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January 10, 2011

I was thinking about blogging about the number 11, since this is 2011, but quite frankly, what I got out of the article about the number 11 and what it means, I thought, duh, how boring, “one left over 10”. That’s what the Old English meaning of endleofan is. See what I’m saying? Not really blog-worthy. However, I did learn that the term “elevenses” in England is a mid-morning snack such as a biscuit with a cup of tea. It was also used in America in reference to a now abandoned custom of a pre-noon whiskey break. Oh yeah? Abandoned?

So, anyway, on to some big news. We spent the weekend painting. First, on Friday, on one of the coldest days of they year, we primed over the old paint in the kitchen, the kitchenette and the ex-dining room. We used that Kilz and holy smoke, it just about did just that to both of us. The fumes were so bad that a couple of times Ariel nearly fell off the ladder from lightheadedness and both our eyes were swollen and bloodshot. I think a handful of salt thrown in my face would have been less painful. On top of that, when we were finished with all three rooms by around 10pm, we had to shovel the snow that fell that day. I just didn’t want it to freeze into a sheet of ice.

Saturday saw a much more humane day of painting and the kitchen is now the same color as the addition. It’s called timothy straw, and you’ve probably seen the pictures (I’m assuming) on my blog at one point or another. The middle kitchen, now officially known as the kitchenette, started out as white chocolate. The ex-dining room, now known as the sitting room / downstairs guest room / anti dining room is now white marigold. And then we went out and shoveled Saturday’s snowfall.

Yesterday we finished off the kitchenette with a sort of Italian marble / old world finish that includes the timothy, white marigold, mellowed ivory.

And because there was no snow to shovel after that, we went instead to pick out paints for upstairs. In all these years, we haven’t put a single dab of paint on the second floor, the new bathroom notwithstanding. And not only that, we ordered carpet for the two main bedrooms and hallway upstairs. Yeah, look at us! New addition. New patio…it’s like a brand new house.

September Wrap-up

September 30, 2010

Man alive, can you believe today is the last day of September? With that in mind, I thought you might like to know Toohoolhoolzote, a Nez Perce indian prophet, died in battle 133 years ago today. Question is, did he foresee his own demise? If he had, maybe he’d still be alive today. Just sayin’.

Today is also Barry “Greg Brady” Williams’ 56th birthday. Oh, Greggie. And The Flintstones premiered on television 50 years ago today. The Flintstones, as you know, was the first animated program to show two people of the opposite sex in bed together. It was also the first animated primetime series that lasted more than two seasons, a record that wasn’t surpassed until The Simpson’s third season. It’s no secret The Flintstone was based on Jackie Gleason’s The Honeymooners for which Gleason had considered suing the producers of the cartoon, but let it pass and after Alan Reed, the voice of Fred Flintstone died in ‘77, Gleason, (for whom Reed did voice over work in his early movies) was told by his lawyers he could have the show yanked off the air, but was advised by those same lawyers that he’d be forever after known as the guy who yanked The Flintstones off the air.

First we had a tornado warning on Tuesday that fizzled out and now today, we have flood warnings because we are having monsoonal weather but even though we had planned to walk in the rain (we have appropriate gear for that), taking into consideration how most often what the weathermen say usually doesn’t pan out. Well, I was up before my alarm (one day out walking and already my internal clock is playing havoc with my beauty sleep) the rain was coming down in sheets. Needless to say, we didn’t walk. And somehow I think that means there’ll be no Lou Crew today. Call me crazy, but I just have that feeling. There was no Lou Crew yesterday either which means my fan wasn’t installed again. I got tired of not having any new pictures to post, so here’s a  picture of the much lauded ceiling fan.

Oh, come on, you didn’t think I’d show it to you yet, without it being in place, did you? But here’s the one light fixture that was installed when they were last here.

