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Curtain Up

October 20, 2011

While we’re on the topic of Broadway shows, I have to get something off my chest. I have another thing to get off my chest that sort of works in tandem with the first thing.

There is a feature on my blog, the tags, found at the bottom of most of my posts that at one time would link the reader, or me, for that matter, to others blogging about similar topics, whether it be those silly Eggies or how badly The Chew is doing in the ratings. Sorry, I vowed I wouldn’t mention that All My Children replacement without an unwarranted reason. Well, anyway, for some reason, the host of this blog has decided to disengage that feature and instead, when I, or you, click on a tag, it simply gathers all the blogs I’ve written on that topic. While I also like that idea since it gives my readers a chance to explore what else I may have done on a particular topic, it’s a bit disappointing since one of the benefits of blogging is to network.

So, what does that have to do with that other thing? Well, besides the fact that I hope I have a vast readership, I also would like to think that somehow these words are getting out to theater owners by way of hyper cyberlinks.

I think it’s time theaters do away with their concession stands. I mean, how important is having that bag of M&M’s during the last 45 minutes of play? Before every performance the announcement is made to turn off all cellphones and pagers, the taking of photographs and recording is strictly prohibited and to unwrap all candies. Enjoy the show. How, then, can the theater justify selling snacks in cellophane wrappers? For the $4 dollars a bag? And how about that popping plastic sound from someone squeezing an empty water bottle? Or sucking the dregs of a soda through a straw? Stop it! Oh yeah, and if the theater would stop selling stuff, the rest of us wouldn’t have to exit through trash laying on the floor. Is this how people are at home? Ignorant?

But people also carry stuff in off the street, blatantly, in shopping bags from the Hershey store or wherever; one time a group of women at a show behind us had sandwiches and french fries.

And a note to you inconsiderate self-important cellphoners, turn OFF your cellphone, don’t just turn the volume down. I’m not paying a premium for my seat to listen to an impromptu concerto of digitized rap songs, that “cool”  ring you’ve deluded yourself into thinking you’re the only one in the world who has it,  and otherwise chirping during an actors monologue.

Going to the theater should be a sophisticated experience, an important experience. For many, it’s a one time shot. Actors have one chance to convey the story in a unique 2 or so hour time frame there is no rewind. Life, unfortunately, is not Tivo.

I don’t know what can be done about the cellphone, that’s just peoples’ stupidity, but as far as other noise that can be controlled, close the snack bar, or have the big burly usher who’s job nowadays is to simply point in the general direction of where your seat is, confiscate all crinkly articles.

Now that I think about it, I think an actual letter to the theaters I’ve been to would be much more effective in getting my point across.

Meanwhile, for ha-ha’s, this past weekend we sorted out our Playbills, to see how many shows we’ve seen and we grouped them by theater.

**That’s a lot of hard-earned cash we’re spending, Mr. Theater owner!

And The Loser Is…

February 28, 2011

They really need to do something with these Academy Awards shows to make them more interesting to watch.

I was looking forward to watching last night because this is the first year in I don’t know how long I saw some of the movies that were up for awards and I wanted to see how my first-hand opinions stacked up against the commanding gospel votes of the Academy. Some of my choices matched, most didn’t, but like anything else, it’s all subjective; the one man’s meat theory and all that. So, who cares, really?

The presentation was obviously scaled down; no huge production numbers, no montages in tribute to one genre or another, even the stage seemed smaller. And speaking of the stage, it was a hideous set; I guess it was a digital mock up of the Hollywood Bowl. But rather than being grand, for such a grand occasion as the Academy Awards, it only seemed cavernous.

Anne Hathaway and James Franco were the hosts of the broadcast which even they mocked was aimed at a younger demographic. Of the two, she did a fine job while he, more often than not looked bored and had an expression on his face like he was doing us all a favor by just being there.

One point that seemed to be self-contradictory was that while still keeping the show ‘politically correct’–in that there are no losers–they went back to saying “And the Oscar goes to…”. I believe last year they dipped their toe into the waters of impropriety by announcing “And the winner is…” But if political correctness is their goal, with the award going to… then the statement I heard several times during the show about how recipients will henceforth forever remembered as Academy Award winner So and So. In that case, So and So should be forever referred to as Academy Award recipient….

