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Out From Under My Rock

March 29, 2012

Wow, it’s Thursday already. What have I been doing that I haven’t been blogging? Well, I haven’t just been sitting because I found out recently that people who sit for long periods have a tendency to die 3 years earlier than they otherwise would have. How in the hell do they figure things like that?  I would hate like the dickens to die one day and then find out I could have gone on another three years. Well, the time frame the piece on the news quoted was a stretch of 11 hours and that if you’re going to sit that long, you should get up and walk around every so often.   And I’m not a smoker, so that’s an automatic addition of five years I can live, so right there that’s 8.

And while I was walking around every so often, I was gorging myself with chocolate because I also heard that chocolate can make you thin. The thinner I get, the less stress on my heart which might delay my demise.  I was also busy washing all the chocolate down with coffee because apparently coffee can save your life now. Or help alleviate pain, or stain the grout in your floor. One of those. I got confused with what coffee is good for this week and bad for the next. Because everything changes so rapidly. I’m not sure anymore about runny eggs so I wasn’t taking any chances with those.

At least I know pink slime won’t be being served much longer in schools. I know I’m late with this one, but it kind of made my blood boil when I heard that our government, the same government that says it’s okay to serve meat-byproducts “cleaned” with ammonia to our school kids is the same government that all but says it’s illegal to smoke.

Another thing I seem to be late on is the amendment to my “Speaking Of…” series last week and I apologize.  So…speaking of Adolf Hitler, there was an advertizement in Turkey that has since being pulled with a voice dubbed over Hitler yelling that men should not use women’s shampoo if they do not wear women’s clothes. The use of Hitler was deemed unacceptable in the product promotion.

What’s with the new trend of judges on competition shows, when they are faced with choosing between 2 contestants saying, “I have a feeling this could go either way.” Now there’s a concept!

Okay, well, actually yesterday was the one year anniversary of one unforgettable event in my life and to celebrate, coincidentally, I received my copy of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”. It’s only taken me 35 years to own a copy of the album. Also coincidentally (since I am writing this last night) Stevie Nicks was mentoring on American Idol. Yes, it was one year ago we saw Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart at Madison Square Garden. While that might not seem so remarkable, it’s really the after story that’s the real story. Those of you who have been with me at least since then know what I’m talking about. Those of you new to my blog, why not wander back and see what I’m talking about. You can start here on this link.  Get to part 2 by clicking on the “Creatures Of The Night” tab underneath the orange header and after that please continue on to “Then There Was That Man”.

It’s a story unlike any you’ve ever read. Please enjoy. And, to all my new readers, like they say in business; if you like us, tell others, if you don’t…hmm.