And on a final note, thanks to Ariel, I shot off a text to my Dead Celebrity players, well, Bobby, and raked in the points for Tony Curtis (or, Stoney Curtis, speaking of the Flintstones)…dead at 85 of cardiac arrest.


Let’s Get Right To It!

August 30, 2010

From the three boobs for the price of one department: Gustavo Rojas, of Venezuela,  a First Justice (socialist party) candidate for a National Assembly position is raffling off not television sets, not a weekend spree in Mount Airy Lodge, er, sorry, Mount Airy Casino Resort ( I wonder if they’ve kept their heart theme and replaced their heart shaped tubs with heart shaped gambling tables?…just sayin’)… no! Rojas is raffling off breast implants in exchange for votes. Says he, “The raffle, is a financing mechanism, nothing else. It’s the doctor who will do the operation, not me.”

From the what a busy weekend I had department: I worked all weekend, Saturday and yesterday in hopes to get as much of the (thankfully) unending mounds of work done before the end of the month. We canceled two separate–I guess you can call them events, (as opposed to, say, irresponsible romps)–but work comes first and if only I could have taken five minutes to take a nap, to recharge the batteries, so to speak, I’d have been better off. But you know, sometimes, finding the perfect conditions for catching a few zzz’s can be difficult; you can’t get comfortable, the sun might be in your eyes, or reflecting off of something from behind, there might be people around and you’d feel embarrassed if you inadvertently nodded off. Well, our troubles are over! Please witness the following.

Coupled with your new limited edition Snuggie it makes for a glorious siesta!

And finally for today, I have some more pictures of the construction, this time from the inside. Over the weekend they worked mostly on the insulation and since it was one of those occasions were they swept up and made neat in there, I thought I’d show you some “inside” pictures.

The first shot is looking out the front…back?…side? wall. Side wall. Looking straight out the kitchen window, soon to become an entryway. The next shot is the pantry. That’s going to be immediately to the right of the entryway. Beyond that, we’re replacing the blue folding chair and yellow scaffold table with honest to goodness dining room furniture. And this third shot is looking toward the sliding door which opens to the back of the house. In the opposite corner of the slider is where the breakfast nook is going and the rest will be, I guess, dance floor.


And there you have it, my quick attempt at an off the cuff Monday morning blog. Have a great National Toasted Marshmallow Day! And if you toast them on the stove using a fork, be very careful not to singe your lips. Those 3 or 4 blisters that appear instantly are murder to try to explain without someone else peeing themselves from laughing at your idiocy. But you’re an idiot only once, so they say. Well, when it comes to toasting marshmallows.

Another Week Pinned Shut!

August 20, 2010

Another week over! Pinch me. It is Friday, isn’t it? Oh man, and we’re still on Zsa Zsa watch. I know there’s at least three of us just itching to get those points!

Isn’t it funny how dreams can sometimes seem real, even to the point of waking you up? I was jolted awake this morning out of a dream in which I was being attacked once again by birds. I can’t recall the instance, but for some reason, I had taken down a nest of  eggs that had been made on a piece of cardboard and was nestled in the crossbeams of one of those camping canopy tenty things that was erected in my backyard, only it wasn’t my backyard.  I needed the eggs to make a potion or a cure or something like that and I grabbed at the nest and knocked it to the ground. In my dream, I know I didn’t know what type of eggs they were that fell to the ground, but I  also knew I kind of had an idea they were pigeon eggs. As I stood pondering the species, a swarm (no, that’s not right–well, it wasn’t exactly a flock, it was only 3 or 4) of pigeons came at me and one started pecking away at my butt. I woke up trying to flail my way away from them but my arms were trapped under my covers.  I’d had this brilliant idea recently that perhaps the reason I can’t get up and get out to walk is because it’s too cold with the air conditioner blowing and who wants to get out of bed when it’s cold? But the extra blankets only make me wake up in a sweat, but I leave them on, hoping against hope that my plan will actually work. I’m sure the eggs reference has something to do with the great egg recall of 2010 and quite possibly I’m still reeling from Walter Pidgeon Day on Turner Classic Movies’ August Under the Stars yesterday.  

