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May 13, 2014

I’m taking a break this week from all the gory details for something a little on the lighter side because my recovery wasn’t all just one big horror story. There were good moments, too.
One of the first good moments I remember was the day of my second Chemo session at the doctor’s office (my first there) when Nurse Bea had asked me for a special favor, if I would please speak with a prospective patient about having a port installed and of course I obliged. She brought me to the examination room where the woman and her husband were with another of my nurses and I told her my experience about having it done and that the doctors suggested it because otherwise the chemotherapy would wreak havoc on my veins if they punctured me every time. Of course I didn’t go into detail about the screaming meemies I had; that was my own personal battle. But I showed her my scar, at that time still underneath Dermabond, which itself was beginning to look a little ratty and showed her the actual port wasn’t visible and nothing was hanging out, like I had first imagined. I had her smiling by the time I left the room and her husband was grateful for my help.
We also started taking treats, in the guise of home baked goodies for the nurses, doctors and any of the other patients who felt like having something. Thankfully I was at my peak during the third week between cycles so I was more up for working in the kitchen then. That’s not to say that rolling out dough for pie crust wasn’t more exhausting than ever before, but I managed. And to top it off, the first one I rolled out was a little on the dry side and kept splitting on me. I patched it up and used it for the bottom crust and the top one was more like it should be.
That was the first thing we brought (on session #3)–an apple pie AND in my 10″ glass pie plate. That thing NEVER leaves my house if I’m not certain it will come home with me on the same trip. But the pie didn’t last very long and someone even washed the plate for me. Other things we brought over the next sessions included Lemon Brownies, with a candied pecan as garnish on each one and mini no-bake pumpkin cheesecakes for the day before Thanksgiving. I know that’s only 3 glorious confections and there were 4 appointments so the jury is out on whether we only brought three, and we’ve wracked our brains to no avail. Maybe it was only 3. Anyway, on the occasion, usually around a holiday such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, and Easter most recently, I still take a little homemade something for them and their patients.
I might be confusing it with the afghan Ariel brought on one occasion to add to the array of blankets the patients use. In the middle of working on it, he decided that’s what he’d do with it. This is it, apart and completed.

ariels blanket  circle square blanket complete

Speaking of crocheting, I learned how to do it for real during my convalescence. I had previously been working on a spool knitting project seemingly forever with a still endless supply of Red Heart yarn in Painted Desert which is a perfect match for the paint job in the den. Around and around I looped the yarn around the pegs on my homemade spool and I am now the proud owner of a ball about 10 inches in diameter. But that can be monotonous and really, all you get out if it is a long, long strand of woven yarn.

yarn ball

Now that I’ve tackled a few other projects like the drop stitch blanket which took weeks to prototype because it was just a picture on the internet we tried to replicate;

original drop stitch pattern  blanket whole blanket closeup

(original)  (mine completed)  (mine- close up shot)

place mats for the kitchen table

and scarves seemingly by the truck load to give as Christmas gifts, (these are just a few of the several different designs we worked on)


I’ve decided on a great way to use up that ball and the countless skeins of that Painted Dessert yarn, which is a checker board arrangement of Entralac (or Cro-knit) squares. The front as you see in the top square is the Painted Dessert and that one is backed with a light tan, similar to the other squares (the backs… or fronts depending on your taste) are coordinating colors. I still have a dark tan to make and that will complete one row. I’ll have 5 colors across and 6 rows down.

entralac squares
While I’m  working on that I’m alternating working on this green couch cover, which is trying to make mincemeat out of me. Working with black yarn is a killer and it’s frustrating, but hey, Cancer didn’t get me, I’m not gonna let some cockamamie afghan get the better of me.
And I just finished the pink one two weeks ago. The arrangement of colors reminded me of a comforter my grandmother used to have and I tried to match them as closely as possible to the pattern, though some of the colors are no longer available. The green is the pattern picture and right now, like the Entralac, is in pieces.

Afghan-couchcover-b  green blanket in pieces strawberry fields-mine
I’ll post the green and the Entralac afghans as they are completed which will be way long after this Cancer series has ended and this blog will have reverted back to what it usually is, about everything and nothing.


green ribbon