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Monday Mourning

February 13, 2012

What shocking news we had this weekend, that Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room, the day before the Grammy Awards. Of course every news outlet was on it and playing detective, all trying to out-sleuth the other and solve the cause of death. Well, as of this morning, I understand the autopsy was completed and the only information the coroner’s office is reporting is there was no signs of foul play or trauma and complete results, pending toxicology reports to be concluded and could be released in 6 to 8 weeks.

RIP, Whitney Houston

Meanwhile, I was listening also to a commentary on the habits of voters across the nation who dish out excuses for not casting their votes for many reasons including inconvenient times and a thought came to me. In this day and age with lots of travel for business or what have you combined with the fact that nowadays just about every move one makes is “watched”, and taking the proxy vote a step further, why can’t registered voters vote from remote locations? Voters could carry a credit card-like voter card, find a computer somewhere, (or a swipe thing-a-ma-jig) sign in with your info, cast your vote, and continue on with your Mai Tai. Just a thought.

On the iPod front, you might be glad to know the entire music catalog was backed up. It took about 2 hours for the initial backup to an external storage device and that was repeated to back it up onto my laptop. The curious thing is, the album covers (the entire reason for all this) which were visible on the computer when the iPod was plugged into it, but not on the iPod itself, carried over in the backup. So, basically the task at hand is to remove each album from the iPod and replace from the backup files and the art work goes with it. Out of the 574 I’m transferring, I made it all the way through the O’s so far. I might be a lot further if that infernal iTunes would stop crashing on me. But it’s easier than loading disc by disc so I should just shut up and be satisfied.

And onto Monday, full steam ahead!

I, Pod, Being Of Aggravating Mind

February 8, 2012

Actually this is a call out to anybody who may have had the same trouble with their iPod Touch; I could use your advice or brainpower. The other day, I saw I had a system upgrade to my iPod, formerly a 4, to a IOS5. Of course, on the laptop not being the “home” computer where the iPod is registered warned me that my contents would be wiped out, so I waited until I would be on my big computer. Long story short (good luck on that one), after all the processes were complete I had some serious decided troubles with my unit.

The first thing was, none of my apps were opening; they’d flash like they were going to spring into action but then if failed and went back to the desktop. No matter which app I tried to open, I had the same result.

Needless to say, I was prostrate with frustration. By luck, Ariel attempted to remove one of them to reinstall and after he did that they all seemed to be A-Okay. Okay, fine. Then I couldn’t load my email, nor my Facebook and that was a completely different situation, but I’m sure it was precipitated by this system upgrade. I have since conquered that battle, but one last frontier remains unconquerable.

I lost the album artwork for most of my albums. Kind of. It’s a weird story. First of all, I created it all myself, meaning, I didn’t download them from iTunes, but copied and pasted them. The main reason is, is because around here, iTunes is synonymous with Murphy’s Law..something always goes wrong. See if you can follow this:

There are certain albums on the iPod that have album art attached. Those same albums appear in the iTunes Library. Normally I keep the library cleaned out after a CD gets into the iPod to keep my computer from having too much going on. I only keep things that I otherwise downloaded or got from another source; things I don’t have ready access to should they have to be replaced and I don’t know how these other albums got in library.

When the iPod is connected to the computer, however, I can see the artwork for ALL the albums, even though they don’t appear on the iPod. So, I’m going through all 574 albums, copying the artwork, then I will strip off the music and reinstall it. I’ve already tried copying it directly into the iPod from the “get info” option but that’s not working.

Anybody have any other ideas before I embark on this stripping venture?

Yes, We Have No CO

February 9, 2011

We have no CO yesterday. Or today. No, no, no, no, no, it’s not all that dire. It’s scheduled for next Monday and all the inspectors will be here at once.

Here’s another situation that reared up and got solved before I had a chance to blog about it. A Texas school district was going to be forced by the education bureau in Washington to institute a mandatory Arabic culture curriculum and it was done without parents’ knowledge. Mandatory? The idea behind it is because Arabic is described as the “language of the future” and the plan would have involved embedding the culture in all facets of school topics like discussing the Arabic roots of the word “algebra” to serving Middle Eastern food at a class party.

I heard about this yesterday morning and by the time I went to write about it last night, I see that due to the outrage and protests of parents and school officials saying that because of the concern that the Arabic culture could not be taught without discussion about Islam the plan has been put on hold. As one angry parent was quoted as saying, ” The school does not teach Christianity, so I don’t want them teaching Islam.”

Next problem. Did I tell you that my computer, I guess, crashed the other morning? Well, I finally got most of my programs reinstalled but I’m still working on getting my mSpot up and running again. That’s the app from my Droid that ties in my iTunes library with my phone and I can carry my music with me without my iPod. Well, because of the crash and that we wiped the entire computer clean, my mSpot downloader no longer exists. Sure, the music is still on my phone, in the cloud, as it were, but I can no longer add to it. If I want to add to it, I have to reinstall the downloader and because it’s not set up as a “network” and can only be used on one machine at a time, I’ll have to wipe out my current mSpot library and start from scratch. Many of the songs I was able to recover from various sources, but I had things on there that were from rather exclusive sources and unfortunately I didn’t have them backed up externally. So, dear readers, take a lesson from Michael Baxter and me: Save, save, save your documents! It might be just music or it could be the entire manuscript of your novel (which thankfully was backed up, otherwise I’d be in a straightjacket and not writing this blog) that could be lost forever.

