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Dancing On Wet Cement

July 27, 2010

Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, cowering under my sheets, hiding against the cool air blowing on me from the AC while the outside temperature was in the low to mid 50’s! I didn’t have a blog yesterday because I ran out of time trying to get my act together and I wanted to update you on the progress on the house and tell you what I thought of the movie we saw over the weekend. Well, no time like the present.

We saw the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, “Inception” and, oh man, was it a chore to get through. The premise was quite interesting, infiltrating others’ dreams and putting ideas into their minds. That’s the basic thing. And since that particular premise, the ‘what if’ thing (like where do wrinkles go when they fall out of your clothes) is near and dear to my heart I thought it might be interesting to see, in spite of all the computer graphics today’s movies are so rife with. I understood everything that was going on, it’s not the plot got complicated, but it was just dragged out rather tediously to the point of distraction and several people leaving the theater. I actually thought about it and as it turns out, so did Ariel, but I chose to hang around to see how it all played out. The final analysis: I was unimpressed.  Afterwards, though, to make it up to ourselves, we stopped in at 5 Guys for burgers and it was pretty much close to closing time. 5 Guys ROCKS!

Saturday came and so did the Lou Crew, at 7:30 as promised and the digging began. And so did work on the front stoop. It was falling apart and we’re having it redone, refaced to match what will be the exterior on the addition.

Speaking of the addition, yesterday was the day the cement was to be poured once the inspector came to yay or nay the footing (and the roof, finally!). Lou had gone to pay the cement people and during that time, the inspector came. I got on the phone and was assured Lou was 5 minutes away. While I spoke to (and tried to stall) the inspector, he failed the footings because of what amounted to a smudge, a misplaced line on the plans. Kind of like when I got my Atlas tattoo and the artist followed the design exactly, right down to the mark from where something had been erased. He later fixed it and unless you’re looking, you’d never see it. But the inspector was in too much of a rush, in spite of my going over what he told me a couple of times just to buy some time for Lou to get back, and he wouldn’t talk to him over the phone, and the last saving grace was that he had to inspect the roof. That entire procedure was walking the length of the house in back, then in front and it passed. In the time span from when he left and Lou got back, the two could have passed each other in the driveway.

I met the lovely Mrs. Lou who brought the guys lunch. Lou didn’t want to risk not being around a second time. The inspector returned about 2 hours after he said he would (thankfully) and he got convinced the plans were correct, that figures from previous pages could not equal what he originally thought they should  and that errant line was just an errant line. The cement truck came, the cement was poured and then later, a load of cinder block and bags of cement was delivered.


And lastly, my query to my agent in waiting is ready to go the second I see she has updated her status on her webpage. I had this incredible idea of how to drastically change it up, to really pack a wallop from the get go. So, tick, tock, tick, tock…….