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March 8, 2011

I almost had a blog yesterday. In fact, I actually wrote a couple of sentences after my wrestling match with my coffee maker. I know I keep saying I’m going to do a short blog one day, but really, two sentences? It’s debatable who actually won that confrontation, even though I managed to finally get a half-decent cup coffee out of it.

The weekend of Mardi Gras debauchery wasn’t as depraved as all that; well, I guess it’s all according to one’s own definition of immorality. It was satellite event to the annual Black and White party which is being held in May and is an HIV/AIDS benefit party helmed by a friend of ours from camp. There was dancing and drinking and food and drinking and entertainment and drinking and money raising events and drinking…you get the idea. We caught up on sleep during the day when not much else was going on. We’re planning on attending the Black and White Party which just happens to coincide with Ariel’s birthday this year. And, as if you didn’t see this coming, check out the Event’s webpage and think about making a donation either by phone or by mail. Hey look, at just one of the fund raisers over the weekend, 1300 dollars were raised in the space of a few hours in 5 dollar increments. It adds up!

Oh yeah, and then there was that tractor trailer I almost met head on. Friday night, before our first party stop, the four of us  decided to hunt down the Round The Clock diner we saw in our entertainment packages. Outside the hotel, equipt with 3 Droid GPS systems, we finally determined we needed to head west. But with no North star visible in the sky, which was was west? Good grief, even the early pi0neers made it all the way to California without all this new-fangled technology.  In spite of the assurance of the jaunty couple who assured us there was a diner just around the bend-not so, not close by on foot, anyway-we realized we were heading in the wrong direction. And then there was the issue of the one minute discrepancy between Gary’s and my GPS. He was a minute closer to our destination than I was even though we were walking side by side. Running ahead of him didn’t help because he kept up with me. He and Ariel went back to get the truck to drive there and John and I continued to walk. It wasn’t very long, maybe 5 more minutes until we got there, waaay before the other two, but the diner was on the other side of an off-ramp from the highway. The way looked clear and I was about to cross, but a barreling 18-wheeler without the decency to alert this errant jaywalker he was exiting…but I got more than clear out of his way. But that little adventure sure did work up an appetite!

The weather held out for us and the torrential rain didn’t come until Sunday during the drive home. Coming through Lancaster County along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I noticed off in the distance a few Amish buggies along the side roads. Then, as we approached an overpass, there were at least a dozen of them in a convoy crossing overhead and the same thing happened at the next overpass. They must have all been returning home from Sunday services at one of the neighbor’s farms. It was an awesome sight. And where was my camera? Packed in my bag in the back of the truck. I really need to start just carrying it everywhere.

And then yesterday, phase II of house construction unofficially got underway. The HVAC guy was here to survey his pending situation and figured how he’d work moving the heat and tying into the air conditioning and Jim, Lou’s brother, did some measuring for the materials that will get delivered at some point today. And in the meantime, I’ll be doing incations in various languages and lighting incense to see if I can’t make the CO be ready. It was supposed to be a week from last Monday when I dropped off all the Plans (paper and in CD form) but then this past Friday some engineer (woo woooooo) dropped by unannounced to do a final survey around the property to make sure the land pitch hadn’t been altered. So, now will the CO be ready a week from then or what’s the story? Stay tuned!