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749 (more or less) Words Of Babble

July 9, 2010

Another beautiful morning. I’m looking out across my crispy golden brown lawn (a bowl of shredded wheat has more color) and wondering what today will bring. With three days left of my summer vacation, and “All About Eve” yet to be watched, (we watched “The Women”) I’m thinking it should be something with a ‘wow’ factor, you know, just to cap it all off.

Well, let’s see: It’s Ariel’s turn at the doctor for his physical, during which time I’m expecting the Lou Crew to come and finish the re-tiling and installing the enclosure door. Actually, he’ll be grouting today. He was here yesterday afternoon for less than an hour to slap on the replacement tiles where he had to level off the wall for the glass door. He also reset the other two glass panels in new channels that were mitred. I misunderstood, I thought it was the glass itself that needed to be mitred but it was the channels it sits in so the corner where they butt would be tighter. So, today he’ll grout and install the door and by tomorrow we’ll be able to use the shower again. And then I really have to kick into high gear and find a picture of the original bathroom so I can post the before and after (and during) shots. Once the Lou Crew is gone, we’ll be going up close to Ariel’s job to install two upholstered cornices we’ve been working on to replace ones we had made a while ago to go with a new decorating scheme. But we have someplace out we’ll decide on for dinner to look forward to. Confidentially, it’s obvious I don’t need to be on The Cape do eat like I’m on vacation, except here at home, I have back up fat clothes I might not otherwise have packed.

As I crunched my way across the lawn with an armful of mail yesterday, I optimistically anticipated opening the letter from the township. I should have known better, really. This time there is the matter of a one foot span of something they don’t like so Lou needs to revise his drawing and he will be taking that over there today.

Here’s an update on that query I told you I’d be sending out once June was over. That agent lady has posted on her webpage she is closed to submissions for the time being. But that hasn’t stopped me from reworking my cover letter, this time with a ‘punch’ factor she apparently prefers, and she will also accept up to ten pages of manuscript so hopefully that will give her a better perspective of what my story is about than it gave that last one who refused to budge and let me send her more. I’ll just keep it in my draft folder and check her website daily so I can shoot that off to her the second I see she is once again accepting submissions.

My friend Jayne asked about a particular item in yesterday’s blog and Ariel posted a picture of it on his Facebook page, but I’ve got it here for you today. It’s that designer condom cocktail (appropriately enough) dress we saw at that Museum in New York earlier this week. It’s made of 1,200 dyed condoms. I was in a hurry to see the next condom exhibit, the multi-colored foil disk packages (like Hanukkah geld) woven together to make a baby blanket so I was only able to verify about 7 condoms in the dress but it surely looked like the desginer worked like a Trojan to put that dress together.

I also mentioned that I had some news from the candy world to share. During our post-fireworks stroll up and down the Asbury Park boardwalk we passed the Candyteria candy store. I was still sipping on my iced coffee and Ariel suggested I go in, that I might find some candies from the past. It’s a fairly small store, but I found some flavored malt balls like peanut butter, mint, pumpkin spice. They also had, which I poo-pooed, an M & M wall with bins of individual colors but nary a tan one. If you know me, you know that’s why I stopped eating M & M’s, because they took out the tan ones. Oh, they had an ecru colored one Ariel tried to convince me was tan, but even with tired blurred vision from dried out contact lenses, I could still see they weren’t THE tan ones. And, like a blue M & M, who could eat an ecru one, whether they can print my face on them or not. Then on one small shelf, off to the side…no! I’ll wait and tell you about that next week.

More or less, it’s actually been 797 words.