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So Long, Sunday Driver

May 6, 2011

Hang tight everyone, Lady Antebellum is going to purge your ears clean of the Top 5’s Brady Bunch moment; The Turtles’ Happy Together. If it was based on this song, the season would be over. Can we get a do-over? I see you, Commander, giving me that little smirk! Everybody decided to sing off-key and in as many registers as they could manage. What’s up with that? Well, maybe not Scottypants.

As promised, Lady Antebellum sang Just A Kiss and my ears have calmed down considerably.

Time for the results: James, with his frosted hair, gets sent to start a group on one end of the stage. Are they doing that one, leaving the 5th wheel to decide which group to go to? Lauren creates a new group.

Pad, pad, pad. J-Lo sang On The Floor, again, this time, allegedly live.

Oh, back to the results, 45 minutes into the hour-long show and Jacob is up and is joining Lauren’s group. Haley next (honestly, there’s got to be “something” going on with her) and she’s with James. And that leaves Scotty, who is safe and then was walked, by Ryan to the “safe” group because he refused to decide. Scotty, James and Haley are safe (sorry Commander, honestly). That leaves Lauren and Jacob in jeopardy. Dim the lights…(please let it be Jacob) After 60 million votes, it is ,YES!!!!–Jacob. Okay, I got one. But that was really easy after performance night and the last few weeks. Not sure whether Comm–nope, I see Commander still shaking his head. It’ll be me here next week.


Regrets, I’ve had a few. Too much to get into here and now, just trust me, but it relates to what’s coming. There’s a new bill “floating” (I guess that makes it sound lively and fun, like Glinda in her bubble) courtesy of the Obama administration, that would require the study and implementation of a plan to tax automobile drivers….according to how many miles they drive. If it gets passed, a new committee will be formed under the Federal Highway Administration, The Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives Office. So, pretty much, in this bleak economic climate, new jobs are being created, but we are the ones paying the salaries. Anyone surprised? Show of hands. This VMT (vehicle miles traveled) tax would be calculated with an  electronic device installed in your car to determine how many miles were driven in a certain time period and payment could take place electronically at gas stations. Yeah, that’ll be a really good idea, I think. Further screw the lower class who is barely getting by, maybe driving a car held together with a prayer, just trying to get to work to make an honest living, day in, day out. Show of hands?

Though it is yet undetermined where the field trials will begin, there are four criteria to consider; the capability of states to enforce payment, the reliability of technology, administrative costs and user acceptance. Like that will matter. $300M is being funded to the new office through fiscal 2017 for the project.


Speaking of money, it’s being reported that ABC is offering Katie Couric $20M to come to the alphabet network as a fill-in anchor on the news, for a spot on 20/20 and her own talk show in the time slot between 3 and 5 pm, which coincidentally is where General Hospital falls. So, come on people! How many news and talk shows do we need. There are hundreds of channels available nowadays, many of them dedicated to news and to food and to talk.

We have to keep the soap genre ALIVE. How can a company like Disney be so cavalier with so many peoples’ livelihoods. Not just the soap actors, but writers, technical people, people associated with publications, both in print and online, dedicated to the Soap Opera, not to mention us, the viewing audience that has come back day after day, year after year to watch stories unfold, the audience who are the consumers of the products that get advertised on these shows. I’m doing all I can, writing letters, emails, making phone calls. I cannot let One Life to Live down, a show that has been part of my life for nearly 42 of its 43 years. Otherwise I could not honestly say I am a fan.

Please, join the fight. WATCH! Roger Howarth is returning. WATCH! It’s going to be a smackdown between team Viki/Dorian and Echo de Savoy. WATCH! Tess has more tricks up her sleeve! WATCH! It’s One Life to Live. Watch, call, write….FIGHT!

And finally, have a great mother’s day. I think I will, too. I’ve been called a mother on various occasions–does that count? Give your mother a great gift, keep her soaps on the air!