Also, get rid of some of those smaller awards. Okay, sorry, I guess there are no small awards; everyone who makes a contribution to a movie wants recognition, but we don’t really need to sit through them all. They have a dinner a week or so prior where “lesser” awards are presented. Do them all there and if necessary, recap those winners on the major broadcast like they used to. Otherwise, why not give awards to best towel boy in the men’s room? Then maybe they can allow time for either something entertaining or cut the show by an hour. And one last note about timing–make everyone’s acceptance speech time the same length. Some winners went on forever before the “get off the stage” music came up while others barely made it to the stage when they were already being told to wrap it up.

And I have one last jab about the show last night. But first, how great was Kirk Douglas coming out to present the Best Supporting Actress award? He was sharp and witty and deservedly received with a standing ovation. And no one seemed to care that he was playfully prolonging making the announcement (interrupting his own announcement with a playful “you know”, as though a second thought had just come to him). It was charming and it was endearing; one of the few remaining nuggets of Hollywood’s Golden age was on stage.

But then… Justin Timberlake came out to present whatever it was with whomever it was, he had the pomposity to emulate the Hollywood icon, blurting out one of Douglas’ “you know”’s before he opened the envelope. I found it audacious and distasteful.  How dare he insinuate himself to such stature?

I don’t know if it was planned (it had to have been, I’m sure) but I like the way the show opened and closed to backdrops from Hollywood’s definitive year–1939. First with the orchestra swelling into Tara’s Theme from Gone With The Wind as Tom Hanks came out to present the first award to the finale with P.S. 22 from Staten Island singing Over The Rainbow with a backdrop of the yellow brick road leading to the Emerald City, so emblematic for the crowd of winners who also took the stage behind the singers.

All in all, I thought the show was a snoozefest, except for when my choices for whichever awards ended up winning.


December 22, 2010


Meanwhile, the guys have just about finished laying the pavers on the patio, but it wasn’t as hectic a day as I thought I was led to believe it would be. No fence, although it was delivered, no water line, no electric, no digging out the garden beds. I was a little bummed. Not only had I made an extra large pot of coffee for all who would allegedly be here, but it seemed that now it would be impossible for the patio to be finished by Thursday.

But then this morning, one of the two things that invaded my thoughts upon waking this morning (I’ll get to the other one in a minute) was that  maybe since they left an even border between the pavers and retaining wall, that must be where they will install the fence posts and the rest will be taken care of between today and tomorrow. Then I realized, it’s not like we’ll be using the space (phew, I had to say something other than patio) but it would be kind of nice to have it finished. So, I’m keeping the faith and I have donuts a fresh pot of coffee all set to plug in for them.

Recently, I received an email, which I, in turn, spread around to some of my friends, that was a list of 25 Christmas questions. Questions like favorite gift as a child; where do you spend Christmas; favorite thing to eat; real tree or fake…things like that. Right away when I got to favorite Christmas song, it was no chore to name mine–Oh, Holy Night, and I especially love how Donna Summer sings it. Then, for haha’s, I listed the first two songs I hate which are, “The Little Drummer Boy” by anybody, and Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano. Well…… I have to thank the deep dark recesses of my mind for not even conjuring up this next one the day I filled out my answers in that email because it would have been plaguing me that much longer; “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”. All it took was hearing a snippet of it this morning while I was waking up to get it stuck in my head and I cannot get rid of it. It just keeps playing over and over and over in my mind. And I think that rounds out the songs I really cannot deal with at Christmas.

But I have an instant remedy for such an earworm and I know I’ve posted this video before, but I’m going to post it again, just in case grandma and her reindeer are running around in your head now and you want it out, you, too, can purge.

Ah, well, look at that! As I’m finishing up this blog, who pulled up with a truck full of conduit? Patio Joe! All’s right with the world once again.

One Small Mission Accomplished

November 3, 2010

I finally got through the rewrites on Chapter 1 this morning and began plowing through the second. I wouldn’t say plow, exactly, since I only got to page 2.

Upon retiring last night, we had hopes of getting up this morning for a walk. I checked the Weather Channel app on my Droid before going to bed and it told me that mid 40’s temps would abound at the time of the morning we’d be out. Perfect. Not too, too cold. When the alarm went off this morning and the weatherman, the one who always pats himself on the back for predicting the weather of the day before (I had predicted the highs to be 56 or 57 and it was 56…big whoop!) said it was only 30 degrees and that kind of put the kibosh on even wanting to get out of bed, let alone walk.

