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And The Loser Is…

February 28, 2011

They really need to do something with these Academy Awards shows to make them more interesting to watch.

I was looking forward to watching last night because this is the first year in I don’t know how long I saw some of the movies that were up for awards and I wanted to see how my first-hand opinions stacked up against the commanding gospel votes of the Academy. Some of my choices matched, most didn’t, but like anything else, it’s all subjective; the one man’s meat theory and all that. So, who cares, really?

The presentation was obviously scaled down; no huge production numbers, no montages in tribute to one genre or another, even the stage seemed smaller. And speaking of the stage, it was a hideous set; I guess it was a digital mock up of the Hollywood Bowl. But rather than being grand, for such a grand occasion as the Academy Awards, it only seemed cavernous.

Anne Hathaway and James Franco were the hosts of the broadcast which even they mocked was aimed at a younger demographic. Of the two, she did a fine job while he, more often than not looked bored and had an expression on his face like he was doing us all a favor by just being there.

One point that seemed to be self-contradictory was that while still keeping the show ‘politically correct’–in that there are no losers–they went back to saying “And the Oscar goes to…”. I believe last year they dipped their toe into the waters of impropriety by announcing “And the winner is…” But if political correctness is their goal, with the award going to… then the statement I heard several times during the show about how recipients will henceforth forever remembered as Academy Award winner So and So. In that case, So and So should be forever referred to as Academy Award recipient….

Also, get rid of some of those smaller awards. Okay, sorry, I guess there are no small awards; everyone who makes a contribution to a movie wants recognition, but we don’t really need to sit through them all. They have a dinner a week or so prior where “lesser” awards are presented. Do them all there and if necessary, recap those winners on the major broadcast like they used to. Otherwise, why not give awards to best towel boy in the men’s room? Then maybe they can allow time for either something entertaining or cut the show by an hour. And one last note about timing–make everyone’s acceptance speech time the same length. Some winners went on forever before the “get off the stage” music came up while others barely made it to the stage when they were already being told to wrap it up.

And I have one last jab about the show last night. But first, how great was Kirk Douglas coming out to present the Best Supporting Actress award? He was sharp and witty and deservedly received with a standing ovation. And no one seemed to care that he was playfully prolonging making the announcement (interrupting his own announcement with a playful “you know”, as though a second thought had just come to him). It was charming and it was endearing; one of the few remaining nuggets of Hollywood’s Golden age was on stage.

But then… Justin Timberlake came out to present whatever it was with whomever it was, he had the pomposity to emulate the Hollywood icon, blurting out one of Douglas’ “you know”’s before he opened the envelope. I found it audacious and distasteful.  How dare he insinuate himself to such stature?

I don’t know if it was planned (it had to have been, I’m sure) but I like the way the show opened and closed to backdrops from Hollywood’s definitive year–1939. First with the orchestra swelling into Tara’s Theme from Gone With The Wind as Tom Hanks came out to present the first award to the finale with P.S. 22 from Staten Island singing Over The Rainbow with a backdrop of the yellow brick road leading to the Emerald City, so emblematic for the crowd of winners who also took the stage behind the singers.

All in all, I thought the show was a snoozefest, except for when my choices for whichever awards ended up winning.

On The FRINGE Of A Breakdown!

February 1, 2011

I gotta hand it to that TV show Fringe. Not only is it one of the very few sci-fi shows I genuinely find entertaining (plus who can help but just love Walter?) but it also got me out a potentially embarrassing pickle. It was this past Friday, the house was duly prepped for our latest painting jag (which was hysterically involved and I’ll get to that in a few) and we sat with our take-out Chinese watching some television and it was time for Fringe. The opening scene was of a traffic checkpoint and I lurched forward in a panic. “OH MY GOD” I exclaimed, “….this is 2011, isn’t it? My car is due for inspection…this month!!!” I rushed into the kitchen to find my wallet to make sure I had my current updated documents (my registration and insurance card specifically) and then checked online to see what hours the inspection station was open. So, before 8am yesterday morning, the last day of the month, I was on my way and I really should have known better and left the house earlier. In a perfect world, which, sometimes if I hit it lucky, some days are kinda perfect, the trip to where I had to go would take about 7 minutes. 40 minutes later I arrived, got inspected and returned home in time to start work by 10.

On the way home, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a celebratory cup of coffee (I passed and don’t have to go back until 2013–I hope Fringe is still on TV in two years) and I tried their new reverse Boston Creme donuts. Mmm, mmmmmmmm!