Well, surprise of surprises, the Lou-natics showed up out of the blue yesterday afternoon and put in quite a few hours. I hadn’t talked to Lou since the inspector was here this past Monday and I reviewed with him what the guy had told me. The way I describing it, Lou said it was commercial grade specs the guy is after rather than residential. And the one inspection he insisted we needed before going any further was already done. I didn’t realize it until Lou told me and I checked my “approved” tags and sure enough, that particular inspection passed on August 9…and by the very same person. Hmm, is right!

I had the picture of the finished roof, where they left off before their extended time off, to show you and I took an “artsy” picture of the addition. If you call looking through the overgrown evergreen bush and hardly being able to see the new structure artsy. And then I have what they did yesterday and we’re all up to date.


Speaking of booby traps: Two 14 year-old Parisian girls were arrested and a 12 year-old accomplice was placed in a home for stealing money from cash machine customers. They first tried to distract their first victim by sticking a newspaper under his nose, but ended up having to resort to opening their blouses and revealing their breasts and grabbing his nether regions while the accomplice grabbed the money. They used the same tactics on a woman a few days later.

Two videos:

This first one I’ve been seeing on television during the day while I’m working.

It makes me titter (pun very much so intended). It’s an interesting product, and I’m sure a useful one but the approach they use seems to be too heavily concentrated on covering up rather than accentuating which leads me to ask, why wouldn’t you (generally speaking) just wear a better fitting top if you don’t want the entire world to see what’chu got? And I’ve never seen a hole that size made by a safety pin.

And this second video happened to pop up while I was looking for the above one and it, too, made me laugh.

Have a great weekend. It’s sure to be a dry one, we’re not camping. Although we do have a family function to attend, so we’ll see.

A Few Things For Sure

August 19, 2010

It’s been a busy week, plowing through piles and piles of work, with no apparent end in sight. But, that’s fine, it keeps my mind from wandering, as long as I remember at the moment of inception to write down important things that manage to come into my head, to wit: a card for a certain occasion coming up that we need to acknowledge. Jokingly we were told if we didn’t send a birthday card this time, like we didn’t for Father’s Day, we’d be replaced by some other set of  “sons number 4 and 5”. We couldn’t let that happen. The birthday is two days from now and I figured I’d get the card while I’m out on Friday afternoon. Sure it would be a few days late, but, thanks to Ariel, the card is on its way.

Busy as I am, every now and then a stray thought will come into my head, something to recharge the batteries, so to speak. I was watching Turner Classic Movies yesterday; it was Ann Sheridan day in their August Under The Stars line-up and it’s doubtful that had anything to do with it, other than to set the scene, but I had this sudden urge to try to make that ‘fart’ sound from my armpit that I used to do as a kid. It took a couple of tries and a variety of hand placements, but I got it going. And I laughed my head off then got back to work.

I also did my daily check on that agent lady’s status, to see if she was once again accepting submissions. A week or so ago, maybe three, the one page I was looking at completely disappeared, but I found her status on the agency’s main website and it was listed as “until further notice”. Yesterday morning, even that page was changed to say she was no longer with the agency. I did a quick Google search, found her own personal blog and sure enough, she’s left agenting altogether and has gone to work for another undisclosed publishing house in an undisclosed capacity.

Okay. This interesting little tidbit flashed across my screen and I decided to explore it further and in so doing, I got more confused, but this is what I got out of it, so don’t hold me to it. The word “OKAY” is said to have originated by Irish supporters during the re-election of President Martin VanBuren, changing the spelling of “all” in “all correct” to “oll korrect” to imitate the Irish brogue. Some also say it alludes to VanBuren’s nickname of Old Kinderhook, from his birthplace in Kinderhook, NY. Another source says it came from the Choctaw ‘okeh’ which means ‘it is so’.

