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June 15, 2011

Early yesterday morning I discovered one of my tomato plants was leafless. In fact it looked like it had been eaten. Sure it was the smallest of them all and at first I thought maybe it was a bad plant, a runt, and dropped its leaves. But they would be laying on the ground and there were no signs of them anyway. On closer inspection, it was evident they’d been chewed off with razor sharp precision. So much for that protective fencing. WTF? (Fence..see, you thought I was gonna say the other F word!)

But I wasn’t to be defeated. I spent a couple of hours wrestling with and cutting strips of quarter inch wire mesh to stuff into wherever slight opening whatever hungry varmint it was might have slipped through. Most likely it was under the front gate, the gap there is rather extraordinary but now, after having my hands cut to shreds and fingers punctured, I think we are officially critter-proof.

In the meantime, with the watering and the rain we’ve been having, everything is flourishing and my pepper plants are finally starting to sprout as well as one lima bean plant so far, exploding through the ground like an embryonic alien emerging from a fetal sleep.

I’m still engrossed in the Casey Anthony trial and today the prosecution will rest its case with and by tomorrow the defense will begin their presentation, unless they win their motion for an acquittal, but that will probably end up the same way their plea for a mistrial yesterday ended up…denied.

And of course our Save the Soaps (all of them) battle rages on. Right now our focus is on contacting any ABC/Disney personnel to pass the message on to Bob Iger to sell the soaps to another network. Trouble is, they mostly respond with that same link to the ABC website Contact Us tab. And now those replies read like canned responses, when they decided to answer or if they don’t have their “away” messages up.