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I’m Over Here Now!

August 24, 2009

It was impulsive move this weekend, but I’m on a new blog page. It probably doesn’t look all that different to you, which was my goal, but if you look around, you’ll see the side bar on the right hand column is empty. Those will fill in soon enough, I’m sure and if there’s anything you need to see from any date prior to day, you can get to those by clicking on the “Older Posts” link under the “Pages” tab.

I also have McGinty up and running and today’s installment is the one I’ve been trying to post since the beginning of this month.

It seems like for so long we’ve had this black cloud over our heads, well, except for that last camping trip we just took, and all the computer mess on Friday seemed to continue into the night, even without a computer. We decided to order Chinese for dinner and for some stupid reason, I ordered a Pu Pu platter, just to have something other than my usual beef lo mein and Ariel ordered sesame chicken, prepared mildly, like he always does. When the food came, I realized I couldn’t eat my food enjoyably. It was spare ribs, chicken wings, big crunchy wontons, skewered curried beef. Well, I berated my stupidity up one side of the kitchen and down the other, while I shaved pork off rib bones, broke apart my beef and smooshed my wontons into bite size pieces. Ariel had it no better. His sesame chicken was swimming in hot peppers.

We left all that behind on Saturday when we went into the city to treat our friend Bobby to dinner and a show for his birthday a week or so ago. We arrived a little earlier, despite Ariel missing his exit off the Turnpike for the Lincoln Tunnel (don’t laugh, he’s very sensitive about that one) and we ended up going the wrong way on Rt 3 in a attempt to follow that road into the tunnel. The roads up there are all ridiculously marked and the last time we were up there for the Il Divo concert, we also got lost. Anyway…we had some time to kill before he would get into the city, so we made our way to a bar near where our restaurant was, which was south of 42nd Street where we parked, past The Port Authority. Oh, what a scary area. Any of what you’ve ever heard of the dregs of society really do congregate there AND in broad daylight. Quite a culture shock from just a few blocks in the other direction.

The place we ate was a little gem of an Italian restaurant called Carbone. Actually it was a little hole in the wall, easy to miss, and we walked right passed it until we realized the building numbers were getting lower than what we were looking for. While the interior was unremarkably decorated, the tasty food and gracious service more than made up for that.

The show we saw was called The Temperamentals and Bobby recognized one of the actors as being someone who is in the TV show Ugly Betty”, Michael Urie. Well, that meant nothing to me, since I’ve never seen the show. After we were in our seats for a while, as the audience was still filing in, who came in with a non-descript entourage but Vanessa Williams. And where did she sit? Behind us. Bobby got to speak to her when the show was over; he let her pass before he moved out into the aisle and she was on her way out and disappeared into the crowd, on her way to catch a plane to the west coast for the start of rehearsals on the new season of Ugly Betty, he heard her say, adding how she was unsure if the star of our play would be up to getting to rehearsals in time.

That was my exciting weekend and I’m on pins and needles to see how this week progresses starting with this afternoon’s Dr. Bob appointment. I’m going for my first fitting for my permanent teeth.

And here’s one big weight off my shoulders. I know McGinty published today. So, please, enjoy.