I’m going with the Irish theory, simply because, well, I’m Irish. But who knows how these things really get started and how they have their holding power? Fo shizzle. Peace out!

The Cupboard Is Bare

August 3, 2010

The one question we continually get when we talk about the construction on the house, is why, with the house being the size it is, do we need another room? I answer simply because there are two of us here, after all, and ten rooms cannot possibly be enough. Ariel has the less sarcastic answer and says that it all began with wanting a pantry closer to the kitchen, rather than at the opposite end of the house and that we needed a room for the pantry to sit in.

But, now, as it turns out, the room is also going to be built around another item. The ceiling fan. We got a catalog in the mail a while ago and flipping through it I fell in love with and had to have, a particular ceiling fan. In my life, I’ve fallen in love with only a few things that I had to have, among them, my dear departed beagle, the black and white painting of a waterfall and the very house I live in… oh, yeah, and the big juicy bacon cheeseburger that once, but that was a short-lived attachment.  Last night, during a more careful examination of the fan’s specs, while we shooed out the smoke from the salmon I was nearly burning in the broiler, we discovered a nine foot ceiling for this luscious fan is recommended. Our new room will only be a standard eight. “Maybe we can duck around it”, “maybe we can put a table underneath it” and “maybe it can go in the corner over the breakfast nook”, were my desperate attempts at not giving in that we’d need a different type of fixture.

“If they’re still out there when I finish my dinner,” Ariel said, referring to the Lou Crew who was still at it up until just past 7 last evening from about 7:30 in the morning, “I will go talk to him to see what can be done.” As a result, the ceiling will be recessed enough to accommodate this fan I just have to have.

In this picture, the subfloor is down and the framing was started. The opening closest to the house on the right side of the picture is for the sliding door; a window will go in the spot next to it, as well as along the entire outside wall and in the front part of the left side. Against the house on the left, where the center upright is being held into position with the two angled 2 x 4’s is going to be the pantry.

Get our your atomizers, today is the American Idol try-outs in East Rutherford, New Jersey. For those of you who might have missed it the first time around, or for those of you new to this blog, you can read Commander’s Interview with a former American Idol hopeful by clicking here and scrolling down to the Robin Lennox Interview.

Remember that guy who made himself throw up on an off-duty Easton, Pennsylvania cop and his daughters at a Philadelphia Phillies game back in April? Matthew Clemmens and his friends were heckling police captain Michael Vangelo and his two daughters and after one of the hecklers was ejected at Vangelo’s request, Clemmens stuck a finger down his throat to make himself vomit. Well, he was sentenced to 30-90 days in jail, 2 years of probation and 50 hours community service. Lindsay Lohan, meanwhile, served 13 days in jail for violating probation. And now she’s off to three months of rehab.

HAPPY 84th BIRTHDAY, TONY BENNETT!  He’ll be performing at the Paramount  Theater in Asbury Park on August 21.

A Wednesday Smorgasbord

July 28, 2010

I’m sitting here, in  my less than one month old brand new office chair that no longer reclines thinking, (already) what, oh what, will I have for lunch today. Maybe some boiled ham and cheese.  Maybe some salami, some capicola ( I’ll never understand the gabigool pronunciation, or how manigawt means manicotti. I had some spirited debates with the people I used to work with, especially when it came time to order lunch) some proccuttini, lettuce, tomato, onion, heavy oil and vinegar. And if I’m feeling really rambunctious, a tiny smear of mayo. That sounds an awful lot like a #5 super sub from Tastee Sub Shop in Edison, the institution since 1963. I always marveled at how orders could be taken from as far as three people back in line (I might want to swear it could be more, but that might be my wild imagination, you know, when you’re talking something up to impress someone else). And it’s always fun to go during their busy hours when the line literally snakes around the close quarters of the small store, and even intersecting itself at times. But the result is worth it because you come away with one of the best sub sandwich experiences you’ll ever have. I used to go there quite often when I lived in Edison and even now, for a treat, I’ll take a drive every once in a while and pick up sandwiches for dinner.

