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Loud Whispers

February 23, 2010

I forgot to tell you how I made out at my doctor’s appointment on Friday. After I handed over my co-pay, I sat in the waiting room to see the recap of Tiger Woods’ apology on whichever news channel they had on. I think the time has come for all these public apologies to come to an end. Every time a public figure has an indiscretion–well, first of all, we all have to have it shoved down our throats–but there has to be an elaborate ceremonious apology. And then to have a press conference was a little self-serving, if you ask me, like his imprudence was any more important than any other the media deems so. I say, if you call someone a name, or sleep with every willing “other” person, don’t apologize to me on national television, take care of it one to one with that person. And I can’t even say it’s the price one pays for celebrity, it’s price one pays in this age of technological instant news and everyone is at fault and everyone is to blame

But, I’ve gotten way off the track. I had the usual; blood pressure taken (122/82), got weighed (226–but I don’t understand those sliding scales and it was late in the afternoon and I was dressed), my heart sounded good, as did my lungs. She, the nurse practitioner, felt around for any discomfort in my stomach and then I had blood drawn. The poor girl couldn’t find a vein in the crook of my elbow so took it from one she could find halfway down my arm and left me with quite a bruise. So, unless I hear from them with any bad results from the blood test, I don’t have to worry until I see my actual doctor in May. But at least I got my blood pressure Rx renewed.

A funny thing happened on the way out of the theater Saturday. Some may say I should keep my voice in check, but anyone who knows me, knows that I barely speak above a whisper as it is. That is until there’s something I don’t want someone else to hear. I was walking with Chantal, talking about the play and we were behind a duo of, well, guys. Perhaps they had been walking all day in the city which precipitated the need for such a bundle of winter wrappings, including flowered knit caps and scarves. You heard me, flowered knit caps. Anyway, we kept a fair pace behind them, even though we were trying to pass them to get to the rest of our quintet. A sudden clang of those metal delivery doors in the sidewalks and we both looked up and I heard one of the two guys, in a dramatic sheepish voice say, “Oh, that was scary. That could have been a New York moment,” as he turned to look over his shoulder and saw us, probably hoping to strike up a conversation, or at least having someone acknowledge his little joke. I leaned over to Chantal to make a crack and I guess I must have spoken a little to loudly when I said sarcastically, “Oh, that’s scary,” referencing the two ahead of us. Well, they both turned and gave me a look and then we passed them. I tried to tell the story to the rest of our gang, but I tried to get them to get a glimpse of who we were talking about so the story would be halfway entertaining (visual aides are helpful) but I didn’t want to be obvious that I was seeking those other two out and then they eventually disappeared but I got my story out, kind of like I did just now. It really wasn’t all that exciting, I know, but the fact they “caught” me made me laugh.