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Don’t Show Me. Tell Me.

November 19, 2012

So, how did you make out in the storm?

I’m gonna just touch on one more storm related thing that made me cock my head with consternation, moreso than it usually does.

I’m fairly technologically advanced, I’d say somewhere in the middle between those who could probably run the world with one click and those who don’t even know what a computer is, or at least aren’t cyberly connected. There are are some things I like to remain old-fashioned about like book reading (yeah, like I read…right!) I like the feel of a book or magazine in my hand. I like to sit in front of a TV set as opposed to a computer screen (like I was ‘forced’ to do while my cable was out). I even rent DVD’s from Netflix as opposed to downloading movies. I will say, though, that I do have my iPod for my music and set to shuffle it is much easier on the nerves, and because my 8 track playe CLICK track player is in the shop. While I’m whooshing about dusting my bric-a-brac or cooking up a storm (there’s that word again!) it’s easier to set the iPod on shuffle and hear a variety of things, and question my reasoning for some of its content, than wasting time trying to figure which discs to put in the machine.

But like the song once said, one thing that made me go hmm, was when our local radio station, which we listened to on a battery powered radio as our only connection to the outside world for the first few days would start talking about recovery centers, which areas had gas stations open and how long the lines were or which areas had been restored with electricity and follow it up with, for a complete list, visit our website. Wasn’t most of the area cut off from any communication? For Heaven’s sake, we were charging our phones in our cars and cooking on our camp stove in the kitchen. One of the on-air personalities took issue with one caller’s complaint about that very thing and asked emphatically, “don’t you have a friend you could go to?” Well, yeah, but the entire neighborhood is dark and roads are closed to safer zones so I’m not sure that was a valid remark. Okay, there IS the smartphone aspect, but, still..

Okay, one more thing that is an extension of something else from many years ago that gets my goat is this: Radio news announcer: “We’ll tell you Governor Christie’s plan for bringing New Jersey back…coming up, next”. Then a commercial or two. More news then the announcement: “Coming up after the break, Governor Christie’s plan to restore New Jersey”. Rinse, repeat. Now it’s approaching the top of the hour and the final announcement: Governor Christie vows he will bring New Jersey back to her former glory, find out how on our website.” ??????

Years ago, I wrote a letter to CBS TV and the FCC for a practice I found offensive. I used to watch Guiding Light, which, in this area was airing at 10 in the morning. At 10:30, or thereabouts, when the Channel 2 CBS newsbreak would run and they’d synopsize what would be coming up at noon. THE TOY YOU BOUGHT YOUR CHILD COULD CATCH FIRE or THE LUNCH YOU SENT YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL WITH COULD MAKE HIM SICK. So, now, you had to wait 90 minutes for the news to start and of course that catch story wouldn’t air until near the end of the half hour. What the hell did I give my kid for lunch? Throw out that WheelO!

CBS’s response was that they’d look into it. I never heard back from the FCC.

We Need A New Jersey

April 4, 2012

Remember the iPod snafu I ran into a few weeks ago, when I had to reload all my music so I could reattach the album art that got lost when I upgraded the iPod to IOS5? Well now comes another situation I need to tackle. The iPod is now full. 10,000 songs my foot. I have just over 5,000. Now I have to figure which of my coveted collection to delete so I can put on new coveted music. I guess I could live without The Best Of Trini Lopez so maybe that will save me some space.

My county ranked third in the healthiest in all of New Jersey. That’s because we drink coffee and eat chocolate here. Hunterdon and Morris counties were number 1 and 2 respectively.

Speaking of New Jersey, our illustrious governor signed into law that after two years, the state to recoup the value of unused gift cards. Actually this was done fairly early in his governing tenure. They’re (you know who they are, they’re everywhere and do everything) trying to have this measure stopped, but once it gets to Christie’s desk, you know he’ll veto it, since the original idea of grabbing this money that doesn’t belong to the government was his idea in the first place.

New Jersey will soon be required to obtain zip codes from gift card buyers so that the cards can be tracked and zapped when the two years is up. So far, American Express withdrew its gift cards from store shelves so they don’t have to put up with that nonsense.