Oh, but I can’t go there today. It’ll be too hectic a day. President Obama is going to be there, after having been invited by the mayor of Edison to head a roundtable discussion to promote the Small Business Jobs Act which he hopes the Senate will pass this week. Owners of three other small businesses in New Jersey will also attend.

There’s always Five Guys. My niece never heard of Five Guys so I told her I’d put a link on here so she can see what it’s all about. Like I told her, the juices from their burgers will drip down your arm if you let it and their fries have been classified as the most unhealthy in all the land, but their crispy greasy goodness, dusted with some Cajun goodness are intoxicating. I wonder if each


store charges its own prices because I go there sometimes for lunch, just up the road from Tastee Sub Shop and I don’t remember it costing as much as it did the other night when we stopped after the movie at a different store. Two bacon cheeseburgers (which is a double patty–a small is a single patty, toppings are free), a large fry and two medium sodas came to over $23 dollars. I gasped, but I paid it. I needed solace after that movie.

Funny how some areas around the country don’t have things others do. For instance my family in Illinois can’t get a Devil Dog. For Heaven’s sake, they don’t even know what a Ring Ding or a Yodel is out there. The natives, that is. Or Dunkin Donuts. What’s with that?  I saw a Dunkin Donuts in Chicago when I was there a few years ago, however. And it was a long time before my sister could get Ronzoni macaroni. Well, of all things, you would never think Wise potato chips would fall into oblivion, but somewhere between the east and west coast they are unattainable.

This shot is a slightly different angle otherwise that stack of cinder blocks would hide the left corner:

And I would remiss for a second time if I didn’t post a happy belated birthday wish to Bugs Bunny. It was his 70th birthday yesterday!

A Burning Question

July 15, 2010

Are we where we are because of where we’ve been, or are we where we are because of where we’re going?

I’ve always pondered that question, but in a more technological sense. But more and more I’m thinking of it in a more sociological sense. I’m not sure when it started, but somewhere along the lines, hot coffee was involved. Somewhere along the way, there was a bad word someone said on television that someone else heard and raised hell because ‘how dare that type of behavior take place?’. And all throughout, it seems like everyone has lost the sense of responsibility for his own actions.

Take, for instance the drunk driving case from 2007 that suddenly is making the news. Spanish-speaking German Marquez was accused of being under the influence when he rear-ended another car at an intersection. His lawyer is claiming Marquez, who speaks only Spanish, did not understand the police officer’s  instructions in English to take a breathalyzer test and subsequently was wrongly cited for non-compliance to that as well as the DWI charge. The non-compliance charge carries a seven month license suspension which is concurrent with the three-month for the drunk driving charge. The lawyer argues he should not have been punished for something he didn’t understand. Now the consent statement (for the breath test) has been recorded in 10 languages for the police to play for a suspect.

Okay, so, how did he get his license in the first place? He obviously had to have studied a manual, and I’m sure the manual he studied from was written in Spanish. Is the point about consenting to a breathalyzer in there? I have to admit, I don’t know because when I was learning how to drive there was no such technology to worry about. It was the ability to walk a straight line and touch your nose while balancing on one foot and a theoretical equation to determine your blood/alcohol level. Is Marquez alone in the world? Doesn’t he have any friends or family or co-workers in his life who might tell him? And the biggest point, since when is ignorance above the law? I was taught that ignorance of the law is no excuse. So how does Señor Marquez figure he’s special?

Ah,  f**k it. You can’t say that on TV. Or can you? Maybe. On Tuesday, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the FCC’s broadcast indecency policy because the standards the commission use to monitor offensive language are ‘unconstitutionally vague’ and that the policy did not give broadcasters fair warning what is allowed and what isn’t.

