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Don’t Show Me. Tell Me.

November 19, 2012

So, how did you make out in the storm?

I’m gonna just touch on one more storm related thing that made me cock my head with consternation, moreso than it usually does.

I’m fairly technologically advanced, I’d say somewhere in the middle between those who could probably run the world with one click and those who don’t even know what a computer is, or at least aren’t cyberly connected. There are are some things I like to remain old-fashioned about like book reading (yeah, like I read…right!) I like the feel of a book or magazine in my hand. I like to sit in front of a TV set as opposed to a computer screen (like I was ‘forced’ to do while my cable was out). I even rent DVD’s from Netflix as opposed to downloading movies. I will say, though, that I do have my iPod for my music and set to shuffle it is much easier on the nerves, and because my 8 track playe CLICK track player is in the shop. While I’m whooshing about dusting my bric-a-brac or cooking up a storm (there’s that word again!) it’s easier to set the iPod on shuffle and hear a variety of things, and question my reasoning for some of its content, than wasting time trying to figure which discs to put in the machine.

But like the song once said, one thing that made me go hmm, was when our local radio station, which we listened to on a battery powered radio as our only connection to the outside world for the first few days would start talking about recovery centers, which areas had gas stations open and how long the lines were or which areas had been restored with electricity and follow it up with, for a complete list, visit our website. Wasn’t most of the area cut off from any communication? For Heaven’s sake, we were charging our phones in our cars and cooking on our camp stove in the kitchen. One of the on-air personalities took issue with one caller’s complaint about that very thing and asked emphatically, “don’t you have a friend you could go to?” Well, yeah, but the entire neighborhood is dark and roads are closed to safer zones so I’m not sure that was a valid remark. Okay, there IS the smartphone aspect, but, still..

Okay, one more thing that is an extension of something else from many years ago that gets my goat is this: Radio news announcer: “We’ll tell you Governor Christie’s plan for bringing New Jersey back…coming up, next”. Then a commercial or two. More news then the announcement: “Coming up after the break, Governor Christie’s plan to restore New Jersey”. Rinse, repeat. Now it’s approaching the top of the hour and the final announcement: Governor Christie vows he will bring New Jersey back to her former glory, find out how on our website.” ??????

Years ago, I wrote a letter to CBS TV and the FCC for a practice I found offensive. I used to watch Guiding Light, which, in this area was airing at 10 in the morning. At 10:30, or thereabouts, when the Channel 2 CBS newsbreak would run and they’d synopsize what would be coming up at noon. THE TOY YOU BOUGHT YOUR CHILD COULD CATCH FIRE or THE LUNCH YOU SENT YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL WITH COULD MAKE HIM SICK. So, now, you had to wait 90 minutes for the news to start and of course that catch story wouldn’t air until near the end of the half hour. What the hell did I give my kid for lunch? Throw out that WheelO!

CBS’s response was that they’d look into it. I never heard back from the FCC.