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Operation: Take Back The Patio–Day 1

June 23, 2010

My first day out on my hortulan* mission yesterday was rather successful and it was probably the least exhaustive leg of the entire project; cutting down and yanking out the overgrowth. What a variety of every conceivable greenery from tall woody things with tiny little orange flowers to things with thorns an inch long and believe it or not, a grape vine and everything imaginable in between. And let’s not even get into the spider population. Good grief, daddy long legs with bodies the size and color of…if I said pennies you’d think I was exaggerating, but not by much. While I worked, I tried to think back to what in my life might have triggered my halting fear of spiders but my desire to get the job done overtook my attention. I have an idea of what it might have been though but I’m not 100% certain.

 Years ago, in my old neighborhood when we were all kids together, one of my friends had a pool in his yard. Not a very big pool, one of those 2 foot pools and everyone was in it. Everyone but me, that is. They weren’t letting me in. See? Even then I needed Rent-A-Friend. So, while I was standing outside the pool, I remember suddenly looking down and seeing a HUGE daddy long leg crawling up my leg.   It had to have a leg span of 4 inches and it seemed like it covered my entire thigh. But at an age in the single digits, 4 inches probably did cover my entire thigh. I remember my reaction was pretty much as it remains today, a not quite blood curdling scream. My then best friend tried splashing water on it and blowing it but on it climbed. I don’t remember much after that but I’m also certain I never made it into the pool.

So, here is a shot of what got accomplished on day 1.


Hold onto your hats, folks, I have a newsflash for you.  A new study suggests that  chasing Ninjas and shooting aliens for extended periods of time (sometimes up to 10 hours a day)  is NOT very good excercise. Oh sure, they’re all good for eye/hand coordination but in the long run, scientists have found these cyber warriors to have the lung function and aerobic capacity of a 60 year old chain smoker. They warn that if gamers don’t start getting out to play real games, they’ll face a whole host of problems in the future.

On to brighter topics. Yesterday afternoon while I was watching the archived Radio Chick show on Shovio from Monday, The Chick announced a streaming app available for a variety of smart phones and mine was included. I found the app and now, I can listen, not watch, (which is a-okay in a pinch) the shows from each preceding day. There was also supposed to be a way to watch the show live, but for the Droid it’s on version 2.2 and naturally I’m one point shy. But maybe they’ll work on that. So that new app made me fall in love with my Droid all over again.

And speaking of The Chick, I got this following video from her. I can’t imagine what the woman in the video was thinking or if she even was and I can only imagine what will ever become of the kids later in life. I also have to wonder who was shooting this video…Daddy? It’s so disturbing that it’s actually pathetically funny. Mother of the year!


*Hortulan: of or pertaining to gardening.

It’s Hot In Here

June 21, 2010

Summer officially began at 7:28 this morning. For the last few weeks, while the weather has been getting warmer, I’ve been perplexed why it’s been so, almost unbearably warm here in my office. True, the thermostat for the central air has been set at the same on/off times since I used to work out of the house in my stained glass shop in Newark and would go off soon after I would have left the house (around 6 or 6:30, depending on my mood) and come back on in a timely fashion so it would be comfy in here when I returned, but it’s just been ultra warm. Well it finally dawned on me that since we reconfigured the office, my back is to the east window (sounds fancy, doesn’t it?) and like you probably know by now it sometimes takes a while for things to sink in–the summer sun is pouring in through that window. How do you spell duh? B-r-i-a-n. As far as that thermostat thing, maybe it’s time I rethink how the on/off is set since it’s been about 5 years since we closed that stained glass business. B-r-i-a-n.

By the time any of you are reading this, I’m either on my way to or already sitting in the dentist chair getting my two back teeth bonded. Ho hum. I have one lone tooth that for years has been collapsing into the space between it and the rest of my teeth–it’s actually laying nearly horizontally–and it’s getting too close for comfort for my dentist and he wants to take care of it before it gets any worse. And then next week I have a follow up with my regular doctor to talk over my high cholesterol numbers and the week after that I have a new dermatologist in NY I’m going to see. What did you do over your summer vacation?

We celebrated Ariel and our friend Sue’s birthdays this past tessarian* weekend at The Sands in Pennsylvania and on a 40 cent bet on a penny machine, Ariel won $348. Of course it was after he’d gone through a couple of C-notes but the point is… And with my big windfall of $20, we actually walked away with ten dollars more than we started out with.

While we’re still waiting for the permits to come through for the work on the house to begin, I heard this morning on the news that if by July 1 the state budget has not been approved, the state government will shut down. I just wonder how that trickles down to effect us and our house project. My contractor was here last week talking about working on repairing the front stoop, since it’s part of the project anyway, just so he can add to his list of minor jobs he’s taking while he waits and he’s refusing any other larger jobs. But good news, he believes the enclosure will be available in two weeks and he will get that installed for us. That means I have two weeks more to try to locate a picture of the original bathroom. Or else I’ll have to put drawing skills to work. How does one draw a stick figure bathroom?

Tessarian: of or pertaining to dice or gambling.