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A Day In The City

May 10, 2011

‘Twas a busy morning around here. I set my alarm for 4:30 because I was taking my niece and her husband to the train. They are going to a taping of Dr. Oz and had to be in line by 8. So that means getting into the city with enough time to walk (their choice) from Penn Station to the Dr. Oz show and be there before 8. So, we decided the 6:11 would get them into the city in plenty of time. And thankfully it’s a beautiful day.

She had filled out a form, sent a photo and a bunch of info that could help her be a participant on the show, but as of last night she still hadn’t yet heard back. So, we’ll see what happens. So, I thought, hmm, this would be the perfect opportunity; a banner? No, they’d never let her in. Throwing a bra? No, that honor belongs to the Radio Chick. I know, use sign language to spell out S-A-V-E O-N-E L-I-F-E T-O L-I-V-E.

From there they’ll be touring some of the city and later, we’ll be meeting them in New York for dinner at one of favorite haunts. I just hope my cab company doesn’t let me down again like the last time when I missed two trains, a half hour apart from each other on the cab ride to the station. To be fair, he had to pick up another passenger, but also that day was the beginning of spring break and all the freaks and, well, freaks had taken to the streets, beer kegs being paraded to various parties, boys peeing on dorm house walls, girls… well, never mind…. Anyway, I just hope I don’t miss my train this afternoon.

So, let’s see if my niece utilizes her sign language skills. And in the meantime, here is all that info again for you. And thanks! Don’t forget, thsi week, Roger Howarth returns, but will he be Todd and Trevor St John an imposter lo these many years? Tune in and find out.