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Monkey See…

March 3, 2010

Look at that, it’s Wednesday and my check for my deposit on this year’s camping season is in the mail. Phones opened this past Monday, March 1 and call it Divine intervention, I didn’t spend all day redialing to get through. I’ll repeat, ad nauseam, that since it’s one person taking reservations, it really amounts to a lottery of sorts depending on when you can get through, and then you hope that, if you have a certain site (and dates) in mind, they are still available. Ours were, so now, (oh, let’s face it) were destined for at least 5 rainy weekends this summer. But, the Rainman from Central Illinois assures me he will back doing his “no-rain” dancing ritual to assure we have good weather.

Speaking of the mail, the Post Office is considering closing on Saturday to cut costs. That’s not a good day, really because for a lot of people, Saturday is the only day they can get to the Post Office. Some time ago, my branch began opening at 10 in the morning and that became inconvenient for me since I used to be able to get there, take care of my business and still get back to get started working. Now, it’s like I have to rearrange my entire day if I know I’ll have to get out to mail something. Maybe close on a Monday and stay open a full day on Saturday.

A Russian chimpanzee, Zhora, has been sent from his comfortable little pen at the zoo where he has been residing to rehabilitate him from his smoking and boozing habits. HUH? The former circus performer had started becoming very aggressive and was transferred to the zoo. It was there he learned to draw, with markers! But obviously, hanging out in a cage all day while spectators taunted him and threw peanuts at him was too much for him and he began boozing it up and smoking. I question whether he also had a gambling problem, betting away his stash of peanuts to the other chimps on how many times someone would call him a ‘monkey’ or say ‘oh, how cute he is picking at himself’. He also fathered several baby chimps, undoubtedly after a night of carousing. Soon, he began pestering passers-by for booze and when that became a nuisance, he was sent away for treatment. Where he got the booze and cigarettes in the first place is the big question, and who didn’t stop him from having it? Sounds like a clear cut case of animal cruelty to me. Unless he was so far gone by the time he left the circus, possibly hanging out with derelict clowns after a nights’ performance and the solitude of his zoo cage wasn’t helping.

See how the newts fared with last night’s American Idol: