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Ultra-Lazy Weekend

February 15, 2010

What a great relaxing weekend, just what I needed. Actually, I think we were both due a quiet do nothing weekend. We ended up not going to the movies on Friday; it looked like Anthony Hopkins had an 8th place listing in the credits, and really, with a movie that’s only semi-appealing to begin with, why go see it when the one actor whose name you recognize may or may not be in it all that much? But we did take my mother (Mommie Dearest, affectionately–it used to be Sybil until she ran herself over with her car and my sister and I figured that was torture enough) out for a Happy Valentine’s dinner nonetheless to an Italian place by her. Café Calore. There was a small patch of ice near where she was getting into the truck afterwards and the conversation went like this:

Ariel: Be careful. Brian: Otherwise we’ll change the name of this place to Café Mommie Dearest. (Laughter, laughter, laughter) Sure, then we could hang wire hangers like chandeliers, hang pictures of Joan all over the place and serve meat that makes juice when you push on it. (Laughter, laughter, laughter)

So, Saturday we did laundry and I fixed the upstairs bathroom sink. I also fixed the leak underneath the kitchen sink. It had been leaking for a while but lately it was dripping from inside the cabinet onto the floor. I took the toilet apart to try the suggestion toilet guy on the phone said to try, but I still can’t get the bowl to fill all the way. Even though there’s a flow of water from the  doohickey (fill tube) at the connection where the  thingamajig (rubber tubing) should lead to fill the bowl, it won’t go through. The rubber tube isn’t blocked or anything, so who knows what the story is.  But, again, it flushes and that’s really what’s important and my underneath connections leak-proof. And that’s equally important. I thought also, albeit briefly, of taking care of all the huge broken trees on my property, but, when you’re trying to relax, who wants to be trudging through the snow? Not us, we just cooked our way through the weekend, food too delicious to describe, and healthy to boot.

We got our Uni-Lazies in the mail on Friday and yesterday was the day to try them out. You’ll see in the picture below they’re really like a pair of footie pajamas. I felt like I was putting on a bunny suit. At first, it felt like it wasn’t fitting properly in the thighs, like the material was pulling from behind, but after a while, that slight discomfort went away. I hung out in it all day. As you can see, Ariel modeled the hood on his and I modeled the trap door. And let me just assure you, the trap door…works!, as I tested after my morning coffee <wink>. And of course, the front fly works from top as well as the bottom for ease of having to relieve one’s self without really having to come out from “under the covers”. I know it looks huge on me, but it IS a large and they are purposely roomy for comfort. Definitely a cool investment and I think will be part of our camping gear for those unbearably cold summer nights in the mountains.

Speaking of large, the biggest news of the weekend is I lost another 3 pounds and Ariel stayed at his weight from last week. That makes 14 pounds for me in 4 weeks and 10 for Ariel. Can my 34 waist jeans be far behind?

You know, I did have another wackadoodle dream Saturday night, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

This week on McGinty Monday, the family tree begins to grow.