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A Win In The Rain

July 1, 2011

You know how I’ve always said my house is haunted–the noises I hear like things dropping; the time I heard Ariel come in the house, rattling his keys walking through the house when he wasn’t actually home for another 20 or so minutes; the times I heard furniture dragging across the floor upstairs? Well, for a minute there yesterday, I thought I found my culprit. But after some research, I decided I didn’t have a squatter living in my house, after all. In my mail, there was a flyer addressed to someone with the last name of the people that lived her before us and I presumed the company it was from didn’t come into existence until within the last nearly 13 years we live here. But I did some research and found the company had begun only 3 years before, so it’s possible she was a customer. I get mail for those people from time to time, but this was for a different person, that I can recall, at least. And I can probably use the coupon, so, that’s a win!

So, when it rains, it pours. My vacation officially starts 5 hours after I begin work today and of course there’s that rain predicted for the 4th when we’ll be down the shore. But to add insult to injury, today is day 4 of being sick. I woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday  in a sweat with a sore, scratchy  throat that kept me up for the rest of the night. I figured, oh, it’ll clear up in a day or two, thankful my “summer cold” I seem to get every year (recent developement in the past few years) was hitting this week instead of next, but here it is Friday and my head is still like a block of cement. I was even so out of it the other day I did the unthinkable. I took a nap in the middle of the afternoon! So, we’ll see how much longer it lasts into my vacation time. Nothing but fun under this black cloud! But my garden is growing!

The Casey Anthony prosecution rebuttal case continues today and then from what I understand, tomorrow will be closing arguments and then the jury will be deliberating over the weekend. You know I’m gonna be tuned in, in some fashion. I just don’t know. I think she’s guilty, through and through and where I thought her father and brother were involved in the cover up and that the mother was not, now I’m thinking differently, that the mother was as well. Now I’m thinking the brother wasn’t. Now I’m thinking the father wasn’t.  Now I’m thinking he was. I sure as heck wouldn’t want to be on that jury. I sure as heck don’t want to be on any jury.

Well, Happy Fourth of July everyone.

While I was updating my main web page for July, I found the different incarnations of the Pledge of Allegiance. On my web page is the original version (1892), which was published in a children’s magazine, The Youth’s Companion, as a National public school celebration of Columbus’ arrival in America. Here are the revised versions up to our current one, the changes are in bold:

1892-1923: I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the republic for which it stands: one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

1923-1924: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States and to the republic for which it stands: one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

1924-1954: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands: one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

1954-Present: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Check out Kymba’s newly designed web page:

As Seen On TV

June 28, 2011

You know those Aqua Globes they advertise on television to water your houseplants? Well, we were in Home Depot a week or so ago and there they were, right at the entrance to the garden center. Wanna try them? Sure. So we brought a set home, filled one of them with water, dug a hole with the handle of a wooden spoon–the first instruction is to make a hole in the dirt so there is no excess pushing on the glass and inserted it into the philodendron. That’s a lie actually. The first instruction is to wear heavy gloves in case of breakage. Whoosh, the water emptied within a day. Refilled it, and whoosh, the water was gone again. So, I gave the plant a good watering and then stuck the Aqua Globe in again and so far, the water is emptying nice and slowly. Now all our potted plants have one. And I know for sure it’s working because the Shamrock plants, the Oxalis regnelli, that usually start to droop after about 3 days after watering have stayed perky since it got its Aqua Globe. So, so far, check on that item.

Next, we considered this:

We considered it so much we got 3 sets. Well, we ordered them, they haven’t come in yet. The only qualm I had (and I think this is the first time I’ve ever used the word “qualm” in my blog) is the one flat end. But I suppose, in the end, when you consider how sometimes we can’t always follow Mama Shirley’s advice when it comes to hard boiling eggs and we most often have to work with fresh eggs (older eggs peel easier) the time and aggravation saved will be worth a flat bottom.

Okay, on to my requisite soap news: Erin Torpey, who originated the role of Jessica Buchanan, is returning to One Life to Live, but as another character. Bree Williamson took over the role and I think it’s decidedly obvious, it’s her role now. Kind of like seeing someone else other than Erika Slezak in the role of Viki, it just wouldn’t work. Nothing else is being said about Torpey’s return, or her character but I’m seeing a lot of hating on Bree Williamson, which I don’t understand. So, that prompted me to look for something else and I came across some ratings figures for the month of June so far. For the first three weeks of this month, One Life to Live has maintained the lead amid the three ABC soaps with an average of 2.5 million viewers. All My Children maintained second place with an average of 2.3 and General Hospital, the one that Brian Frons claims to be the strongest of the three with 2.2, increasing in the 3rd week to 2.3.


