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It Never Ends

April 11, 2011

And enough already with the stink bugs! It’s getting warm now, stay outside and go back where you came from!

I see my blog got hijacked for two days last week so Commander could do his thing with American Idol. Boy, did he get blindsided or did he get blindsided? You’ll be glad to know the carpet went in as planned on Thursday and after I gave the installers a perfect score on professionalism and cleanliness, etc, and even I spoke to their supervisor on the installer’s telephone, giving them a glowing review, I learned from Ariel when he got home later that night they had left a huge bag of scraps (carpet and padding) on the bench by the garage. Telephone? Who says telephone anymore? On Friday after work, we moved in the dressers and the clothes are hanging in there. And the blind came in on Saturday for the closet window. So, that room is finished.

But then came time to replace the flourescent tubes in some of my overheads, in the garage, in my work area in the basement and turns out the fixtures themselves need replaced. What, do you think I am, made of money?

We ate at The Barge in Perth Amboy for the first time ever over the weekend. I’ll tell you why we were in Perth Amboy at a later date, with pictures, of course. The food was quite good; I had surf and turf and Ariel had prime rib. Ariel had a crabmeat cocktail and I had escargot. I haven’t had a good escargot recipe in a long time. There’s a place close to my house that used to have a killer recipe and it changed and I made it known to the owner I wasn’t pleased. But Saturday’s was delicious and because it came with props, I re-enacted, as best I could, the Paris At Last episode of I Love Lucy. I even asked for “Tomat!”

Right on the heels of that YouTube video of those two adorable babies chatting away came the one of the kid crying because he was too small to governor of NJ. Is it just me, or does anyone else think this was a put on? I certainly attracted the attention of  the powers that be, and the kid, Jesse Koczon was crowned “honorary governor for a day” and sat along side  honorary lieutenant governor, 4 year old twin brother Brandon and NJ Governor Christie for a press conferance.

More and more it seems YouTube is the new Schawbs drug store, where people get discovered almost on a daily basis;  maybe I need to make a YouTube video crying how I can’t get my book published.