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Another Week Pinned Shut!

August 20, 2010

Another week over! Pinch me. It is Friday, isn’t it? Oh man, and we’re still on Zsa Zsa watch. I know there’s at least three of us just itching to get those points!

Isn’t it funny how dreams can sometimes seem real, even to the point of waking you up? I was jolted awake this morning out of a dream in which I was being attacked once again by birds. I can’t recall the instance, but for some reason, I had taken down a nest of  eggs that had been made on a piece of cardboard and was nestled in the crossbeams of one of those camping canopy tenty things that was erected in my backyard, only it wasn’t my backyard.  I needed the eggs to make a potion or a cure or something like that and I grabbed at the nest and knocked it to the ground. In my dream, I know I didn’t know what type of eggs they were that fell to the ground, but I  also knew I kind of had an idea they were pigeon eggs. As I stood pondering the species, a swarm (no, that’s not right–well, it wasn’t exactly a flock, it was only 3 or 4) of pigeons came at me and one started pecking away at my butt. I woke up trying to flail my way away from them but my arms were trapped under my covers.  I’d had this brilliant idea recently that perhaps the reason I can’t get up and get out to walk is because it’s too cold with the air conditioner blowing and who wants to get out of bed when it’s cold? But the extra blankets only make me wake up in a sweat, but I leave them on, hoping against hope that my plan will actually work. I’m sure the eggs reference has something to do with the great egg recall of 2010 and quite possibly I’m still reeling from Walter Pidgeon Day on Turner Classic Movies’ August Under the Stars yesterday.  

Well, surprise of surprises, the Lou-natics showed up out of the blue yesterday afternoon and put in quite a few hours. I hadn’t talked to Lou since the inspector was here this past Monday and I reviewed with him what the guy had told me. The way I describing it, Lou said it was commercial grade specs the guy is after rather than residential. And the one inspection he insisted we needed before going any further was already done. I didn’t realize it until Lou told me and I checked my “approved” tags and sure enough, that particular inspection passed on August 9…and by the very same person. Hmm, is right!

I had the picture of the finished roof, where they left off before their extended time off, to show you and I took an “artsy” picture of the addition. If you call looking through the overgrown evergreen bush and hardly being able to see the new structure artsy. And then I have what they did yesterday and we’re all up to date.


Speaking of booby traps: Two 14 year-old Parisian girls were arrested and a 12 year-old accomplice was placed in a home for stealing money from cash machine customers. They first tried to distract their first victim by sticking a newspaper under his nose, but ended up having to resort to opening their blouses and revealing their breasts and grabbing his nether regions while the accomplice grabbed the money. They used the same tactics on a woman a few days later.

Two videos:

This first one I’ve been seeing on television during the day while I’m working.

It makes me titter (pun very much so intended). It’s an interesting product, and I’m sure a useful one but the approach they use seems to be too heavily concentrated on covering up rather than accentuating which leads me to ask, why wouldn’t you (generally speaking) just wear a better fitting top if you don’t want the entire world to see what’chu got? And I’ve never seen a hole that size made by a safety pin.

And this second video happened to pop up while I was looking for the above one and it, too, made me laugh.

Have a great weekend. It’s sure to be a dry one, we’re not camping. Although we do have a family function to attend, so we’ll see.

The Best Laid Plans

May 20, 2010

Well, here we go again. I don’t have much to say. Still plowing through stacks of work and not feeling very creative, blog-wise. And today the ‘man of the termites’ is coming to inspect. Man of the termites (actually, the man of the ants) is how a friend of mine said his Italian grandmother referred to the exterminator. That reminds me, I should get in touch with him. It’s been a while.

So, last night’s American Idol was really a no-brainer, wasn’t it? And the newts had a fun time, as usual, commentating on the shenanigans.

I found it a curious choice, when the news came on right after, that the TOP story, over any developments in the oil spill down in the Gulf, was that Miley Cyrus’s jewelry line was yanked from Walmart shelves. Well, it is filled with high levels of toxic cadmium, which is known to lead to bone softening and kidney failure. It is a carcinogen and can also hinder brain development in the very young after prolonged exposure and/or if put in the mouth, as young children so often do. But here’s the curious twist and why it was so important: tests had been done as early as this past February and Walmart knew of the findings. Then in April, they wanted proof that the the items geared toward children had little or no cadmium and claimed that testing would be too difficult and that there was no definition of a specific age group as the jewelry was labled as ‘juniors’.

So, here’s something interesting. John Shepherd-Barron died in his native Scotland. He was 84. He is credited with inventing the ATM. He came up with the idea after he got locked out of his bank. Special checks were used, since the plastic bank card had not yet been invented, and the checks were matched with a personal identification number. The first ATM was installed in a London bank in 1967.

And that’s all I got today. I hope today goes smoother than yesterday. I had figured the one project I had to work on would take me no more than about 3 hours. 6-1/2 hours later I got that finished up. And that was just the beginning of my day.