Give Me An e. Give Me An i

July 16, 2010

It’s Friday, hooray, but that’s not the only reason to be happy. I made yet another discovery about my Droid that kind of blew my mind. Well, for one thing, thanks to my friend Maria, who also has a Droid, told me that there was an app that made it possible to play my iTunes library on my phone. I downloaded it, registered online and lo and behold, there was my iTunes library. Or what little there was of it. I don’t keep very much stored in the computer because it just uses up memory, but I moved a mess of songs from my eBook into iTunes and I have those songs now. (I need something with an “a”, an “o” and a “u”). The beauty of that is I can change my line up of songs every now and then. But that’s just one of the incredible things I discovered.

A while back, I painstakingly transferred enough 12″ club mix vinyl records from the post-Disco era (mid to late 80’s and some into the early 90’s) to fit onto 36 CD’s, not including the special Donna Summer disc(the 17 minute “Love To Love You, Baby” is a must!) . From there, I imported them onto my iPod. I would do the same with my treasure trove of  (disco) 45’s if only I could find them. I still say the team that installed my central air took them from my attic. Brian, what are records doing in the attic?

Back to my Droid. I was listening to my iTunes playlist the other day when I decided to explore what the “L” in a little box in the top corner of the album art icon that accompanies each song. Would you believe it opens the lyrics to those songs that display the “L”? Even to the 12″ vinyl transfers I made, records from 20 + years ago? I was, and am, well, quite frankly…amazed! There, I said it. Oh, I almost forgot. The name of that app is mSpot.

I got a little nervous last night when I read an article that  my soap opera, One Life To Live was rumored to be on the chopping block once again, like it was last fall. However, according to the article, Brian Frons, head of ABC daytime television said the network was committed to keeping all three of its soaps–All My Children, OLTL and General Hospital–on the air.

From the “I’m still getting water in my basement” department”: There is one more aveune I will try this weekend to see if it might be the cause of the leak. Another downspout, which also empties to the channel beneath the driveway seems to be clogged. I discovered that the other day when the sky opened up. Water was shooting out of every conceivable connection from the gutter down to the ground and water was even bubbling up from where the downspout connects to the underground channel. I’m kind of hoping that somehow the drainage system is clogged (or otherwise deteriorated) and somehow backing up on itself and the water, as water does, is finding it’s own path and that path is a direct line into the basement. Even my contractor guy said it was a very good possibility.

And, finally, this is for your viewing pleasure….you’re welcome! Just get past the first minute or so before things really kick into gear. I have thank Ken for sending this video to me.

I take no responsibility if you end up trying this at home and hurt yourself! Have a great weekend!

East Meets South

September 9, 2009

Okay, show of hands, who can believe it’s the 9th of  September? And, more importantly, who can believe we had a dry weekend at camp…AGAIN?! We really did. So, thanks again, Rain Man of the Midwest! Three glorious days in the mountains of Pennsylvania, attending party after party and then partying some more as we prepared to say so long to our friends for another season. Well, come March 1, 2010, the reservation phone line opens and you can rest assured, I’ll be dialing until my fingers are worn to a nub hoping to secure the weekends and site we want for next year.

Last month when we were there, it was a daddy long leg-apolooza. This weekend it was bees and it started from the time we stopped at the Stop & Shop to get  ice for the coolers until we were packed up and headed back for home Monday morning. They were everywhere.

We met a guy, JJ Nolis, a singer and architect, and we had a fairly in depth conversation about the comparisons of breaking into the music industry and the world of book publishing. After so many years of trying to get his name out into the public arena, he’s finally begun to release his own music and has a country music album available for download on iTunes called Ponyride. I can only hear the samples iTunes gives you on my own computer; for some reason when I download whole albums, I get only bits and pieces of them so I usually have to use the laptop for that. The album is also available for download on JJ also will be having a video on Youtube in November and when it’s up, I plan on posting it here in my blog. He performed one of his songs over the weekend at camp in a talent show and the crowd in attendance was on its feet.

We tried an entirely different route on the way to camp on Friday to get us closer to where we had to be while still skirting the major Interstate because of the ongoing construction. The first alternate route took us too far west to come back east and someone had suggested another road that was closer to yet to the main highway. It eventually crosses the Interstate and continues to the east and north, but the roads we mapped out were beyond secondary or even tertiary–maybe more like quinary, rural back roads with newly assigned names instead of numbers and some of them were difficult to distinguish between roads and driveways to houses on sprawling parcels of farmland. It was a bit confusing, but the scenery was breathtaking. My only regret is that I didn’t have my camera. But coming home, I saw something for the umpteenth time and am only now remembering to write about it. In the tangle of roads we take to go back and forth, one of them is I-380. There’s an orange ‘alert’ sign that reads “I-380 East is now I-380 South”. Huh? Was there a landslide we never heard about? Did a bunch of little asphalt gnomes gather by the light of a February Snow Moon and huff and puff until they successfully pushed the road to the side?

My teeth are in. I got the call yesterday afternoon and I have an appointment for tomorrow. From what I remember (it’s been so long) depending on how they fit he will make any necessary adjustments for bite and comfort and then lightly cement them in. Once my gums have developed around them as natural looking as possible, he will have them sent out for the final glazing and when that’s done, slap them back in with the heavy duty cement and I’ll be all finished with this ordeal. And then I guess it will start all over again, getting used to a new set of teeth and a new way of eating and not having to be cautious of biting through even a slice of buttered toast.