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Shake Up

August 4, 2010

Hi everyone, Shazz here! Herbert and I are vacationing with family but with all the frenzied buzz concerning American Idol, I thought I’d jot off a quick missive to get you updated, or as updated as I can with the news dusting up like the wake of a tornado the last few days. First Ellen DeGeneres quit the show. Well, really it was Simon Cowell who originally decided to leave the show to poke around in other fires. Then just last week, Ellen DeGeneres quit the show. Then, in just a few short hours as of this writing (Tuesday evening….I want to get back to my vacation) seems like all Hell is breaking loose. Now it’s said, though nothing concrete has passed my way, that Kara DioGuardi has been let go and that Jennifer Lopez will be among the new panel of judges. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is also rumored to be part of the new panel of judges.

Fox entertainment chairman Peter Rice cryptically commented that “No one has signed a deal yet on either side of the camera who wasn’t on the show last year. There are no specific deals with anybody.” Huh? Does that mean Randy Jackson might also be leaving? According to a source close to him, he loves being on the show but is a little fed up with the current goings on at the show, but is the type who just goes with the flow and as far as anyone knows right now, he’s still part of the show. Well, at least we’d have one familiar face on the panel, Dawg!

Some of the names that have been bandied about who were asked to join the show are Barry Manilow and Elton John, among a few others, like Jessica Simpson and Justin Tinker…er, Timberlake. Of those names, I think Elton John would be a viable choice. He’s relevant, he’s classic, he’s a legend. He writes and he sings using his real voice and if you’re going to judge a singing competition, then it shouldn’t be done by someone who relies on electrified vocals. But, an argument about either Manilow or John is that they have audiences who are now grandparents and younger audiences might not find them able to ‘connect’. Both have declined the invitation, so you know.

One more possibility is Nigel Lythgoe, one time producer of “Idol” who then moved on as the primary judge on “So You Think You Can Dance”. Of course Fox Network has not commented on Lythgoe’s returning to the show in any capacity, but he has publicly stated that if he were ever to return to American Idol, he would wipe the slate clean with a completely new, three-judge panel.

After the train-wreck that was last season, they really need to spice things up a bit. The addition of Ellen DeGeneres didn’t work as well as I think they hoped it might. She was supposed to be the ‘voice’ of the music buying public but pretty much while she didn’t want to offend anyone with harsh critiques, I don’t think she really accomplished much in the way of judgery. True, they’ll never get another “Simon”, but if the premise of the show is to be upheld, they need someone with authority to make harsh criticisms when needed as though he or she really cares about the kinds of acts that will get signed to a record deal. And THAT can only work, hand in hand, if they corral a group of contestants who really want to be there, who really want to get somewhere, and not just a bunch of lackluster seekers of their fifteen minutes.

I just wonder if all that shake up will trickle down to me and Herbert. Now I guess Brian has another construction picture to share with you so let me turn this back to him and I’ll get back to my vacation.

Yeah, that’s some shake up going on out there in Tinsel Town but good to hear from Shazz again. If there is even a show and the two of them are up to the task for next season, they can certainly keep their jobs.

Here is day 10 on the house project. And then a quick video I saw on The Radio Chick on a recent archived Shovio show





April 16, 2010

Two young female Chinese singers have each been fined 50,000 yuan (that’s $7,329 in US Dollars) for lip-synching in a concert in Chengdu, a city in southwestern China. There are new rules in place against fake singing, as it’s known there since a lip-synching incident at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies and it is punishable by having repeat offenders’ performance licenses revoked. Organizers admitted a nine year old girl lip-synched in place of the real singer who was rejected because of her appearance. If only this ban had been in effect way back when, when Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan (Milli Vanilli) were at the height of their sham of a career. They just blamed it on the rain.  But Martha Wash also dubbed for Zelma Davis during the C & C Music Factory Days…and it was good! Whatever became of Martha Wash?

If you can’t stand the heat, turn on the air conditioner. But at the beach? An air conditioner was just one of the odd pieces of trash sweepers found when they cleaned the beach recently. This article I’m reading says that some of the items are real head-scratchers, but I think there’s a plausible explanation for them. Take the acrylic fingernail–that’s an easy one. Even a jellyfish knows they don’t last forever. A baby crib, a Christmas tree with lights on it, a coconut, a fire hose–clearly a safety conscious group was re-enacting the Nativity as though it were on a tropic isle and, of course, they needed a manger and just in case the lights on the tree were defective, they were ready to douse any subsequent blaze.