Any of you have AOL? Have you ever noticed anytime they make a change to their homepage, it mucks up the works? There are certain files I get in my work email I need to forward to my personal email account because I can’t open them otherwise. For two days they did not show up. Luckily there was another avenue I could take to access them, but that’s not the point. AOL wasn’t working properly on my phone, either. This morning, after I got the work done on Chapter 1, I opened my email and sure enough, the homepage is all new and confusing and my inbox was flooded with all those forwards and test emails Ariel and I performed from one system to the other. So from now until they decide a new design is necessary, all my emails should come flying in.

And still the work continues sporatically on the house. It may not be until at least this coming Friday when anyone will be back. We still have no heat, despite the three plus hours Lou’s son spent here the other day trying to get something going. Apparently, as he was told by his HVAC guy there’s a flow issue. Did I tell you this already? And the HVAC guy is away and won’t be back until Friday and it’s highly unlikely we’ll be his priority stop after his Florida vacation. So, stay tuned…and stay warm.

Yikes! And did I forget to congratulate the San Francisco Giants on their World Series victory over The Texas Rangers?  I wanted to put up a banner yesterday on here, but figured it would get mixed up with my bridge pictures and didn’t do it.

“Kick Me” Signs For Everyone

September 2, 2010

Snafu averted. Phew! Now I can get on with today’s rant. But it wasn’t looking good as of late yesterday afternoon, while I was relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee when I heard the words in question form “Where did your blog go?” from across the room. Apparently, and hopefully, it was a temporary glitch because there, in illuminated black and white was the notice that my blog had been deactivated. Only an hour before, while we enjoyed to the point of physical discomfort a hearty Ruby Tuesday lunch, well after Ariel’s procedure, and boy was he happy to put food back into his stomach. I immediately contacted my server and after a period, it was back up and running and intact.

Over lunch yesterday at Ruby Tuesday I saw a story the evoked a conversation which in turn evoked a statement which got my dander up. It concerned that mosque at Ground Zero. While it’s not actually being built on hallowed ground but two blocks away, my thoughts on the topic are that it’s inappropriate and thoughtless to have it so close to where the World Trade Towers once stood while families still grieve for their loved ones lost on that day. I blogged about this back on August 17.

If I have the name correct it was Imam Feisal Adbul Rauf who is spearheading this project that said in a statement that he had no idea the mosque would create such a stir (I’m paraphrasing) but he also had no intention of discontinuing it.

THEN, while the debate rages on as I saw on TV over lunch yesterday, I found out that the date for groundbreaking is…… September 11. Now, how is THAT for a slap in the face?

Then we agreed that yes, America was based on religious freedom and tolerance. But how can that be true when nowadays, the name God is sought to be stricken from our money, and our institutions, but a muslim house of worship can be constructed so close to the most devastating punch in America’s–not just New York’s–heart? How can that be true when it becomes politically incorrect to wish someone a Merry Christmas because it excludes other faiths? And why shouldn’t I be offended at the thought that I am asked to have a “holiday tree” or go to my company’s “holiday party”? Sure, religious freedom and tolerance, but not when it’s hurtful and harmful to others and forced down their throats.

For the people, by the people. But apparently “the people” have no say. Well, they have a say, but it falls on the deaf ears of the higher up muckety muck p0lictians who  obviously “know” what’s best for everybody. And what’s best in this case is to put citizens with fresh and fragile emotions aside in favor of  whatever they hope to gain from it.  But in the name of tolerance no matter how delicate, here is another man’s quest for tolerance. Click here:

In theory, the mosque has a right to be constructed. But shouldn’t there be some thoughts to sensitivity, to etiquette, to common courtesy and not just shoving it everyone’s face. Yes, I have a Christmas tree and it’s in my own house. I don’t have it out where it threatens and confuses people.

It’s nice to have a sweet lozenge to end that discourse… take a look at what the Lou-Natics were up to yesterday.  See that little framed out nook on the right of the first picture? That’s the pantry. That’s how this whole thing started.


And you know what else? I can’t let this video sit one more day. I have to thank my fellow Shidiots–that’s insider talk for Radio Chick fans on Shovio for this:


Just Like A Friday

September 1, 2010

To the Texas turd…turdette (it was a woman) in a white Toyota something or other mini-van, who refused to let me into my lane this morning, a pox on you! Well, she got her comeuppance when she suddenly had to slam on her brakes, while she was trying to pass me, on the shoulder of the highway, of all things, when a box truck entered the roadway.

