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As Seen On TV

June 28, 2011

You know those Aqua Globes they advertise on television to water your houseplants? Well, we were in Home Depot a week or so ago and there they were, right at the entrance to the garden center. Wanna try them? Sure. So we brought a set home, filled one of them with water, dug a hole with the handle of a wooden spoon–the first instruction is to make a hole in the dirt so there is no excess pushing on the glass and inserted it into the philodendron. That’s a lie actually. The first instruction is to wear heavy gloves in case of breakage. Whoosh, the water emptied within a day. Refilled it, and whoosh, the water was gone again. So, I gave the plant a good watering and then stuck the Aqua Globe in again and so far, the water is emptying nice and slowly. Now all our potted plants have one. And I know for sure it’s working because the Shamrock plants, the Oxalis regnelli, that usually start to droop after about 3 days after watering have stayed perky since it got its Aqua Globe. So, so far, check on that item.

Next, we considered this:

We considered it so much we got 3 sets. Well, we ordered them, they haven’t come in yet. The only qualm I had (and I think this is the first time I’ve ever used the word “qualm” in my blog) is the one flat end. But I suppose, in the end, when you consider how sometimes we can’t always follow Mama Shirley’s advice when it comes to hard boiling eggs and we most often have to work with fresh eggs (older eggs peel easier) the time and aggravation saved will be worth a flat bottom.

Okay, on to my requisite soap news: Erin Torpey, who originated the role of Jessica Buchanan, is returning to One Life to Live, but as another character. Bree Williamson took over the role and I think it’s decidedly obvious, it’s her role now. Kind of like seeing someone else other than Erika Slezak in the role of Viki, it just wouldn’t work. Nothing else is being said about Torpey’s return, or her character but I’m seeing a lot of hating on Bree Williamson, which I don’t understand. So, that prompted me to look for something else and I came across some ratings figures for the month of June so far. For the first three weeks of this month, One Life to Live has maintained the lead amid the three ABC soaps with an average of 2.5 million viewers. All My Children maintained second place with an average of 2.3 and General Hospital, the one that Brian Frons claims to be the strongest of the three with 2.2, increasing in the 3rd week to 2.3.


Now, All My Children is slated to go off the air in September and One Life to Live in January. Some reports are saying that depending on how well or not its replacement show, The Chew, does, that ABC may change its mind and keep One Life to Live if The Chew tanks. Of course that’s just speculation at the moment and another ray of hope.

So, and I don’t want to beg, but come on, readers of my blog, tune in from time to time (if you already are…thanks), pass the word around. Let’s get the viewership numbers up. Please?


Happy Trail Mix Day

August 31, 2009

It’s true! August 31, National Trail Mix Day. I had a few things I thought I could blog about today, but the weekend seems a good place to start.

We had gotten tickets to a show for yesterday from our friend Purdy who was unable to use them because he was going up to visit his family and he offered them to us. The show is called “The Retributionists” and is playing at the Playwrights Horizons Theater on 42nd Street. Right next door is Chez Josephine named after singer/actress/dancer Josephine Baker and run by her sons Jean-Claude and Jarry. The place has been recommended to us by other friends of ours and since it was just a few steps away from the theater, we decided on brunching there. The atmosphere was cozy, the wait staff courteous as could be and my Manhattan was poured with perfection. My escargot appetizer was delicious and oddly, in a French bistro, the French Onion Soup failed to thrill me. But the rest of my meal, and Ariel’s, from what I understand, was worthy of praise.

The Retributionists“, the story of Jewish freedom fighters trying to right the wrongs perpetrated against their people during WWII. The basic plot was intriguing. The execution got a little muddled and the acting at times was stiff and monotonous but through it all the first act succeeded in setting up the premise of the story. The second act began with a flashback and when once again in “present” time, 1946, sub-plots starting popping up out of nowhere and the play seemed to turn towards a different theme. It wasn’t a super bad production, but I felt it could use a little tweaking and a little more energetic and convincing acting.

After that brunch at Chez Josephine, we were still a little bloated to enjoy dinner so we walked around a while and when the heat was getting the better of us, we stopped into a neighborhood bar for a few drinks with some of the locals, before heading to our favorite haunt, Playwrights II Irish Pub. And the oddest thing, while we ate, I was looking outside and noticed the busses that stopped in front, were lowering and rising as people got on and off and that fascinated me. Ariel thought it was the most hysterical thing that I’d never seen that before. He said they are called kneeling busses. Ha, you learn something new every day.

We got home close to 9:30 and sat for way too long in front of the TV, watching the Daytime Emmy Awards, which was a circus-like production. It started out smoothly, but ended up a rushed affair, in that while one winner was accepting an award, the announcer was stepping on his or her (or their) acceptance speech with the next category. I was rooting for Bree Williamson, who plays Jessica Brennan on One Life To Live to at least win her category, Best Supporting Actress, which I felt was demeaning since she brilliantly carried a storyline for over a year. Susan Haskell, though I love her as Marty Saybrook, was nominated, and won, for Best Lead Actress, but her storyline was anything but lead material. And Betty White introduced a tribute to Guiding Light which she said she watched faithfully from the age of 6 in 1779.

And now it’s Monday morning and it looks like through all my planning of this blog, I’m going to be late with it and with my start time for work, so on that note, let me get to the publishing end of all of this. It’s also McGinty Monday. Oh, by the way, that issue that was to be resolved by last Friday still isn’t. But I worked around it. It’s what I do.