Okay, let’s try this one: golf clubs, a jockstrap and a pregnancy test–oh boy, this one sounds clear cut.

A toilet seat? I’m not even going there, unless it was being used also as a flotation device. An 8-track tape; now for sure it’ll never play, being all full of sand. And then there’s the half a Barbie, a 7″ knife, fake breasts and denture adhesive. Not sure which half of the Barbie was found, but assuming it was the top half, it was someone obviously wanting to see how much more disproportionate Barbie would look even larger!

This just in: There’s a rumor going around that Paula Abdul may be returning next year to American Idol to pick up the slack Simon Cowell’s abdication will undoubtedly create. Even though there’s no official word, and her publicist says she has not even been approached, insiders are saying her return could help “Idol’s” ratings, which are beging show signs of weakening against “Dancing With The Stars”. The total number of viewers for Monday night’s dance performance alone outrank both nights of American Idol, but American Idol’s performance shows top “Dancing’s” results show. So, we’ll see what happens there.

Okay, good, it’s Friday which means in just a few hours it’ll officially be the weekend. Hooray! See you next week!

We Have A Winner

January 12, 2010

I don’t know how to say this, but I’d like to say that I won $20,000 last night on a scratch off ticket that I had gotten as part of a $32 dollar trade in from other tickets. But, I can’t. I was one number off. The same number off on the same ticket that would have paid me $100. So, instead, I won $11. Trade them, or cash them? That is the question.

So, it looks like Simon Cowell has finally decided to leave American Idol after this season to start the X Factor. This came on the eve of the season premiere. The general consensus is that the show would suffer without him and that it might be the open door for a return for Paula Abdul and the big chair being occupied by Randy Jackson. Well, I immediately started thinking who could take over for Simon Cowell and I remembered about David Foster. He’s an accomplished songwriter/producer and served as judge once on another singing competition show, “Celebrity Duets” in 2005 (Marie Osmond was also a judge). Some of the performers he’s produced include Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Donna Summer and Janet Jackson.  He’d be fresh blood, a welcome change from the overly sarcastic and increasingly outwardly bored Simon Cowell who has taken to mostly rolling his eyes in disgust at everyone who appears before him.

The medical marijuana bill was approved yesterday and if it gets signed by outgoing Governor Jon Corzine before he leaves office next Tuesday, New Jersey could become the 14th state to allow the purchase and use by chronically and terminally ill patients.  However, it cannot be home-grown, nor can you operate a vehicle while under the influence. But what if you get the munchies and just got to have some hot fudge for your can of sardines? Or is that more a pregnancy craving?  Also, all-passenger seat belt law was signed but only as a secondy offense. So, buckle up people if your driver gets pulled over or you’ll be getting fined also. The in-state tuition fee for illegal aliens proposal was never even looked at. It was cited that it would send the wrong message that if you do something wrong or illegal long enough, eventually it would pay off. At last, something that makes sense.

Cell phone use may help protect you from Alzheimer’s. A study was done using 96 mice, some of which were genetically altered to develop memory problems that mimic the disease and some were not, as controls. The mice were placed in cages encircling a single antenna that emitted electromagnetic waves comparable to those of a standard cell phone, for 2 1-hour periods each day. After several months of the study, there was no change in the “normal” mice, but the impairment in the altered mice had disappeared. Therefore, scientists are hopeful that greater amounts of electromagnetic waves administered to humans suffering from the disease would provide a viable, drug-free treatment.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle ~ Plato (427 BC -347 BC)

I Don’t Have A Title For This Blog

December 29, 2009

Perfect timing. This is the last of my baby pictures and this is the last Baby Picture Monday of the year. I hadn’t planned it that way, it just happens that’s how it worked out. Actually, there is one, well, two more pictures in that stash I came across; one is my high school year book picture and one is my cap and gown picture, but they’re not really baby pictures in that sense, but they were taken when I was 17, during the summer before my senior year. Maybe one day next year I’ll put those up, if you beg me enough to see them. In the meantime, this is me at 7. I think I finally grew into those ears.  (What the hell? ) At least I’d like to think I did.