I’m the furthest thing from being a prude, and every now and then hearing a slip up on a live TV show gives me a sort of rebellious thrill, but honestly, I don’t want to hear the F word said on One Life to Live on a daily basis. It’s enough that the word ‘bitch’ has gotten past the censors and there are days when it’s said almost as much as the word ‘amazing’. And after the first few dozen times of hearing it, it truly gets monotonous. Switching on the way back machine for a second, I remember watching the original run of Dark Shadows as a kid back in the ‘60’s and hearing Barnabas say ‘Hell’ and I thought it almost heroic, if not something I should hope my mother wouldn’t hear for fear she’d make me stop watching the show.

But in these days when everyone is up in arms about everything, it begs the question, are we regressing or advancing? Has everything gotten that complex that it’s impossible to keep up and so we’ve given up?  Yes, it’s the land of the free and all that, but shouldn’t this land be shown a little more respect than trying to tear it further down, limb by judicial limb? Is it really fair to kowtow to those who have a sense of entitlement because certain situations don’t fit their idyllic picture? It could be just about anything these days, from certain religious factions not wanting to conform to regulation policeman’s uniforms because of their headdress, to not letting kids “win” in  games so nobody gets their feelings hurt, to looking the other way in cases such as Marquez’?   Does it make sense to allow more profanity on television when parents are already rallying against its usage? Of course they expect the government to take care of everything so parents don’t have to come off as the bad guy and now the rest of us have to have huge TV ratings signs flash across the screen, as if seeing an “S” or an “L” will signal the kids that they must instantly turn off the show with too much sexual content  or harsh language? Is it too much to ask to let me say Merry Christmas, even though the next person might celebrate Hanukkah and he could simply say, “I’m Jewish” (or whatever) instead of getting all militant and stripping away my holiday spirit?  Damn it!

Oh well, here’s who was wearing this week’s bathing suit.

And, look who’s happy!

They’re here!

For Your Sweet Tooth

July 13, 2010

I’ve done everything I can think of to try to rectify it, but I think the time has come to call in the big boys. It was on the first day of my vacation when I found another leak in my basement, this time underneath my kitchen. We were working on those cornices I showed you yesterday (just so we could get them done and ready to install) and from behind me I could hear a hissing sound. I’d heard it before on occasion and by the time I figured out where it was coming from it would stop and dismissed it as a mouse rustling in something nearby and always meant to set a trap and never did. Well, it wasn’t a mouse, it was a big leak in the discharge hose from my dishwasher. When the machine would drain, water would shoot up like a geyser and run down the wall (and probably behind it). Well it must have been doing that for some time because the cleanup was monstrous once we got into it and then we had to go find a replacement hose. So, that’s fixed. And the gutters are fixed. But I’m still leaking water from somewhere and I doubt it’s coming from outside. It’s been dry as a bone. I just hope it’s not a pipe behind the wall but what else can it be at this point?

Let’s get into a sweet story now. When we were down in Asbury for the Fourth of July weekend, and we went into Candyteria. I snubbed the M & M display and then I spotted that one small shelf, kind of like a rack of poetry books in a bookstore. It was a bunch of old time candies, like Necco wafers, wax bottles, Razzles…oh my God, remember those?! How about Bottle Caps? I didn’t see them, but do you remember them?  I used to love the root beer ones.  But there was also Pop Rocks at Candyteria and packs of Charms hard candies, kind of like Lifesavers, but the square ones. I should have bought some of those. Then there was a display of the modern answer to Bonomo Turkish Taffy, Doscher’s French Chew. It’s been a while since I’d found out about Doscher’s and I even bought a bar at the Cracker Barrel in Ohio on our way home from our latest trip to Illinois, but their selection was very minimal and almost hidden. But here, in Asbury Park was an entire display, so I bought several bars of each flavor; chocolate, vanilla, banana and strawberry.

