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Dead Tired But Still Rambling

September 7, 2010

Back from one of the greatest camping weekends ever. You would think that it was because it didn’t rain, but that’s not the case. It did rain, a drizzle between Saturday and Sunday but it was enough to have puddles of water under the tent which is now drying in the garage. Plus, you know by now that we simply discount the rain because just like there’s a bonfire on Friday and Saturday nights, there’s rain at least one day during any given weekend. But, ooof, it got so cold and we didn’t expect that. It was cold enough for our Uni-Lazies, which, naturally, are sitting on a table in the basement, where they’ve been, sadly awaiting their use. All season long it’s been uncharacteristically warm and we haven’t needed them. This time, assuming the same would hold true…. yup, you guessed it. We had a great rapport with the guys that run that business and we wanted to get them some “action” shots of us actually wearing them to put on their website and not just modeling them. Our pictures we sent them way back are on their Facebook Fan Page, though.  But we made the most of it all the while cursing ourselves out for not having something warmer with us.

It was party after party and meeting up with friends old and new all weekend long and there wasn’t time for much else other than getting from one event to the other although we were either too early or too late for one of them because it was a ghost town when we got there, but everywhere you looked there was something going on.

Among the great memories of the last party weekend at camp is that I fell in love yet again with my Droid! Over breakfast down at the café (because we didn’t really plan for a second breakfast either, somehow putting out of our minds we were there for 3 days this weekend) I saw I had another system upgrade on my phone. The last time was for a whole new version and now I’m at 2.2. This upgrade was for Flashplayer 10.1that I’ve been trying to download for a few months. And now that it’s there, I can now get the Radio Chick on Shovio either live or any of her archived shows. And you wanna laugh? We had one playing on the drive home and the picture quality was much clearer than on the computer. Are you laughing?

When we got home, the first thing I did was take the requisite pics of the work the Lou-Natics did on Friday while we were gone, but I’m not posting them today because well, I’m writing this last night and I was fairly comatose since we unloaded the truck and put stuff away and it took me quite a while to get going on this blog. But don’t you worry, tomorrow (really today) is another day and there’ll be another phase on the house completed and I’ll put them all up then. Plus, I think I have some from Thursday evening after they left that I have to put up as well. I just confused myself.

I think it was the large chocolate milkshake I had to wash down the double quarter pounder we got at the McDonald’s/Exxon complex we traditionally stop at for a fill up and “gas” that had me in the stupor that I was for most of the day. It was there, waiting at the window to pay, were we had a spider incident. I don’t know if I should damn or praise my peripheral vision, but suddenly while I was completely distracted, bringing up The Chick on my phone, I sensed movement on the windshield. Sure enough it was a spider, one of tiny ones that look  like a caraway seed with legs that jump the length of a room in a single bound. Those ones really creep me out (like there’s a difference between any of them). Here’s an aside, people often ask how I can enjoy camping in the woods when spiders (among other things) are plentiful and prone to show up at any given moment. I can handle most bugs, but I just can’t….. So, anyway, I knew if I took my eyes off the windshield, that little bugger would move but I needed to find something to smash it with. Fortunately for all involved the hammers were in the back of truck so I had to use a napkin. Quick as a flash, I slammed my hand up to the glass but the spider fell. And where? On my LEG! So, there were are, with Ariel transacting with “Clark Kent” at the cashier window and me dealing with a jumping spider on my knee. I nearly ended up through the cashier window before the money for our order. I hit the thing so hard, I had a red spot and then later it looked like I had actually might have gotten bit and I thought maybe I actually pushed his fangs through my skin.

One fascinating factoid I came away with from this camping trip is that Canadian Twizzlers are made with real sugar as opposed to the ones made in The States which are made with corn syrup and things like that.

Oh my gosh, it’s today now and I just read through this. Man, can I ramble, or what?  It happens when I’m dead tired. That, and I wake up super late. Now I gotta get to work. Bye!

Operation: Take Back The Patio–Day 1

June 23, 2010

My first day out on my hortulan* mission yesterday was rather successful and it was probably the least exhaustive leg of the entire project; cutting down and yanking out the overgrowth. What a variety of every conceivable greenery from tall woody things with tiny little orange flowers to things with thorns an inch long and believe it or not, a grape vine and everything imaginable in between. And let’s not even get into the spider population. Good grief, daddy long legs with bodies the size and color of…if I said pennies you’d think I was exaggerating, but not by much. While I worked, I tried to think back to what in my life might have triggered my halting fear of spiders but my desire to get the job done overtook my attention. I have an idea of what it might have been though but I’m not 100% certain.

 Years ago, in my old neighborhood when we were all kids together, one of my friends had a pool in his yard. Not a very big pool, one of those 2 foot pools and everyone was in it. Everyone but me, that is. They weren’t letting me in. See? Even then I needed Rent-A-Friend. So, while I was standing outside the pool, I remember suddenly looking down and seeing a HUGE daddy long leg crawling up my leg.   It had to have a leg span of 4 inches and it seemed like it covered my entire thigh. But at an age in the single digits, 4 inches probably did cover my entire thigh. I remember my reaction was pretty much as it remains today, a not quite blood curdling scream. My then best friend tried splashing water on it and blowing it but on it climbed. I don’t remember much after that but I’m also certain I never made it into the pool.

So, here is a shot of what got accomplished on day 1.


Hold onto your hats, folks, I have a newsflash for you.  A new study suggests that  chasing Ninjas and shooting aliens for extended periods of time (sometimes up to 10 hours a day)  is NOT very good excercise. Oh sure, they’re all good for eye/hand coordination but in the long run, scientists have found these cyber warriors to have the lung function and aerobic capacity of a 60 year old chain smoker. They warn that if gamers don’t start getting out to play real games, they’ll face a whole host of problems in the future.

On to brighter topics. Yesterday afternoon while I was watching the archived Radio Chick show on Shovio from Monday, The Chick announced a streaming app available for a variety of smart phones and mine was included. I found the app and now, I can listen, not watch, (which is a-okay in a pinch) the shows from each preceding day. There was also supposed to be a way to watch the show live, but for the Droid it’s on version 2.2 and naturally I’m one point shy. But maybe they’ll work on that. So that new app made me fall in love with my Droid all over again.

And speaking of The Chick, I got this following video from her. I can’t imagine what the woman in the video was thinking or if she even was and I can only imagine what will ever become of the kids later in life. I also have to wonder who was shooting this video…Daddy? It’s so disturbing that it’s actually pathetically funny. Mother of the year!


*Hortulan: of or pertaining to gardening.