Now, All My Children is slated to go off the air in September and One Life to Live in January. Some reports are saying that depending on how well or not its replacement show, The Chew, does, that ABC may change its mind and keep One Life to Live if The Chew tanks. Of course that’s just speculation at the moment and another ray of hope.

So, and I don’t want to beg, but come on, readers of my blog, tune in from time to time (if you already are…thanks), pass the word around. Let’s get the viewership numbers up. Please?


June 22, 2011


I just can’t believe how intrigued I am with the Casey Anthony trial. Well, I guess it’s because I’m able to cheer for the side of my choice while I’m watching from a safe distance and not from the juror’s box. Holy cow, that few minutes I sat there before I was excused while the attorneys were assembling a jury for their case the last time I was called for jury duty was quite enough. I can’t imagine being sequestered and spending day after day–how many is it now, 25?–of constant starts and stops, listening to indecisive witnesses and the juvenile bickering between the attorneys. The defense had quite ineffective witnesses yesterday; one woman and alleged expert in botany and forensic botany who more or less let the lawyers lead her around, answering with “if you say so” and “I don’t know” to a chemist who acted more like the prosecution’s witness being very evasive and “ignorant” to the defense attorney. Then the prosecution dropped a bombshell that a fellow inmante of Casey Anthony had a similar story in that her own child drowned in the family swimming pool and the grandfather found him and the prosecution is saying this is yet another fabricated story (where Anthony is concerned) in an attempt at a cover up.

So, Wicked was fantastic. I admit it, though you’ve probably gathered it after all this time that I’m an entertainment snob–I like to get my money and my time’s worth out of an event–and I gave my stamp of approval to the performance we saw on Saturday. Of course, no cast can ever compare to Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel and sadly I have to say, the time we saw it with my niece and her then fiancé, it was a little lackluster. It seemed very rushed and almost like there were scenes edited out. The show and the two leads from this weekend, Teal Wicks (Elphaba) and Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda) were a viable and convincing duo. Yes, some of the songs seemed rushed and a bit of the dialog was unclear (which might be due to the sound system) but all in all, it was a great performance. Lemons and limes and pears, oh my!

Afterwards, we went to Firebird, which is a Russian restaurant. That would explain the Tchaikovsky overture that played on their website. Hilarity ensued when we first arrived when I walked into a chair and nearly tripped. Thankfully no one was sitting in it. I won’t even try to remember the names of the foods we had, though I know I couldn’t go wrong with lamb. While we ate, we were entertained by a group of Russian musicians, youngsters who were quite versed on the Domra, accompanied by their teacher on the piano. A nice surprise and real treat. Then, came time for dessert and I had the Bananas Forster and look, I managed to get a picture of my bananas flaming up.


Okay, here we go. Ready? Guess what this means?

On top of that, now I have wasps living in the outlet cover that’s right by the garden and I suspect they’re also nesting between the front and back panels of the fencing, but that won’t last much longer. The exterminator is coming today. I thought I would try to spray the outlet with some wasp killer, but the bout I had with the bees hiding in the ground under a plank of wood, courtesy my lawn service people, taught me that leaving the extermination to the pros is the wiser choice.

I heard the word “corker”  on television last night and it made me think of a song I knew from a long time ago, one of those clapping songs I  used to play with a cousin of mine: My girl’s a corker, she’s a New Yorker, I buy her everything to keep her in sight….”

Final note: Flags being flown at half staff for saxophonist Clarence Clemens tomorrow? Really?

Christmas In June?

June 17, 2011

Christmas is coming early this year, only because it’s not July yet. I am going to see Wicked this weekend. Tomorrow, in fact. And I really feel like a kid at Christmas. We’re going with our friends Ron and Jamie; a sort of belated wedding gift and birthday gift (hers) all rolled into one. This will make our fourth time seeing the show, not sure how many times for Jamie, but Ronny is the newbie. He’s so excited about it and I can’t wait for the thrill of seeing it with someone who’s experiencing it for the first time. We started talking about seeing it together before they even got married and that was back in February of this year.