Yesterday I heard of an intriguing story that I learned was already about a year old only to find the story was first broadcast on the news in 2004. It concerns a young boy by the name of James Leininger whose parents were convinced was reincarnated from fallen WWII fighter pilot James Huston Jr. From a young age, James Leininger was consumed with airplanes until one night they began to give him nightmares. He would wake up screaming and would tell his mother, Andrea, “Airplane crash on fire, little man can’t get out.” Another time, Andrea bought her son a toy airplane and pointed out something on the underside that looked like a bomb, but the boy corrected her, telling her it was a drop tank. The family maintained the youngster’s television viewing habits were only children’s shows and that no conversations about military history took place in the house, nor were documentaries watched on television. On advisement from a therapist, as the boy shared his “memories” with his parents his worsened nightmares became less severe and less frequent yet he was becoming more articulate about his “past” and most of his recollections came at bedtime when he would be drowsy.

Among young James’ remembrances were that of his plane having been hit by the Japanese and he crashed, that he flew a Corsair and that it always had flat tires. He also noted the name of the boat he took off from, Natoma, and the name of someone he flew with, Jack Larson. After some research, Natoma and Larson turned out to be factual. Young James also said he was shot down at Iwo Jima and his crayon drawings would be signed “James 3”. Bruce Leininger, the boy’s father, learned there was only one pilot killed at Iwo Jima–James M Huston Jr.

The late pilot’s sister, Anne Barron, was contacted by the Leiningers and she, too, was convinced of the phenomenon, as there was no way the young boy could have otherwise known the things he spoke of. She gifted young James with a bust of George Washington and a model of a Corsair aircraft, effects of her late brother’s that was sent home after the war. Perhaps the pilot’s mission in the afterlife has been carried out; telling what happened, because the boys vivid recollections are beginning to fade as he gets older.

Upstart Miley Cyrus is now condemning Angelina Jolie and Madonna for allowing their children to be on camera all the time. Hmm, Miley “Hannah Montana” Cyrus’s television career began at the age of 9, had recently pole danced atop an ice cream cart (it was art) and gotten tattooed (in memory of her friend who died of cystic fibrosis). Oh, but wait, the worldly 17 year old hasn’t had any children of her own yet to be so judgmental, not that she has a right to be shooting off her mouth given she’s a child star purposely in the public eye.

How to store your baby walker: First remove baby.

Looks like rabbit ears are making a comeback and more than 13 million American households watch TV the old fashioned way, and for FREE. Apparently, dozens of channels are available. This new antenna, which can range in price from about $5 to nearly $200 (depending on the its complexity) also needs the help of a TV that can process a digital signal and if it’s an older set, a converter needs to be installed. So, it’s kind of like going “digital” in reverse. It’s a one time charge as opposed to a monthly one and if Turner Classic Movies would be available through an antenna, I’d almost consider it. Hmm, but maybe I’d be able to find a rerun of I Love Lucy, which is nowhere to be seen on any of the I don’t even know how many channels I have on my cable. But I’ve got all The Golden Girls I could ever want–8 hours a day on the Hallmark Channel alone!

Braille Dictionary.  Must see to appreciate.

As part of the new flying safety regulations since the recent (failed) terrorist bombing attempt, passengers cannot get out of their seats durinig the last hour of their flight. Nor can they hold anything in their laps. Nor reach for anything in the overhead compartments. Really? Will that help? Well, first of all, if everything was screened and assumingly correctly to ensure nothing of any consequence got on the plane (which is the bigger issue here) why can’t a passenger continue reading his book or magazine, or keep his chilled legs warmed with a blanket? Utterly ridiculous. If there’s going to be security checks, then check EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. The last time we flew, my carry on bag was rifled through and tossed aside, leaving me to have to repack it (not an easy task when you’re being pushed and shoved by others in a hurry), my pants nearly falling to the floor because I had to remove my belt. Then I would have been arrested for indecent exposure. My mother, who was being carted around in a wheelchair (for swifter mobility through the airport) had to be searched. Ariel, with his belt firmly around his waist, went through, without so much as anyone looking into his bag.

This will make us all feel better. It was announced yesterday that with or without Simon Cowell, post 2010, the show will go on. Fox TV is putting the finishing touches on a deal to keep American Idol on beyond the end of its contractual run in 2011.

Today the exterminator is coming to see what they can do about our stink bug problem. Ordinarily I would be squeamish in admitting I have a “bug” problem, but everyone I talk to is in the same situation and they’re not going away. The only thing is, I thought they were coming yesterday. I called them to see if they could come on Thursday, hopefully before we went to Newark but the time window they gave me would be cutting it too close and they had nothing on Saturday and I’m this certain I repeated out loud so Ariel could hear it when they told me it would be Monday. Four hours after they should have been here, I called and was assured it was set for today. Same time frame. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who cares, just get rid of my bugs.