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The News Across The Nation

December 15, 2011

I guess the biggest news is the National Transportation Safety Board recommended nation-wide cell phone ban thanks to the deadly Missouri highway pileup back in August 2010. Investigations into the cause of the fatal accident showed the driver of the pickup truck was texting on his cell phone (in a span of 11 minutes received 6 texts and sent 5) when he crashed into the back of a bobtailing tractor trailer and was then slammed into by 2 school busses.

Yes, I think driver distraction is a serious issue so I don’t understand why the ban would not include manufacturer installed devices. While they’re at it, they need to ban smoking while driving so when you drop your cigarette you don’t have to go looking for it. Or shaving. Eating. Talking to your passenger(s). Listening to the radio. Blinking. Breathing. 

As a quick aside, the FAA are now allowing airplane pilots to use iPads in the cockpit during takeoff and landing (while passengers must shut off their devices…right, Alec Baldwin?). They can use the iPads instead of paper flight manuals (or perhaps to feast their eyes on the latest issue of PlayStewardess…or maybe PlayFlightAttendant–to include everyone…you know <wink wink>).

In Rock Hill, South Carolina, high school administrators will hand out belts rather than written referrals to students who insist on wearing those silly saggy pants. I just don’t understand how those pants stay up in the first place. I mean, I have a pair of sweat pants which I’m wearing right now as a matter of fact that lost the draw string and if I walk around too much they start to slide and it infuriates me. I can’t see the comfort in wearing a stiffer material like denim like that. I know, rather than belts, why don’t the school officials just pants the jokers. Apparently they want to show off their undies so, let’s see them! Check you pants at the door!

To help save you money this Christmas, you can now rent toys for your ungrateful kids who badger you into getting the latest “in” thing only to leave it under the bed or on the bottom of the closet, alone and forgotten. Sites like Toygaroo and Toyconomy (both .com’s) allow you rent toys at a monthly cost, like, say, for $30 a month you can rent 4 toys or whatever the individual policy is for various levels of membership. I wonder if they have a rent-a-meal for finicky kids? Or, how’s this?  Why not organize a neighborhood kid-swap? Send your kids off to the neighbor’s house and let them play with all the toys their friends have, which they always like better than their own anyway and whose parents are way cooler than your own and serve better food and maybe don’t have the pesky curfew to abide by. And there doesn’t have to be a time limit other than when the kid starts to act up, it’s time to switch.

The Disappearance Of…

January 25, 2011

The Common Core State Standards had omitted cursive writing from its standards, standards that represent a set of expectations for a student’s knowledge and skills that high school graduates need to master to succeed in college and careers. No inference is made that cursive writing is such a standard and has already begun to disappear from some classrooms and in the next few years could be completely phased out in most school systems.

It’s because today’s youth spends most of their time texting or typing on the computer or other such communications device and one teacher in an Athens, Georgia school said she’s had to stop writing in cursive on the board because a lot of her students aren’t able to read it and she has to print.

Perhaps they should also do away with English class and learning how to speak. I mean, it’s becoming such an isolated society anyway…  A prime example; take  the mother and daughter duo I witnessed one night when we were out to eat who sat across from each other, each on their phones, texting away and either completely ignoring each other or maybe they were communicating between themselves with their phones. Who knows?

But what happens when the bottom falls out and computers around the globe crash and cell towers are felled like dead trees and no one can get a signal–how will we communicate? I guess a fingerprint or an iris scan will be the way we’ll identify ourselves since there will no longer be person’s unique signature. I can see it now, running into a celebrity and asking, “Can you fingerprint my autograph book?”

I forgot to mention in my blog yesterday that along with putting the rooms back together after the carpeting went down, we had to cut down 7 doors. Thankfully I just happen to have a table saw tucked away in my bag of tricks. We considered having it done, but at $35 per door, we figured we could do the job ourselves.

You know what else might be on the way out? The use of credit cards. More and more, people are using their iPhones, Droids or Blackberrys to pay at the cash register (now there’s an oxymoron sort of). They can even lend a friend some money by bumping phones. It’s just as well anyway, because who will be able to sign the charge receipt? Michael Abbott, the CEO of Isis, a new mobile payment network told CNNMoney “This is a chance to bring payments forward from the plastic age and the vinyl records age to the digital age.” What happens if your battery is dead? Or you can’t get a signal? Or you’re walking along texting and fall into a fountain like Cathy Cruz Marrero. Come on…..really?

Here’s an aside: the woman has a criminal record and she still has the audacity to threaten the Pennsylvania mall with a lawsuit for untold humiliation after the now fired security guard leaked the footage that has been views more than 3.5 millions times in one week. So, what now?  A ban on texting while walking? Can no one use any logic anymore?

You know what’s NOT disappearing? The snow! Looks like we’re in for more starting tomorrow night and we could get as much as 1-3 or 4-8 inches by Thursday morning. Now how is that for a prediction? Looks like the repair job I did on my mailbox will get an official road test. Maybe I shouldn’t say “road”.

And what’s so bad about vinyl records, Mr. Abbott?