I made spaghetti sauce yesterday for dinner and I used some basil and oregano fresh from my garden. Someone hand me a towel!

Speaking of food, you probably already know this one, but Lady Gaga’s meat dress is going to be displayed in the “Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power” in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland until next February 2012. It has been chemically treated and will be housed in a climate controlled case.

Is it just me, or is anyone else having a hard time wrapping their minds around the fact that it’s already June 17? Seems like just yesterday I was stressing over making sure my niece’s birthday card went out in time…only to have it arrive a day late anyway, and that was during the first week of the month. I must be having fun…time’s a-flyin’.

Well, that’s all I got for this week. Next week I have pictures of the chairs we had recovered. Actually, they’ve been here for a few weeks, I’ve just been lazy about putting up the pics.

Also, don’t forget the soaps. If you’re working to save them, checking the “tasks” that Kymba is posting on her blog, a big thanks to you. If you’re not, why not consider it? It’s not just the soaps that are in danger, it could be all of scripted television as we see more and more of this nonsensical “reality” crap making its way onto our sets. But it is an institution, the soap opera, the basis of any ongoing weekly show, that is in danger of fading away.

Brian, Brian Quite…..

June 9, 2011

I thought I was gonna be back up yesterday, but while I sat with my laptop on Tuesday night trying to shake the cobwebs from my head, nothing came to me to write about. I thought of writing about my garden but I thought it would be better if I had some visual aids. And it just so happens, now I do.

Meanwhile, I’ve just been having a blogging dry spell, but I’ve been here (and there) doing what I do on a daily basis; work, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat. And I’ve still been doing what I can as far as the fight to save the soaps goes. We (my Facebook groups) have changed our focus to  romancing other networks to buy the shows and urging the powers that be at ABC to sell them.

I’ve also been completely consumed with the Casey Anthony trial. At 9am, the live feed goes on and I keep it going until the judge calls recess for the night. Somewhere between noon and 1:30, while the court is out to lunch, I take mine, but make sure I’m back to work by the time they come back. Even last Friday, I went to pick up some Delmonico steaks to grill for dinner and while I was out, I had the website going on my phone and was listening (and watching when I could) through my bluetooth.

I feel like I’m starting to ramble…gosh, that’s a good feeling so while I am, let me show you this video. It’s the Shaggs. We saw this Off-Broadway show over last weekend and found out later it was based on a true story. The band consisted of the Wiggins sisters, Dorothy, Betty and Helen. Later Rachel joined, but the show concentrated on the first three. Austin Wiggin, their father formed the band on the belief that his mother saw their rise to fame. They released one album, Philosophy of The World, but failed to gain national notoriety. They remained a locally popular attraction in and around their native Fremont, New Hampshire until their father passed away in 1975 and they disbanded.

So, here is some of my garden, finally!


I looked, but couldn’t find  a word that meant contrary and rhymed with Brian.  Looking from the patio to the back,  we have Nasturtiums (you can also see some mint leaves–those are plants), just beyond that are poppies (3 rows). Then you’ll see straws and little paper cups.  Well, the straws were the original markers we used where we put the seedlings I started in the house but died of shock when we transplanted them. I should take them out, but now they’re kind of like tombstones. And that would be disrespectful. Or perhaps hopeful that something might eventually pop up there.  The paper cups are because I started new seeds but to keep confusing down as to what is and what isn’t weeds, I figured it would be easier to tell what needed to go. This set of cups is for wax beans. In the center, which you can also see in the second picture are sunflowers and squash. You might also be able to see basil, red and green.  From the other picture, you can see my corn and in the cups are new seeds I’ve recently started and they are starting to grow.


Mirroring the other bed, we have mint, Nasturtiums and poppies.  You won’t be able to see it, but there is one of my original pepper plants that survived the transplant.  Also in the center are sunflowers, squash, tarragon and red basil. Looking from the opposite end are the new batch of tomatoes, both beefsteak and cherries (again in the paper cups) and the empty paper cups will hopefully turn into a new batch of pepper plants. So, there you go. As the season goes on, I’ll post more progress pics.

And I’m just sayin’… when I was in school, we had hot days and didn’t get sent home like many schools in NJ are planning on doing today, as they did yesterday.



