not safe. He meant really not safe and then Hulk Hogan comes out from behind the curtain, (I’m calling it a curtain. It’s really a doorway that slides open) a quick callback to the footage of the two contestants demonstrating their wresting skills. He announces that both of them are safe and going on the Tour and then with one sock to the face, sends Ryan flying into the audience. Paul…safe? Really?

Jacob, Thia and Stefano up next: Jacob is safe, that’s a given. Thia is in the bottom 3. Not one of my picks and Stefano also in the bottom 3. I’m all bummed and, off my game.

Casey, Haley and Naima: Naima was safe. Again, I’m glad, being that she’s my favorite but I really thought she was in jeopardy after she danced in the street. Stefano in the bottom 3? Come on, people! Damn it! And Casey was in the bottom 3. Also not my favorite, not by a long shot but come on….was America on drugs Wednesday night?

Well, you might not believe this, but at this point in my commentary there are 14 minutes left to the show so I have to make an emergency guess and say of those three, I’d like to say Casey would be the one to go, simply because he’s irritating to me, and also to my friend and supporter, Gary (thanks, Gary, btw…and you know what I mean, Brian told me what you did!) but I know, even though he’s in the bottom 3, he’s kinda popular. Look, if Haley could sail through…. and yeah, Stefano had a rough night…oh no, do could it be him? Thia did a good job though. Could they use a save tonight? I need to make a guess because Jennifer Hudson just finished singing and she looks fab! I have to say, Casey, based simply on his performance, added to the irritation factor. Oh, wait, Haley was safe, so that means I can say it… Stevie Wonder didn’t see it coming either! Nah nah nah nah nah nah!

Thia is safe, and I suddenly have a sick feeling in the pit of my teeny little tummy. The person with the lowest number of votes is Casey! YES!!!!!! Stefano is safe! They blew the save, not even a quarter of the way through his song.

So, there you are folks, the scales were definitely off kilter this week that no one, not even Stevie could see coming. And what’s this nonsense about ‘if something like this were to occur, it was pre-determined there’d be a top 11 in the Tour’. Cut me some slack, Jack!

Until next time…..



The Day The Music Died

Look at me giving Commander top billing today. Hey, that’s how I roll.

Well, the music didn’t really die, it’s sort of in state of purgatory. That’s right, my iPod is dying a slow death. But thanks to PD Rescue my entire iPod is backed up on my external drive and all ready to be loaded into my new iPod, whenever I get one. Maybe with…oh, get this…after my bitching about my check to the Federal income tax not clearing, it cleared yesterday and my return for my refund will be on its way this morning, so if my iPod can hang on for a little while longer I’ll be happy.

So, here’s something I find a tad unnecessary. It’s a new doll made by a Spanish company, Berjuan,  called Bebé Glotón, that is equipt to teach little girls about breast feeding. It comes with a halter top, decorated with two strategically placed daisies and when the dolly is placed near those daisies, it starts to make a sucking sound. It’s said that the doll will teach the other side of bottle feeding a baby. But is it necessary for a six year old to know how to breastfeed? People are arguing that dolls that come with bottles depict an unnatural way of feeding a baby, but I think that since 6 year-olds aren’t fully equipt to do otherwise, pretending to feed with a bottle is just fine. And bully for the United States Health Resources and Services Administration for wanting 75% of all mothers to breast feed for at least six months in 2011 and they think this Breast Milk Baby will help reach that goal. What’s next, baby bump pillows for those 6 year olds?

Well, Commander used up all my time, but that’s okay, because there’s always next week for some other stuff I got for you. Y’alls’ms have a great weekend now, you hear?