Then, the guy behind the counter, who looked to be quite a number of years younger than I (that’s me and my proper English) asked if I’d ever heard of Bonomo Turkish Taffy. Apparently he must have thought I was younger than he (I get that a lot…in my dreams.) and we got into this discourse about how close this Doscher’s is to the original. He then mentioned, if I were to come back in about two weeks, he’d have a stock of Bonomo Turkish Taffy and I became one big goosebump. It’s back and became available on June 21 of this year.

Of course, going back down there just for that (unless it was the only way to get it) was not an immediate option so I looked around online and sure enough, it’s available, unless it’s out of stock from several places and I ordered my box of 24 (6 of each flavor) from Amazon. You can also order it from Candy. com and Hometownfavorites .com.

So, that’s it. That’s the big find. For any of you old timers like me who remember it, it’s back. For those of you who never knew the joy of freezing a bar of turkish taffy and smacking it into bits on the kitchen table for easier sharing. And eating, as biting into it is a sure way to pull all your teeth. We didn’t care when we were kids. But my teeth cost me a small fortune and I’d like to keep them around for a while. And they are mine, the last payment was finally made, a little late and for a little bit more money because according to the fine print, if the total wasn’t paid off in a certain time frame, retroactive interest would be tacked on for the entire amount and there was one month our usual payment was split in half.

From candy to cheesecake: What Hollywood icon is trussed up in this severe binding structure of a bikini, circa 1942?

The Last Lament

July 1, 2010

It’s that time of year again, when my internal clock starts revving into action, but somewhere along the way, I lost my power source and my clock is flashing 12:00, 12:00, 12:00. Of course you know what I’m taking about; not going to Provincetown this year. Somewhere around the beginning of June I start getting little flashes, little vignettes that last a only a millisecond each, at first, of being at any given spot on Commercial Street. As the month wears on, the visions become a little longer and begin to invoke the memory of sounds and smells and tastes.

And for me, summer officially begins when we arrive in town, in time for breakfast at The Post Office Café, usually a ham and cheddar omelette, even though the cheddar ends up being something white and stretchy, probably provolone and no matter where you go in town and order cheddar that’s what you get. There’s also a gin bloody Mary and coffee with that breakfast. I know it’s the season of summer, but I’m taking about the attitude of summer. And conversely, it ends when we get home. Otherwise the time between June and Labor Day are just hot sticky and insufferable days.

Apparently, our decision to not go to Provincetown this year has sent a ripple through the time space continuum. Our friend Bobby we travel with each year decided to cancel his trip. He didn’t want to go without us. But we’ll get together with him closer to home this year and keep the tradition of celebrating the 4th with each other going.

Also part of the traditional drive is watching DVD’s along the way while reciting the dialogue, proper inflection and all. The essential travel DVD’s are “The Women” (1939), “All About Eve” and the “Housewarming” episode of I Love Lucy.

Oh yeah, and get this, you know that Massachusetts school board that wanted to make condoms available for all students, including first graders? It was Provincetown, as it turns out. But they’ve since rescinded that decision and will now make them available only to fifth graders and above. Phew!

So, we have a few irons in the fire to help pass the holiday weekend and then whatever we come up with to do for the rest of our vacation will just be played by ear. And the irony of it all is that we’re still waiting for the permits so the work on the house can begin, which was part of the reason we decided not to go. But more importantly it was the money we’d save by staying home. And I’ll just have to wait one more year for that orgasmic French Onion Soup at Ross’ Grill and my customary 1-1/4 pound boiled lobster clam bake at The Lobster Pot. Everything will taste better.

Yikes, I almost forgot to show you who was sporting that frilly yellow bikini in yesterday’s Iconic Bathing Suit picture.

It was Sally Field, looking all cute Gidgety. Or maybe that’s what Sister Bertrille wore under her habit so she could take an off-screen dip in Carlos Ramirez’ pool. But we like her. We really like her! 

There is also a new logo and quote for July on the main page. You can click here to see those and while you’re there, you can see if McGinty and company have come in from the strawberry patch yet.