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A Surprise Ending

October 6, 2010

Oh man…STUFF! I know I have to tell you about that play we saw on Saturday, and I’m trying to avoid doing that in case you haven’t been able to tell, so let me veer off the track for a second to update you on the house. We had Lou Crew again yesterday and they finished putting up the light fixtures, plus the temporary cheap porch light, the “jelly jar” outside the sliding door because the one we ordered to go with the rest of the lights for the patio won’t be in until next month and he needed something up there in the meantime in order to pass inspection. Plus they brought the pantry door and the balance of the moldings and stained all of that. And up next will be the heating. I still didn’t get a picture of the fan because by the time they leave and with the dreary rain we’ve had the last couple of days, it’s been too dark to get a good picture of it. But I’ll get one up here soon enough.

Okay, in a nutshell, I can tell you about that play. It was called Me, Myself & I and the “it” name in the cast was Elizabeth Ashley. She played a disgruntled and confused mother of twins, OTTO and otto, whom she couldn’t tell apart except for the fact that she knew one hated her and one loved her. The first act took place with mother Ashley in bed with her live-in lover who sleeps in his suit and shoes and they were visited by each twin, separately and approximately 93% of the dialogue was an inane repetition of her asking, “Which one are you?” and “Are you the one who hates me?” and declaring, “I don’t know who you are.” That first act was a solid forty minutes. The second act had the mother and her lover going on a never materialized picnic and then meeting otto’s girlfriend, whom OTTO had just had his way with, though she thought it was otto. Then there was vicious name calling, including spewing the “C” word and then the twins’ father made a quick reappearance in a black panther-drawn carriage with a booty of emeralds, but after witnessing the falderal before him, left again, like he did twenty some years prior. Why all the confusion? Because OTTO had a new twin, his reflection in the mirror and otto was dead to him, which had otto asking if that now meant they were triplets. I can’t even rate this one, but all I can say is thank goodness this particular workshop theater has some of the most comfortable seats in all of Manhattan. Now do you see why I’ve been postponing reviewing this one?

Ready for some news? You can say it’s a surprise ending, (to the day yesterday, to today’s blog)hence today’s title and perhaps a surprise new beginning. I was just finishing up my day yesterday and I heard <insert incoming email chime> and it was from that publisher, the one I sent my first chapter to on Saturday. Without going into it too much, the gist of the email was to advise me that this correspondence constitutes a letter of intent in proceeding further with the acquisition of your manuscript for publishing.

I’ll let that soak in for a sec. Heaven knows I needed quite a bit of time myself last night.

They asked me to furnish them with some information so they can get together a confidentiality agreement which I’ll have to look over and have an attorney look over and they also say that I won’t be able to disclose any of the terms and conditions named therein.  I don’t know yet how severe any restrictions will be, say, in keeping you guys abreast of the proceedings, though they’d be non-specific anyway–that is, if anything more solid comes of this; I’d hate to not keep you apprised after many of you have been suffering my tale of woe for so long. But I will find out and I will share what I can.  I’m still numb.