I was coming from dropping Ariel off at an early morning appointment–I wanted to get back home in time to let the Lou-Natics in, and Ariel won’t be ready to be picked up until around 9am anyway and I was approaching my turn amid the confusing enough configured network of roads branching out in every direction in that area and I was trying to get into the left lane. Well, the Texas turdette was behind me in the lane I needed to be in, but too close to safely negotiate getting over there. My signal was on, she was relentless and in fact, she sped up so that it was almost impossible to make my left turn, which I made from the right hand lane, and managed to get in front of her on the curve. Yes, I was one of “those people”. She apparently didn’t like that I upstaged her in her mini-van and she decided she was going to teach me a lesson and get in front of me as soon as we hit the highway, but that box truck out of nowhere thwarted her attempts and I left her eating my dust.

On the way to drop Ariel off, however, a thought occurred to me, as we drove along that new stretch of Rt 18 that looks like it’s more fitting as an approach to an airport or a state’s capital city. It’s all redone, with an express lane and a elevated local lane on the northbound side and that overpass is bricked with arches cut out to look to the river that are bordered with clean mortar outlines. The southbound side is done up in a glass-topped sound wall in one area, and facade of a mountainside carved into stucco-like finish along the natural upgraded topography. It’s all very pretty, but it seems misplaced in that area. And there’s no graffiti. Yet. Unless I just don’t notice it.

One of those electronic signs alerting motorists to find an alternate route due to the Rutger’s game tomorrow and I thought aloud, to make conversation, why, with all the billions (I’m assuming billions for that road construction) they spent, why couldn’t they make an alternate route for football traffic rather than constantly impede us regular folk just trying to get from here to there?

Speaking of the Lou-Natics, they began sheetrocking yesterday and I have those pictures.  Who needed those windows, anyway? The brick is back in stock so they can continue on that.


Other than that, it’s Wednesday, I’m officially on my weekend since I finished my hours last night around 10, (and with the help of this past weekend), getting as much done for the end of the month as my sanity would allow. Also being the first of the month, there is a new logo and quote for September on the website. You can click here to take a look. And have a great day.

Round And Round We Go

August 17, 2010

Back in the news (or maybe it never left–perhaps it was overshadowed recently by more important news like Lindsay Lohan’s legal woes) is the debate over the mosque waiting to be built near Ground Zero. Some see no reason why it should not be built, in the name of religious freedom and there are those who are adamant against it…in the name of religious freedom. Yes, this is the greatest country in the world but even with that, there should be a modicum of sensitivity and respect to those who lost their lives and to those who survived them. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, apparently in favor of the construction made this statement: “In rushing into those burning buildings, not one of the firefighters who died in the 9/11 attacks asked: ‘What God do you pray to? What beliefs do you hold?’ We do not honor their lives by denying the very constitutional rights they died protecting.” Of course not, they were doing the job they were trained to do, to save lives. It could have been any religious background behind the attacks, but that it was a faction of the Muslim religion, having this building so close to Ground Zero also dishonors the firefighter’s lives.

President Obama, in his statement said this: Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship…on private property in lower Manhattan…. This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable.” The Leader of the Free World letting down those who still live in the shadow of the attacks, who might not be able to separate one sect from another of the Muslim religion while they flip through pages in a photograph album, wondering whatever might have become of their loved ones had they not so cruelly been taken from them.

I also remember hearing more of what Obama said on the news and the line was “We treat everyone in America the same.” Which brings me to yet another topic: gay marriage. Now California has put the just over-turned ban on same-sex marriage on hold. That’s not treating everyone in America the same. Another quote I heard, and I wish I had saved it so I could take it down verbatim and also to credit the author, who was someone who commented on the story on the news and it concerned the ban on same-sex marriage and how it effects family values. It went something like this: “If you are going to stop same-sex marriage …then you must also stop straight divorce. What does that say about family values?”

What does any of it say about values in general?

Go Ahead And Rain. That’s Right!

August 16, 2010

Perhaps it’s a prerequisite along the same lines as what food servers learn in waiter/waitress school that they don’t come to your table to ask how everything is until you have a mouthful of food, that chefs, at least those who enjoy the celebrity of patting themselves on the back, convincingly mmm-mmm’ing everything  they make until your mouth waters, wishing you could combine onions and turnips like they do, that every step of every recipe they make on television must lead with “you go ahead and…” You start out with a bowl and you can go ahead and place your flour in there, then go ahead and add your salt and your water then go ahead and use your whisk to mix it. If you have a food processor, then go ahead and use that.