This is a heartwarming story. Last week, the letter Dick Hauck wrote to his beloved Arlene in which he formally proposed marriage. It was 1952, when Dick was in the Army and he and Arlene traded letters on a nearly daily basis. But this one never reached its destination. However, while contract workers were doing renovations on Arlene’s childhood home, they uncovered the letter and delivered it to the couple, who have been married nearly 60 years. In the letter which was never received he wrote about the ring he had just bought for her: I got your ring today, I sure hope you will like it. I wish I could have gotten it long ago, darling. A few weeks after the letter was sent, Dick returned home with the ring in his pocket and delivered to his surprised bride-to-be.

Monday Mourning

February 13, 2012

What shocking news we had this weekend, that Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room, the day before the Grammy Awards. Of course every news outlet was on it and playing detective, all trying to out-sleuth the other and solve the cause of death. Well, as of this morning, I understand the autopsy was completed and the only information the coroner’s office is reporting is there was no signs of foul play or trauma and complete results, pending toxicology reports to be concluded and could be released in 6 to 8 weeks.

RIP, Whitney Houston

Meanwhile, I was listening also to a commentary on the habits of voters across the nation who dish out excuses for not casting their votes for many reasons including inconvenient times and a thought came to me. In this day and age with lots of travel for business or what have you combined with the fact that nowadays just about every move one makes is “watched”, and taking the proxy vote a step further, why can’t registered voters vote from remote locations? Voters could carry a credit card-like voter card, find a computer somewhere, (or a swipe thing-a-ma-jig) sign in with your info, cast your vote, and continue on with your Mai Tai. Just a thought.

On the iPod front, you might be glad to know the entire music catalog was backed up. It took about 2 hours for the initial backup to an external storage device and that was repeated to back it up onto my laptop. The curious thing is, the album covers (the entire reason for all this) which were visible on the computer when the iPod was plugged into it, but not on the iPod itself, carried over in the backup. So, basically the task at hand is to remove each album from the iPod and replace from the backup files and the art work goes with it. Out of the 574 I’m transferring, I made it all the way through the O’s so far. I might be a lot further if that infernal iTunes would stop crashing on me. But it’s easier than loading disc by disc so I should just shut up and be satisfied.

And onto Monday, full steam ahead!

I, Pod, Being Of Aggravating Mind

February 8, 2012

Actually this is a call out to anybody who may have had the same trouble with their iPod Touch; I could use your advice or brainpower. The other day, I saw I had a system upgrade to my iPod, formerly a 4, to a IOS5. Of course, on the laptop not being the “home” computer where the iPod is registered warned me that my contents would be wiped out, so I waited until I would be on my big computer. Long story short (good luck on that one), after all the processes were complete I had some serious decided troubles with my unit.

The first thing was, none of my apps were opening; they’d flash like they were going to spring into action but then if failed and went back to the desktop. No matter which app I tried to open, I had the same result.

Needless to say, I was prostrate with frustration. By luck, Ariel attempted to remove one of them to reinstall and after he did that they all seemed to be A-Okay. Okay, fine. Then I couldn’t load my email, nor my Facebook and that was a completely different situation, but I’m sure it was precipitated by this system upgrade. I have since conquered that battle, but one last frontier remains unconquerable.

I lost the album artwork for most of my albums. Kind of. It’s a weird story. First of all, I created it all myself, meaning, I didn’t download them from iTunes, but copied and pasted them. The main reason is, is because around here, iTunes is synonymous with Murphy’s Law..something always goes wrong. See if you can follow this:

There are certain albums on the iPod that have album art attached. Those same albums appear in the iTunes Library. Normally I keep the library cleaned out after a CD gets into the iPod to keep my computer from having too much going on. I only keep things that I otherwise downloaded or got from another source; things I don’t have ready access to should they have to be replaced and I don’t know how these other albums got in library.

When the iPod is connected to the computer, however, I can see the artwork for ALL the albums, even though they don’t appear on the iPod. So, I’m going through all 574 albums, copying the artwork, then I will strip off the music and reinstall it. I’ve already tried copying it directly into the iPod from the “get info” option but that’s not working.

Anybody have any other ideas before I embark on this stripping venture?