One Man’s Lawn…

June 3, 2011

…Is this man’s garden. I swear. The more I think about it, the more I’m starting to think the soil brought in to fill my garden beds was dug up from someone’s lawn. You’ve seen pictures of my garden beds, at least I hope you have. If you haven’t, first of all, shame on you, and secondly, click on House Construction under the “categories” tab there in the right hand margin and scroll through. Anyway, yesterday morning marked the third day in a row I spent pulling weeds. Well, weeds is a subjective term and while there are what would classify as that, most of what I pulled was grass. And this wasn’t the first time, but with the rains we’ve had recently, it’s all shot up so quickly.

Now that I’ve done that, the garden looks alarmingly sparse, thanks to the bounty of tomato and pepper plants that died from shock when I first put them out there. I’ve since reseeded and the new tomato plants are about 4 inches high already. I think there is still time to start some seeds so we’ll get some other stuff to put in the dead zone and really get my garden hoppin’.

Looking into my crystal ball, I can see a coupla steaks cooking on the grill later on tonight, with some onions and mushrooms steamed up in a foil pouch to go on top of them. Maybe I should put some A1 on my shopping list, or at least some Worcestersistershire sauce. How about a side of crinkle cut fries? Wash it all down with an ice cold beer. Come on five o’clock. Would I be pushing my luck if I tried to plan for a fire as well?

The Casey Anthony trial was circus  yesterday and the only thing I was wishing for while Yuri  Melich was on the stand, and the courtroom heard a tape of his interrogation of Casey that the camera would have panned to her, to get her reaction. The one thing I find so interesting is how during the video presentations of phone conversations in the jail with her brother and her mother and father (that made up the last few hours of the day) is her reaction to the suggestions of different people they might enlist for help (speaking in the timeline as the evidence is being brought forward). The ones who have no bearing whatsoever, like a schoolmate from junior high (there I go again…er, middle school) was actually brought to the witness stand. People she knew later in life, she conveniently forgot their last names and the imaginary people, like the nanny, have full-blown histories. And not only that, their families have full-blown histories.  Now, the defense wants to bring in a professional on human emotions to testify on how different people react to death and dying, precipitated by how Casey has been accused of being unfeeling when her daughter’s remains were found. Of course, when you’re that calculating, you don’t have time for emotion.

Got a nice relaxing weekend ahead. A matinee tomorrow, followed by a possible overnight visit by some friends and a movie on Sunday.


Okay, one more before the weekend gets here:

Thank you, Jamey Giddens!




How The Green Grass Grows

June 2, 2011

So, there we were, yesterday the first day of June, the first day of Hurricane season, under a tornado watch–seventeen counties–until 8pm. Looks like we skirted getting blown to Oz, which is nice.

And while we’re on the topic of weather let me catch you up on our weekend. First camping trip of the season and as predicted, we got rained on. A lot! We got there and the sun was high and we got to work setting up camp. Oh wait, didn’t I cover this already? See? I’m getting old and forgetful. Well, the stuff is dry and put away until next time.

I’m watching the Casey Anthony trial. It’s kind of like watching paint dry, except not as fun. I found a website with a live feed and from 9am to 5pm, I have it on the other computer while I’m working. I started to watch it on TV, but the commercials are so annoying. Just when it seems to get going, we find out that in some cases of taking a certain drug, there could be anal seepage. And when it gets back to the trial, there’s a new witness on the stand. Ugh!

Mr. CutCutCut Everything so New Jersey can save money, Governor Chris Christie, is under fire for using a state police helicopter to attend his son’s baseball game, but allegedly it came as no extra cost to us taxpayers as it coincided with a regularly scheduled training mission.

Sure, but what does any of this have to do with green grass?


News from the soap wars: still no resolution and the responses to the emails are as monotonous as the ones I receive from prospective agents and/or publishers. They either simply contain a link to the same old message board comment page–actually, why not? I’ll have an icon below you can click on to open the page. Fill it out and leave a comment for ABC and tell them how upset you are at the demise not only of the soaps, but of possibly all scripted television. But there is also another thumbnail I’m including today, click it open and read it. I’m going on the belief that it’s quite true because it gives us a ray of hope that we can do this, that we can keep our soaps on television.


I Say F That!