The reason it came to mind is because I was looking at a certain chef’s article on cooking perfect rice and even in the text, “you go ahead and…” showed up several times, twice of which were in one sentence. I went ahead and though, gads, that’s just not right, until I went ahead and realized it was the transcript from the featured video clip.

I must be the culinary version of “amazing”. I also remember saying at the end of this year’s official TV season I was going to stop watching any show that used my favorite “A” word any more than twice in a single episode. But I’m hooked on the shows I watch in the summer season and everything is amazing and I can’t stop watching. But I bristle every time I hear it and think back to my vow.

Another sort of catchphrase that amuses me is one I hear on the news, pretty much daily. When a story is being turned over to a remote reporter covering a story, say, an amazing cook-off where the reporter will join in and go ahead and try to cook something, she (or he should the circumstance warrant) begins the report with “That’s right!”

You also know that it is requisite for rain when we go camping. We had our fourth camping trip of the season, (man it’s going by fast) and all was well. The weather was cool and comfortable, the food and drink plenty, the company around the bonfire colorful and enjoyable as ever. When we turned in for the night on Saturday, after crunching on some post fire cheeseburger flavored Doritios (holy moly!) and realizing a good night’s sleep was the only cure for our throbbing feet, we left the stars twinkling brightly in the sky above. I awoke to a gentle patter above me on the rainfly, but in a 4am stupor I could only imagine to be tree droppings from the breeze I could hear rustling through the leaves. Long fancy story short and drearily to the point, it was indeed raining and now the tent is in the garage and tarps are hanging all over the basement.

I haven’t uploaded any news pictures of the house construction yet and I’m not exactly sure whether any of the Lou-natics (my new fun nickname for them) will be here on their own this week while the master is not. And the only current picture I have is the visible side of the roof they finished shingling. A lot of the other work they’ve been doing is boring wiring on the inside and not much fun to photograph so I’ll probably have time to post the roof pic.

Today is the 33rd anniversary of the Elvis Presley’s death and it’s also Madonna’s 52nd birthday.

A Burning Question

July 15, 2010

Are we where we are because of where we’ve been, or are we where we are because of where we’re going?

I’ve always pondered that question, but in a more technological sense. But more and more I’m thinking of it in a more sociological sense. I’m not sure when it started, but somewhere along the lines, hot coffee was involved. Somewhere along the way, there was a bad word someone said on television that someone else heard and raised hell because ‘how dare that type of behavior take place?’. And all throughout, it seems like everyone has lost the sense of responsibility for his own actions.

Take, for instance the drunk driving case from 2007 that suddenly is making the news. Spanish-speaking German Marquez was accused of being under the influence when he rear-ended another car at an intersection. His lawyer is claiming Marquez, who speaks only Spanish, did not understand the police officer’s  instructions in English to take a breathalyzer test and subsequently was wrongly cited for non-compliance to that as well as the DWI charge. The non-compliance charge carries a seven month license suspension which is concurrent with the three-month for the drunk driving charge. The lawyer argues he should not have been punished for something he didn’t understand. Now the consent statement (for the breath test) has been recorded in 10 languages for the police to play for a suspect.

Okay, so, how did he get his license in the first place? He obviously had to have studied a manual, and I’m sure the manual he studied from was written in Spanish. Is the point about consenting to a breathalyzer in there? I have to admit, I don’t know because when I was learning how to drive there was no such technology to worry about. It was the ability to walk a straight line and touch your nose while balancing on one foot and a theoretical equation to determine your blood/alcohol level. Is Marquez alone in the world? Doesn’t he have any friends or family or co-workers in his life who might tell him? And the biggest point, since when is ignorance above the law? I was taught that ignorance of the law is no excuse. So how does Señor Marquez figure he’s special?

Ah,  f**k it. You can’t say that on TV. Or can you? Maybe. On Tuesday, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the FCC’s broadcast indecency policy because the standards the commission use to monitor offensive language are ‘unconstitutionally vague’ and that the policy did not give broadcasters fair warning what is allowed and what isn’t.

I’m the furthest thing from being a prude, and every now and then hearing a slip up on a live TV show gives me a sort of rebellious thrill, but honestly, I don’t want to hear the F word said on One Life to Live on a daily basis. It’s enough that the word ‘bitch’ has gotten past the censors and there are days when it’s said almost as much as the word ‘amazing’. And after the first few dozen times of hearing it, it truly gets monotonous. Switching on the way back machine for a second, I remember watching the original run of Dark Shadows as a kid back in the ‘60’s and hearing Barnabas say ‘Hell’ and I thought it almost heroic, if not something I should hope my mother wouldn’t hear for fear she’d make me stop watching the show.

