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Press 1 To Cancel

August 28, 2009

It must be Friday, there’s cinnamon in my coffee. And with it I’m having an olive oil and garlic coated linguini and cheddar omelette.

So, I’m catching up with Guiding Light last night–I’m watching the last few weeks of its run as a show of respect to it and I was once a rabid fan–and I had to watch two days’ worth because I was in NY on Wednesday night. At the very beginning of the recording was the tail end, literally the last 30 seconds of President Obama’s speech about Teddy Kennedy and after that the camera switched to a split screen of  two news commentators, whose names I don’t remember. The woman said (more or less) “I could hear the emotion in his voice.” The man said (more or less) “It was from the heart, just like we were told it would be.” What the hell  kind of ridiculous and plastic non-analytical comment is that?

Quickly, speaking of soap operas, I read yesterday that Erika Slezak’s contract was renewed on One Life To Live. There were rumors all over the place the show was going to do away with “Viki” and that would have been the end of that for me.  And I will add, that I’m sure my letter I sent in protest added to the decision.

Last Friday, as you may remember, I had those computer issues in that while I was just finishing up trying to post my blog, first Internet Explorer went down, then my Internet connection fell from the cable company. I called and was told they were getting calls about it from people in my area, but so far no notification came through about an “official” outtage.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday. My phone ran several times during the afternoon and all from the same 800 number before I finally relented and answered. I was super busy with work and I figured it was someone trying to sell me something, like a block of tickets to the symphony or for Broadway shows. But that would have been odd because that kind of call doesn’t usually come until after we’ve shoved the first forkful of dinner into our mouths. It was an automated message from my cable company that my service call for Thursday was for between this time and this time. Huh? “If your service is working properly and no longer need this service press one to cancel.” I pressed. “To confirm your cancellation, press 1.” I pressed. “Thank you.” The phone rang again, this time, appropriately while we were eating dinner and it was the exact same canned message which I handled in the exact same way. And believe it or not, soon before I had to get ready to catch my train into the city on Wednesday, the same call…and I had a funny feeling it wasn’t over.

11:08 yesterday morning (Thursday) my phone rang. It was a local number I didn’t recognize. I answered. “Hi, this is (let’s say his name was Bertram…I know, right? Silly! It was probably more like Jose or Paul or something like that.) “Hi, this is Bertram confirming your Comcast service call.” “My what?” I asked, already bored with the entire matter. I explained to Bertram/Jose/Paul that yes, I had called to find out if there was an outtage…a WEEK ago but that I never scheduled a service call. “So, do you want me to cancel it?”

No walk again today. It’s raining like mad and three days isn’t dedication enough to not care about a slight incumbrance such as rain. When I was walking steadily a while ago, I relished rainy days because it was an adventure. I just worried when there was lightning that it would find me and my iPod.

Well, it’s time for me to reconfirm that it’s Friday. I need another cup of coffee. Have a great weekend