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The Green Light

July 20, 2010

Yesterday started off like any other day. I got up, had my coffee, customarily mopped up the trail of water in my basement, decided to work out later in the day after I was sufficiently awake, sat down at my computer and dug into the pile of work that suddenly appeared. Then I answered the phone and was told, “There is a building permit ready for pick-up”. I was nearing the end of one of the projects I was working on so I closed up shop and headed over to town hall with my check, then got myself a sandwich at the deli and called my contractor.

He swung by last night while I was listening to an episode of “My Favorite Husband” on my Droid, through an app (free) called Old Time Radio. They have several genres; mystery, drama, comedy, etc. from the golden days of radio (even the Mercury Theater presentation of War of the Worlds). I chose “Liz Changes Her Mind” which, on television transformed into “Lucy Changes Her Mind”. But many, if not all, of Liz and George Cooper’s antics were rewritten for Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.

Right, so, Lou swung by with the contract to sign and to get his initial deposit and as he looked over the inspection papers; plumbing, electric, etc. he discovered that by ordinance, because of the addition we’re putting on, we now have to have hard-wired smoke detectors in specific spots throughout the main house and the total we came up with is seven and we’re talking around another grand for that alone.

Today started off a little different than any other day and general consensus has it that it might have been from the landing I made jumping off the ledge in the back of the house while we were attending to the other gutter over the weekend. Well, the pain, far up in the groinal area, began last night when I went to get up for a banana flavored bar of Bonomo Turkish Taffy (which tastes like those circus peanut marshmallowy things, which I also enjoy) and I could barely stand on my right leg and had to basically crawl up the stairs to bed. This morning, it feels as though my sciatica is beginning to stir on the other side and so far, during this short time of writing this blog, I’m squirming around to find a comfortable sitting position. But once I’m up and moving about, I’m fine and I got outside to take picture number 1 of the area that’s being worked on so I can keep a better photographic journal of the addition’s progress unlike the upstairs bathroom and I’m still trying to locate some before pics.

An “appy” Day

May 7, 2010

I guess you could say work has officially begun on the addition. Yesterday, after some touch up spackling was applied in a few spots in the bathroom and set to dry, which will be smoothed out and finished off today, the Lou Crew began cutting down the gargantuan lilac bush and the dead cherry tree that saw it’s last bit of life last season on one branch that greened. Again, did I take a starting picture of it to start of that slideshow after the project is complete? No. No, I didn’t.

And I still have to locate that video of the house. Apparently my mind’s eye is blind because that videotape is not where I envisioned it, nor anywhere close by. I guess I’ll have to start looking in unconventional places, like in boxes with other videotapes.

Did you hear the one about the mosque the American Society for Muslim Advancement got the go ahead to build 2 blocks away from ground zero? The decision was met with a high emotional debate among area residents. Hmm. Imagine that!

I officially fell in love with my Motorola Droid last night. I’ve had it for about three weeks and contrary to the ads you see and hear of what Droid does, I found there are a few things that the less powerful phone I just replaced did that Droid doesn’t, namely play animated .gif files like Mona Lisa’s interpretation of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. I understand, though, that might be corrected shortly. But I found an app called Where, which I wish I had found on the trip to Illinois last week. It ties in to the phone’s GPS and can give you the current weather (and extended forecast), traffic conditions, like construction delays, it can find local restaurants, etc for every cuisine, movies (theaters and movie times, descriptions and trailers), local attractions and events (where applicable). I was pretty much stupefied; it found the two Dunkin’ Donuts near me and the one grocery store I won’t go into, as well as Mr. Tod’s Bakery, where we first learned of lemon chess pie, which he never has anymore anytime you go in to get one and even the Cuban restaurant, Martino’s not far from here and tons of other things. And it was FREE! Unfortunately I don’t have any immediate travel plans to be able to put it to the test outside my area.

On the heels of Mother’s Day this weekend, today is National Roast Leg of Lamb Day. Hmm, I haven’t taken anything out of the freezer yet to have for dinner…

Gotta run. Got tons of work to get through before my weekend starts.