So, the painting. We really never figured it would take as long as it did but the hallway and the stairwell literally took us over 10 hours. Granted, we put on two coats and that stairwell wasn’t the easiest area to tackle, but it seemed like it took so long. If you ask my back, legs, feet, hair…you name it, it felt like it took longer. Oh, wait, plus we did the two front window walls as well that day, in the library and the den. Okay, so 10 hours isn’t so much.

Then, Sunday, we got an earlier start because we had the rest of the library, the office and the bathroom. All smaller spaces, but we wanted an early start because we wanted to go buy switch and outlet covers, put up the new mailbox and go out somewhere for dinner. I’ll admit, we cheated a little behind the ceiling high bookcases in the library and did just around where the wall behind them could be seen and the other two walls which are only partial; that was the library and for the office, two walls would be the same color. Oh, did I mention they’re red? And red is notorious for being a bitch to work with and after my second coat and everything was bleeding through and making streaks and dark spots and you name it I remember thinking making my red velvet cake from scratch is less of a hassle and was prepared to go to a third and fourth coat if necessary. We’ve been wanting a red in the library since forever and I wasn’t going to let paint get the better of me but that line of rationale was beginning to erode.

The red has to be mixed with a thinner base but thankfully we were able to get a paint/primer it could be mixed with so while I finished painting the peanut butter on the other two walls in the office while waiting for the first coat in the bathroom to dry, Ariel went to get the thicker cherry cobbler red paint. Thankfully that covered. It’s funny, the paint we used in the bathroom that we thought would be a sort of dusty miller turned out to be just a tad darker than the color in the addition and the kitchen.

We began cleaning up, delirious from two days worth of paint fumes and up and down ladders and getting into positions the normal human body should not get into and we investigated the smell of something electric burning in the basement. That was exciting and the best we could come up with was a flourescent tube went bad. I didn’t now they smelled, but the best way to describe it was an overdone toasted marshmallow. It was past 9 when we finally called for food, a pizza and by 10 we were eating dinner.

So, disregarding the few spots that need touching up, we are essentially FINISHED with the painting and I will get some pictures posted, possibly tomorrow. And speaking of tomorrow, that danged Punxsutwaney Phil damn well better not see his shadow!

One of these days I’m going to post a really short blog! Man, can I go on, or what?

September Wrap-up

September 30, 2010

Man alive, can you believe today is the last day of September? With that in mind, I thought you might like to know Toohoolhoolzote, a Nez Perce indian prophet, died in battle 133 years ago today. Question is, did he foresee his own demise? If he had, maybe he’d still be alive today. Just sayin’.

Today is also Barry “Greg Brady” Williams’ 56th birthday. Oh, Greggie. And The Flintstones premiered on television 50 years ago today. The Flintstones, as you know, was the first animated program to show two people of the opposite sex in bed together. It was also the first animated primetime series that lasted more than two seasons, a record that wasn’t surpassed until The Simpson’s third season. It’s no secret The Flintstone was based on Jackie Gleason’s The Honeymooners for which Gleason had considered suing the producers of the cartoon, but let it pass and after Alan Reed, the voice of Fred Flintstone died in ‘77, Gleason, (for whom Reed did voice over work in his early movies) was told by his lawyers he could have the show yanked off the air, but was advised by those same lawyers that he’d be forever after known as the guy who yanked The Flintstones off the air.

First we had a tornado warning on Tuesday that fizzled out and now today, we have flood warnings because we are having monsoonal weather but even though we had planned to walk in the rain (we have appropriate gear for that), taking into consideration how most often what the weathermen say usually doesn’t pan out. Well, I was up before my alarm (one day out walking and already my internal clock is playing havoc with my beauty sleep) the rain was coming down in sheets. Needless to say, we didn’t walk. And somehow I think that means there’ll be no Lou Crew today. Call me crazy, but I just have that feeling. There was no Lou Crew yesterday either which means my fan wasn’t installed again. I got tired of not having any new pictures to post, so here’s a  picture of the much lauded ceiling fan.

Oh, come on, you didn’t think I’d show it to you yet, without it being in place, did you? But here’s the one light fixture that was installed when they were last here.

And on a final note, thanks to Ariel, I shot off a text to my Dead Celebrity players, well, Bobby, and raked in the points for Tony Curtis (or, Stoney Curtis, speaking of the Flintstones)…dead at 85 of cardiac arrest.