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A Step Ahead, A Day Behind

October 26, 2010

By the time you read this, I’m hoping I will be in from my second 4 mile walk of the week; yesterday being the first. I would have mentioned it, but I had written yesterday’s blog Sunday night and then I didn’t even think to make the update. Likewise, I’m writing this last night. I think we walked a little further than we should have because either I mistakenly turned off the stopwatch app on my Droid as I was putting into my pocket or the volume was turned down and we didn’t hear it. The reason I’m suspicious that we walked more is because we were both dragging, try as we might to keep in step with the music we had playing, but it was just such a laborious walk, and a painful one, and it seemed impossible that we could have reached that 2 mile mark before the time went off and when I looked, it was all at zero’s. But then we reached the finish line in 30 minutes, so maybe the volume was low and we really did reach our spot.

“There’s a name for you ladies, but it isn’t used in high society–outside of a kennel”. That’s Crystal Allen’s last line in 1939’s “The Women”, admitting defeat to the equally scheming women she set out to defeat in pursuit of love and social status. I don’t know why I watched it again, but I did, I watched the current remake on TV yesterday. Yes, some of the classic lines are in there, like the one above, but so misplaced, and so languidly delivered, they make no sense, and have no impact. The Nobel prize given out in Sweden alluded to in the original was pared down to a reference of one of the main character’s maids being from Sweden and Lucy, the proprietress of the ranch in Reno where women awaited divorces from their spouses, was reduced to a golden retriever. Note to Diane English…say you’re sorry for desecrating a Hollywood Classic.

We heard from Lou yesterday. He called Ariel from his hospital bed. Still in the hospital and able walk with the aid of a walker. His sons will be here either today or tomorrow to continue where they left off when they were last here.

And now we may have another Lou in our midst. This one will be known as UpholsterLou. We have two chairs that were Grandma B’s we finally are trying to have reupholstered so we can use once the house construction is done. At least one of them will go in the old dining room and one possibly in my office. We’re hoping to find something close to a distressed leather in a hunter green, or comparable green. Grandma always wanted them recovered in green, and that’s the color scheme we’re going with in the addition, the old dining room which will become a sitting room/first floor guest room, sort of extension of the addtion, the kitchen and antekitchen–it’s a word, because I want it to be.

Here’s another update.  It’s Tuesday morning and we did get outside for our walk. When we got in, I sat here at the computer and did some more work on those rewrites. Apparently, at some point, I must have rewritten a scene and tucked it into place because as I was reading through the printed out pages with all my notes on them, the spot I was working on repeated and then I couldn’t find where either the original or the new scene left off, so I had to wing it. But I got back on track.

And here, here is where the “scratch me” came from. Watch until the end.

The Last Lament

July 1, 2010

It’s that time of year again, when my internal clock starts revving into action, but somewhere along the way, I lost my power source and my clock is flashing 12:00, 12:00, 12:00. Of course you know what I’m taking about; not going to Provincetown this year. Somewhere around the beginning of June I start getting little flashes, little vignettes that last a only a millisecond each, at first, of being at any given spot on Commercial Street. As the month wears on, the visions become a little longer and begin to invoke the memory of sounds and smells and tastes.

And for me, summer officially begins when we arrive in town, in time for breakfast at The Post Office Café, usually a ham and cheddar omelette, even though the cheddar ends up being something white and stretchy, probably provolone and no matter where you go in town and order cheddar that’s what you get. There’s also a gin bloody Mary and coffee with that breakfast. I know it’s the season of summer, but I’m taking about the attitude of summer. And conversely, it ends when we get home. Otherwise the time between June and Labor Day are just hot sticky and insufferable days.

Apparently, our decision to not go to Provincetown this year has sent a ripple through the time space continuum. Our friend Bobby we travel with each year decided to cancel his trip. He didn’t want to go without us. But we’ll get together with him closer to home this year and keep the tradition of celebrating the 4th with each other going.

Also part of the traditional drive is watching DVD’s along the way while reciting the dialogue, proper inflection and all. The essential travel DVD’s are “The Women” (1939), “All About Eve” and the “Housewarming” episode of I Love Lucy.

Oh yeah, and get this, you know that Massachusetts school board that wanted to make condoms available for all students, including first graders? It was Provincetown, as it turns out. But they’ve since rescinded that decision and will now make them available only to fifth graders and above. Phew!

So, we have a few irons in the fire to help pass the holiday weekend and then whatever we come up with to do for the rest of our vacation will just be played by ear. And the irony of it all is that we’re still waiting for the permits so the work on the house can begin, which was part of the reason we decided not to go. But more importantly it was the money we’d save by staying home. And I’ll just have to wait one more year for that orgasmic French Onion Soup at Ross’ Grill and my customary 1-1/4 pound boiled lobster clam bake at The Lobster Pot. Everything will taste better.

Yikes, I almost forgot to show you who was sporting that frilly yellow bikini in yesterday’s Iconic Bathing Suit picture.

It was Sally Field, looking all cute Gidgety. Or maybe that’s what Sister Bertrille wore under her habit so she could take an off-screen dip in Carlos Ramirez’ pool. But we like her. We really like her! 

There is also a new logo and quote for July on the main page. You can click here to see those and while you’re there, you can see if McGinty and company have come in from the strawberry patch yet.