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Coffee, The Naked Truth

April 9, 2010

Is it Friday already? And I haven’t ranted once. I can take care of that and I will but first, there’s finally a verdict in the Erick Williamson naked coffee case. I’ve been waiting and waiting for this. (I also realized I’ve been spelling his name wrong.)  He was acquitted on Wednesdayof his indecent exposure charge. It took the jury, one member of which said she had to keep from laughing during some of the testimony, less than 20 minutes to deliberate and declare him not guilty because a charge like that requires proof of intent and the prosecutor didn’t do so. His accuser, Yvette Dean testified that she made eye contact with Williamson while he was in his doorway, (which, if I recall from the original article was early no an October morning when it was still dark out and she was walking her young son to the school bus stop–so how could eye contact be possible?)  gave him the finger and threw her coat over her son so he would not see the naked man and she has since refused to talk to the press.  Williamson will try to have the case expunged so he can have a clean record and now he’ll have to deal with the issues of unemployment and child custody the charge created. So, the sanctity of the home has been preserved. I just wish he hadn’t said that now he’ll be more careful around the house.  I don’t see that he did anything wrong. If you ask me, it’s busybody peeping Toms like this woman who that feel they have to right the “wrongs” in the world that should be on trial. She was the one invading this man’s privacy, continuing to watch the interior of his home rather than looking away and not making an issue of it. And rather than get all “flustered” and throwing her coat over her kid’s head to shield his eyes from such a spectacle, direct his attention to something else. And anyway, doesn’t this little kid have a father he might have glimped at least once in the nude? Stop trying to dictate how other people should live.  And one last note,  were guns really necessary?  A bit extreme, don’t you think? Why couldn’t the cops, since they had to get involved, just go to the door and suggest to him that perhaps he should draw his curtains or put on, at the very least, hold his coffee cup a little lower?

Well, maybe that was a little ranty, but a rant in a good way. Myintended rant? Oh, I was just gonna go on and on about how  you can now pay for your mocha latte choca wackadoddle doo at Starbucks with a downloadable app on your iPhone. I was going to follow that up with a “Really? Are we that isolated and self-consumed rushed society that we can’t even take a few seconds to put the phone down, reach into our pockets and have a little actual human interaction and saying “thank you, have a nice day” even though the cashier probably wouldn’t realize you’re alive rather than be tethered to our iPods?”

But it’s Friday and I have a great weekend coming up so I decided not to rant–I know, cosmic alignment is now all out of whack, what can I tell you?  Tonight we’re going out to look for paint for the new bathroom. Tomorrow, besides being our weigh-ins, we have a night out with a group of friends and Sunday we have a lunch date with an old friend of Ariel’s who he recently reconnected with. I have a very special McGinty installment coming your way on Monday, one that’s very dear to me. 

And with that, you all have a great weekend

Sometimes A Nail Is Just A Nail

February 5, 2010

I was planning on blogging about a man on my roof yesterday morning. Then, I thought about the near sentimental loss of a nail. And while I was thinking of just how to bring them into the conversation, I found two things online that I could also mention. So, what does one do in a case like this? One puts to use his long windedness and talks about it all. It’s Friday, it’s supposed to snow like the dickens today, so sit back, relax and read.

Before I go on, I have to mention the passing of legendary actress Frances Reid, who portrayed Grandma Alice Horton on the soap opera Days Of Our Lives, the role she created when the show premiered in 1965 and played until her final screen appearance in 2007, even though her presence was “felt” since, thanks to clever script writing. The official cause of death of the 95 year old actress, which occurred on Wednesday, has not yet been disclosed.

Oh, and how’s this? Because of a mixup with our Unilazies that I was talking about yesterday, the vendor contacted Ariel by email, who in turn replied and mentioned I had blogged about it. The vendor guy, David, then emailed me, because I was copied on the entire transaction and gave me a complimentary compliment on my blog and hoped that after we tried them out I would post a favorable review.

History? Or a despicable attempt to exalt a filthy past? If you haven’t heard, a new popular iPhone app is being removed after legal threats against iMussolini. The app allows users to download speeches and video clips of the former Italian dictator. The legal matter comes from the from the film institute where the images came from, whose representative says the application is an aberration, far removed from the educational purposes for which the clips should be used. Jewish groups and holocaust survivors say it’s offensive that it legitimizes fascism and is the rehabilitation of Mussolini. Well, yes, all the atrocities of WWII are offensive, but to say the educational value is offensive is ridiculous. Education, in no matter what topic, should never be thought of as offensive. Learning is living even if sometimes the lesson is a harsh one. Should history books be rewritten? Should TV’s History Channel never speak of ‘history’ again? Should everyone who has learned about it have a lobotomy to wipe if from their memories? Keeping the past hidden doesn’t mean it never happened. Personally, I think some people just have to much to say. Apps are optional to buy. Don’t buy it if you don’t want it on your own phone. It’s as easy as that, like changing the channel on TV or the radio dial when you’re not enjoying what’s on, like say, for instance The Jersey Shore. That kind of legitimizes people’s eagerness to watch stupid television shows. I don’t like it, so I don’t watch it. Grow up, people…try freedom of choice.  Apple says it will reinstitute the app once the matter is cleared up.

I was working yesterday morning and through the office window I saw a truck backing up at the bottom of my driveway, up against my garage. What the…. I put on my “I’m ready for fight going outside clothes” and by the time I went out to see what the hubbub was, the guy was up on the roof. I couldn’t see him at first but I could hear him. I didn’t want to shout and startle him because then I’d have to deal with “mangled man” after he stumbled and fell. Then I heard a familiar sound, the sound of a Mylar band snapping into its casing. Then I caught sight of the contractor guy who was working next door and it turns out it was his guy taking measurements so he can work up an estimate for a new roof along with the addition we’re hoping to put on the house.

You know I finally filled out my wall calendar–I think I mentioned it a few blogs back–and it hangs on a nail in the kitchen, that doesn’t exactly fit so tightly into the plaster wall like it once did, but we know that and we’re careful. Last night, by accident, the calendar got knocked into, jarring the nail f rom the wall. Couldn’t find it, couldn’t find it. Maybe because I had shoes on, because you know, one barefoot trip through the kitchen and I would have found it. It’s the same principle that makes food container covers fall food encrusted bottom down on the floor. Armed with a flashlight, I lowered myself to the floor to look underneath the hutch and I found the nail, with my knee. That nail was in the wall when we bought the house and it’s been holding my calendars in that spot ever since, now over 11 years. I know, it’s just a nail, but this is the kind of person you’re dealing with.

On that note, let me just say “LET’S GO NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!”