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The News Across The Nation

December 15, 2011

I guess the biggest news is the National Transportation Safety Board recommended nation-wide cell phone ban thanks to the deadly Missouri highway pileup back in August 2010. Investigations into the cause of the fatal accident showed the driver of the pickup truck was texting on his cell phone (in a span of 11 minutes received 6 texts and sent 5) when he crashed into the back of a bobtailing tractor trailer and was then slammed into by 2 school busses.

Yes, I think driver distraction is a serious issue so I don’t understand why the ban would not include manufacturer installed devices. While they’re at it, they need to ban smoking while driving so when you drop your cigarette you don’t have to go looking for it. Or shaving. Eating. Talking to your passenger(s). Listening to the radio. Blinking. Breathing. 

As a quick aside, the FAA are now allowing airplane pilots to use iPads in the cockpit during takeoff and landing (while passengers must shut off their devices…right, Alec Baldwin?). They can use the iPads instead of paper flight manuals (or perhaps to feast their eyes on the latest issue of PlayStewardess…or maybe PlayFlightAttendant–to include everyone…you know <wink wink>).

In Rock Hill, South Carolina, high school administrators will hand out belts rather than written referrals to students who insist on wearing those silly saggy pants. I just don’t understand how those pants stay up in the first place. I mean, I have a pair of sweat pants which I’m wearing right now as a matter of fact that lost the draw string and if I walk around too much they start to slide and it infuriates me. I can’t see the comfort in wearing a stiffer material like denim like that. I know, rather than belts, why don’t the school officials just pants the jokers. Apparently they want to show off their undies so, let’s see them! Check you pants at the door!

To help save you money this Christmas, you can now rent toys for your ungrateful kids who badger you into getting the latest “in” thing only to leave it under the bed or on the bottom of the closet, alone and forgotten. Sites like Toygaroo and Toyconomy (both .com’s) allow you rent toys at a monthly cost, like, say, for $30 a month you can rent 4 toys or whatever the individual policy is for various levels of membership. I wonder if they have a rent-a-meal for finicky kids? Or, how’s this?  Why not organize a neighborhood kid-swap? Send your kids off to the neighbor’s house and let them play with all the toys their friends have, which they always like better than their own anyway and whose parents are way cooler than your own and serve better food and maybe don’t have the pesky curfew to abide by. And there doesn’t have to be a time limit other than when the kid starts to act up, it’s time to switch.