But in these days when everyone is up in arms about everything, it begs the question, are we regressing or advancing? Has everything gotten that complex that it’s impossible to keep up and so we’ve given up?  Yes, it’s the land of the free and all that, but shouldn’t this land be shown a little more respect than trying to tear it further down, limb by judicial limb? Is it really fair to kowtow to those who have a sense of entitlement because certain situations don’t fit their idyllic picture? It could be just about anything these days, from certain religious factions not wanting to conform to regulation policeman’s uniforms because of their headdress, to not letting kids “win” in  games so nobody gets their feelings hurt, to looking the other way in cases such as Marquez’?   Does it make sense to allow more profanity on television when parents are already rallying against its usage? Of course they expect the government to take care of everything so parents don’t have to come off as the bad guy and now the rest of us have to have huge TV ratings signs flash across the screen, as if seeing an “S” or an “L” will signal the kids that they must instantly turn off the show with too much sexual content  or harsh language? Is it too much to ask to let me say Merry Christmas, even though the next person might celebrate Hanukkah and he could simply say, “I’m Jewish” (or whatever) instead of getting all militant and stripping away my holiday spirit?  Damn it!

Oh well, here’s who was wearing this week’s bathing suit.

And, look who’s happy!

They’re here!

Insult To Injury

July 2, 2010

Here I go again, one more time, griping and complaining about Provincetown. But I think it’s best to stick with something one is good at and I happen to be good about complaining. Yesterday, I got an email notification that my oldest friend in Ptown has “friended” me on Facebook. Just another reminder.

Curious usage of the word friend, and unfriend, that it’s used as a verb. But that’s the new way of speaking these days. We make things up as we go along in a sort of shorthand because our lives are so busy we can’t say what we mean. We can only infer an entire thought, or sometimes even a complete sentence in a few short words and sometimes it works and sometimes it just sounds stupid. Take, for instance, the way they call the weather on a certain radio station I listen to. If there is a possibility of rain, it’s a shower chance. If someone is talking about a particular email he got, it’s an email piece. Or we take and empty milk carton and ‘repurpose’ it as something else. And one that gets me, which is used around here a lot, and I’m probably gonna catch Hell for it, (because it’s someone in this house that’s not me who uses it) is ‘footprint’ to mean the size of something, like our tent, for instance. Instead of asking how big is it, it’s what’s the footprint? Nope, not me, I speak (and write) in long hand and it used to be that people would look at their watches when I get started on one of my yarns. Of course, if I did do it in shorthand, it would, of course, be something along these lines: “bitch, bitch, bitch”, and that would convey my thoughts perfectly.

Actually, the word ‘unfriend’ which was Oxford’s Word of the Year for 2009, was actually being used as far back as the late 13th century, as a noun, meaning enemy and was still in use six centuries later.

To further get the weekend off with a bang, my contractor arrived yesterday morning quite by surprise with the shower enclosure. He and his crew were upstairs for quite a while and several hours later he came down to tell me the corner pieces had not been mitred and while he installed them, they will be replaced as soon as the replacements come in which he called to order while he was here. Also, the one tiled wall where the door part of the enclosure is going is bowed out slightly and the door won’t close properly because of it, so he’ll have to remove and replace the offending tiles and hopefully make the space the 1/4″ more level than it currently is.

So, what to do on my summer vacation? I don’t know. Vacations should be a time of relaxation and possibly getting to try things you might not otherwise do, like sleep late, for instance. Actually, (get this!) I have this vision of a clear sunny day, the steely blue sky dotted with cottony white clouds and perhaps going for a ride on the Circle Line around Manhattan to try to obliterate my increasing fear of boats. I’d done that trip before, years ago, when I was much younger and sat across a woman with more underarm hair than I ever had or will have and I was more carefree. But the older I get, the more fearsome about certain things I’m becoming. And if I chicken out, it’ll still be a sunshiny day in New York.  So, stay tuned on that one.

And here is a very interesting video of nature taking care of its own. This is one time when the work ‘amazing’ truly fits.


Happy 4th everybody.

PS. I apologize if the video doesn’t play. The way to embed thems seems to have changed and I apparently haven’t mastered it yet. Bitch, bitch, bitch!