The Day The Music Died

March 25, 2011

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough was the “Brady Bunch Moment” song and it was a commendable offering and then the OH MY GOD moment—Stevie Wonder appeared. Who saw that one coming? Oh, there’s a joke basting in bad taste in there somewhere, but I need fate on my side to oust Haley tonight, so I’ll behave. Apparently it was Steven Tyler’s birthday and Little Stevie Wonder was a surprise for him.

Time for the results. First up…Pia, Lauren and Scotty. All safe! And the first three inducted into the Top 10 for the Tour.

Then Sugarland broke up the monotony with their performance of Stuck Like Glue.

James and Paul were up next and oh! Damn that Ryan tells them they’re both not safe. He meant really not safe and then Hulk Hogan comes out from behind the curtain, (I’m calling it a curtain. It’s really a doorway that slides open) a quick callback to the footage of the two contestants demonstrating their wresting skills. He announces that both of them are safe and going on the Tour and then with one sock to the face, sends Ryan flying into the audience. Paul…safe? Really?

Jacob, Thia and Stefano up next: Jacob is safe, that’s a given. Thia is in the bottom 3. Not one of my picks and Stefano also in the bottom 3. I’m all bummed and, off my game.

Casey, Haley and Naima: Naima was safe. Again, I’m glad, being that she’s my favorite but I really thought she was in jeopardy after she danced in the street. Stefano in the bottom 3? Come on, people! Damn it! And Casey was in the bottom 3. Also not my favorite, not by a long shot but come on….was America on drugs Wednesday night?

Well, you might not believe this, but at this point in my commentary there are 14 minutes left to the show so I have to make an emergency guess and say of those three, I’d like to say Casey would be the one to go, simply because he’s irritating to me, and also to my friend and supporter, Gary (thanks, Gary, btw…and you know what I mean, Brian told me what you did!) but I know, even though he’s in the bottom 3, he’s kinda popular. Look, if Haley could sail through…. and yeah, Stefano had a rough night…oh no, do could it be him? Thia did a good job though. Could they use a save tonight? I need to make a guess because Jennifer Hudson just finished singing and she looks fab! I have to say, Casey, based simply on his performance, added to the irritation factor. Oh, wait, Haley was safe, so that means I can say it… Stevie Wonder didn’t see it coming either! Nah nah nah nah nah nah!

Thia is safe, and I suddenly have a sick feeling in the pit of my teeny little tummy. The person with the lowest number of votes is Casey! YES!!!!!! Stefano is safe! They blew the save, not even a quarter of the way through his song.

So, there you are folks, the scales were definitely off kilter this week that no one, not even Stevie could see coming. And what’s this nonsense about ‘if something like this were to occur, it was pre-determined there’d be a top 11 in the Tour’. Cut me some slack, Jack!

Until next time…..



The Day The Music Died

Look at me giving Commander top billing today. Hey, that’s how I roll.

Well, the music didn’t really die, it’s sort of in state of purgatory. That’s right, my iPod is dying a slow death. But thanks to PD Rescue my entire iPod is backed up on my external drive and all ready to be loaded into my new iPod, whenever I get one. Maybe with…oh, get this…after my bitching about my check to the Federal income tax not clearing, it cleared yesterday and my return for my refund will be on its way this morning, so if my iPod can hang on for a little while longer I’ll be happy.

So, here’s something I find a tad unnecessary. It’s a new doll made by a Spanish company, Berjuan,  called Bebé Glotón, that is equipt to teach little girls about breast feeding. It comes with a halter top, decorated with two strategically placed daisies and when the dolly is placed near those daisies, it starts to make a sucking sound. It’s said that the doll will teach the other side of bottle feeding a baby. But is it necessary for a six year old to know how to breastfeed? People are arguing that dolls that come with bottles depict an unnatural way of feeding a baby, but I think that since 6 year-olds aren’t fully equipt to do otherwise, pretending to feed with a bottle is just fine. And bully for the United States Health Resources and Services Administration for wanting 75% of all mothers to breast feed for at least six months in 2011 and they think this Breast Milk Baby will help reach that goal. What’s next, baby bump pillows for those 6 year olds?

Well, Commander used up all my time, but that’s okay, because there’s always next week for some other stuff I got for you. Y’alls’ms have a great weekend now, you hear?