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A New Coloss…al Joke?

January 21, 2010

Okay, quick update on Tyler “Tater Tot” Pugh, the boy with the long hair, the one that’s getting way too much media attention than is really necessary, but at least I have something to blog about from this story. The last I told you, his mother, Elizabeth, refused to cut the boy’s hair and refused to braid it the way the school board wanted it because his scalp would eventually bleed, so she went through all kinds of machinations to get a Pebbles Flintstone “do” on the kid so he could return to school. Well, I’m here to tell you that now, both Mrs. Pugh and the school board have come to terms and the boy is now wearing not one, but two, french braids. Says Mama Pugh, “He looks like Princess Leia,” (I’m sure Papa Pugh must be proud as a peacock with that comparison) and she hopes the procedure goes faster, as she gets more practice at it, than the hour it took her to twist up his hair. And she also intends to appeal the district’s decision to the state commissioner of education. She doesn’t want this to happen to another child. This ridiculous issue is just the gateway to deeper issues for this kid if the parents continue to invoke such a skewed ideal as it’s okay to break the law.

What’s 151 feet tall, would cost approximately $150M and would stand in Charleston Harbor in South Carolina? Why, it’s the male version of the Statue Of Liberty to represent the freedoms achieved by the Civil War. The base of the statue would house a museum about South Carolina’s role in that war. This is just one of many ideas presented for consideration but so far the Patriot’s Point Development Authority hasn’t taken any action on the proposal. I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t that be A) a ridiculous venture in these economic times and moreover B) an insult to Lady Liberty herself and what she stands for? Kind of like awards shows for specialized groups to ensure a win. I think it’s stupid.

And this is not your father’s pink Cadillac. No, it’s the new Lexus LFA. And it can be all yours for a mere $350K…and a passing grade on a test given by the manufacturer. Yes, they want to make sure the buyer is “cool” enough to drive this new baby around town; going to the right restaurants, driving on the right roads and not just having it “just because”. Lexus will decide on who can buy the car based on the above criteria as well as where the person lives, how often and where he or she drives and what other cars they drive. Only 500 cars will be manufactured (20 over the next consecutive 25 months) so put your order in now. The only thing missing is a little “m” and a little “o” in the car’s name: LmFAo, which we all know is cyber-speak for Laughing My F*cking Ass Off.

And then there’s the next installment from Herbert and Shazz!