May 25, 2011

I turned on the TV yesterday morning to watch my daily dose of Headline News with Robin Meade and the Casey Anthony trial was being shown live. I guess it was Linda Drane Burdick, the Assistant State Attorney who was in the middle of her opening statement and at one point, while she was reading testimony, she read aloud some quotes and one of them contained the “F” word. Well several seconds later, Robin Meade chimed in with an apology for the coarse language being used and they went to a commercial. When they came back, she announced they were going on a delay so that in case any more F bombs were let loose, we’d be spared. Then I thought, that sucks. How is the news channel responsible for the language in the trial? Did they sugar coat the quotes the attorney read for the sake of the jury and spectators in the courtroom?  Kind of a sad state of affairs when even the news cannot be reported as it happens. I guess we really do live in a sterile bubble because someone of some importance deems it so.  I say phuque that!

We set up a series of inline sprinklers with a timer for the garden last night and set if for a virgin run and it turned on and turned off and there was happiness here at Leaning Pines. There was also chicken salad sandwiches and penne with vodka sauce. There was also a tear to the eye, but I’ll get to that after.

Wow, I almost forgot, I needed to leave room for American Idol. Lauren was tanked up on meds to help her get passed a strained vocal cord. She injured herself during rehearsal, but the doctor assured everyone she would be alright for the night. Round one would be each contestants’ favorite song of the season, round two, the idols’ Idols picking songs for them  and round three would be each one’s first single.

First up was Scotty doing Gone and of course he was our beloved Scottypants and Lauren chose Flat On The Floor. In spite of her voice being in jeopardy, she sounded good. There might have been a moment when she sounded a little compromised and a look of concern came to her face, and they cut to J-lo who also looked on a little distressful.

George Strait chose Check Yes Or No (his own song) for Scotty. And Carrie Underwood chose Maybe It Was Memphis  for Lauren’s second song.

Jimmy Iovine announced Scotty’s first single I Love You This Big, should he win, to be his final song of the night. Then Lauren’s song was Like My Mother Does.

Though I’d love for Scotty to win, I think Lauren has a slight edge. But you know what? In spite of that, I’m choosing Scotty, though this year, I’m really torn and would be okay for either to win. Tonight is our annual American Idol finale party, which coincidentally serves as a combination birthday party for Ariel and our friend Sue. Their birthdays are about a week apart and if we don’t do it along with the Idol finale, it can get to be August or September before we do any celebrating. It has happened!


The tear to the eye I spoke of earlier was because the opening scene of my story last night was Kassie DePaiva’s “Blair” rehearsing a song at Capricorn… Here’s what you do when you don’t find the rainbow’s end, this time. Here’s where you go when it looks like the rain won’t end, don’t cry. I’ll give you to-m”… and she abruptly stopped, slapping the sheet music down saying “This is depressing.” Those are the opening lines to the One Life to Live theme from back in the 80’s when Peabo Bryson sang over a montage of images of Llanview and its characters. So, it’s obvious we’re seeing the beginning of the… No, I won’t say it. I’m just gonna keep fighting.

Calling All Hands

May 24, 2011

I was in touch last night with one of the moderators, Kymba, from one of the Facebook groups I belong to, Save AMC & OLTL. Each day they post the information for different people from various places; advertisers, ad agencies, ABC/Disney people, etc. to contact, trying to get these people on our side.

Yesterday’s “task” was to email an arm’s length worth of ABC affiliates across the country and there was a scripted message to include in the email. I usually use my own words, but after reading through the script, it seemed like it might do the trick. Out of I don’t even know how many email addresses were in that list, I immediately got back about eight “out of office” replies. A few were sympathetic to our cause in that they knew they were on the verge of losing viewership should the soaps go off the air. One even sent me (and most likely everyone else but because it was addressed to me personally, I felt like it was to only me) a link to Disney contacts he suggested we try contacting, kind of like going straight to the heart of the matter. One also commented how my email was a verbatim carbon copy of the mass that he’d already received and that got me thinking that perhaps I should have used my own words as I have been. And this morning, Kymba addresses that very point in her blog, to use the script as a guide and make it our own.

So, with her permission, I am linking hers with mine so that those of you out there not on Facebook, can still lend a hand. Whatever you opinion is on the “soap opera”, remember, it’s still someone’s job on the line, not to mention someone’s entertainment. We might be fighting to save “just a soap opera” but in light of what’s taking its place and what is slowly taking over the landscape of television; cheap reality shows and cookie cutter shows that can be found on any other channel at anytime of the day, we might also be making a point that we television viewers want something of quality to relax in front of for a few hours during the day.