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Peace!, Mary, David, Jesus

December 16, 2011

For those of us who never saw the image of Jesus in an oil spill, in a water spot on a wall or on a piece of toast, well, now you’re chance. Yes, you can now have your “daily bread” with Jesus’ face burned onto it whenever you like with The Jesus Toaster for around $30 plus shipping. The designer of the toaster, Vermont businessman Galen Dively said he got the idea two Christmases ago when he bought a toaster with a cartoon character on it (probably that anti-Christ Mickey Mouse…One Life to Live and All My Children fans will understand that reference!!). Dively’s toaster is available with other designs such as a peace sign, the Star of David and the Virgin Mary. Click here to explore his website.

Perhaps my favorite instance of pareidolia (seeing images, usually human, in places where they don’t exist) is this one. It’s near the end of the I Love Lucy episode “The Ballet” where Lucy mistakenly appears, ready for her much rehearsed burlesque routine, for the ballet number when one of the dancers dropped out. In keeping with the burlesque routine, anytime the “stranger with the kind face” hears the name Martha, he attacks the person saying it and this time Ricky got a pie thrown in his face. The result is a face on the wall. 


Don’t you hate when things just don’t click? When I was writing about the “PlayStewardess” and “PlayFlightAttendant” yesterday, I could not remember flight attendant for some reason. Later, watching the news, where I saw the Jesus toaster featured, the anchor was talking about a policy in Atlantic City about waitresses, the ones that troll the casino floors, will have a four year shelf life and must reapply for the job after that because of a “pretty” policy. He then asked what about cheerleaders and then he also couldn’t remember the politically correct term for stewardess. That was just a silly aside. Sorry.

And then, another coincidence, and perhaps the biggest news from yesterday, our company rang the closing bell at NASDAQ yesterday. Ariel was there, along with about 70 other company execs and afterward there was the executive dinner. This was the second time we rang the closing bell, this time celebrating 30 years of business and 25 years listed with NASDAQ. Go us! The coincidence is that Ariel’s cousin’s company she recently started working for, Michael Kors, was just listed on the NYSE and he was there to ring the opening bell.

Is that a good way to close today? It feels like I should have had something else to say. I hate to close in the middle of