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Happy Belated Anniversary

January 13, 2010

While I was making a terrible lame joke about not winning the lottery yesterday, it complete sidetracked me from something really important. Yesterday was our 11 th anniversary in the house. I was counting down the days so I could mention it and here it is, the day after.

I have an update on something I wrote about a few weeks ago, back on December 18 about little 4-year old Taylor Pugh who was on in-school suspension because his hair was too long according school board policy. Well, this past Monday, the school board and his parents met and it was decided little “Tater Tot” could return to regular classes with his long hair provided it was braided and pinned up on top of his head so that it does not fall below his ears. But mom, Elizabeth Taylor refuses to braid his hair that way because, she says, after a while, the boy’s head would bleed. Loosen the braiding…I’m thinking. Liz says that little Tater Tot likes his long hair. So, good, this family is being run by a four year old. I saw on the morning news yesterday how she gooped up his hair with gel to keep it in place, tied it in a pony tail on top of his head (think Pebbles Flintstone) and held it all in place with bobby pins. Actually, now I’m thinking, just cut the kid’s hair. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s now a matter of principle, that the family is on the bent that the school board doesn’t have the right to decide how the boy should wear his hair, but, come on, there’s a time for making a point and a time for teaching your kid that sometimes you just have to abide by the rules.

Also in that same blog I talked about the missing mile marker in Wantage, NJ.  From what I can tell, it still hasn’t been recovered.

Can I show you a video for yet another silly product? And then you can go check out Herbert and The New Shazzam.




Weekend Wrap-up

December 18, 2009

Whoever took the mile marker from Cemetery Road in Wantage, please return it. Don’t you realize the world is in enough turmoil now that Elin Nordegren Woods has been seen at a Florida gas station without her wedding ring?  After all, the woman is filing for divorce from that suddenly reclusive golf-pro husband of hers. I’m sure in the end, though, when all is said and done, even with the pre-nup or the “re-nup” as he is trying to finagle, Tiger will probably still get to keep his golf clubs, but Elin is gonna get his balls.

Can you believe someone absconded with a headstone-looking mile marker that dates back about 200 years from a road in Wantage, in Sussex County, NJ? The stone, with a carving that reads, “48 miles to Hoboken or Jersey City” has been missing for about three weeks. Wayne McCabe, the county historian, says the marker was most likely on the side of one of the new privately owned turnpikes around the beginning of the 19 th century and money was collected from drivers of horse drawn vehicles; farmers carrying products to markets in Jersey City or Hoboken and stagecoaches carrying travelers. When people didn’t want to pay the toll, they would use other roads that was far less maintained and a rougher ride. Kind of like the turnpike we have today, except you pay a toll and it’s a rough ride. The worst of both worlds. Honestly, if you know of its whereabouts, you can call Jim Doherty, the administrator for Wantage, at 973-875-7192 or contact his office at  (By the way, these thumbnail pictures are working)

“Let him that would move the world first move himself”–Socrates  “Aaayy” – Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli

4-year old Taylor “Tater Tot” Pugh from Dallas, Texas, has been suspended from pre-kindergarten because his hair is a little longer than the school says it should be; it covers his earlobes and shirt collar. I would hope it would cover his earlobes if it’s long enough to cover his shirt collar otherwise he’d have more things to worry about than having long hair…just sayin’. He’s not allowed to play any games with his schoolmates because of it and has spent his in-school suspension sidelined with the teacher’s aid since late last month. Hmm, that was like, two weeks ago. Did his hair all of sudden grow out of control like a Beautiful Chrissy doll? Good, who wants to play stupid dodge ball, anyway? It’s no good for kids anymore anyway. They might get hurt. Or have fun. Tut tut.

You know what, let’s go back to the sun for a moment. Last night, I made a conscious effort to look at the sky at 5pm and it was really rather light. A thought came to me about it. Maybe the earth’s axis has shifted since those days 30 years ago I remember it being dark at 4pm. I saw Donna’s comment that maybe it has to do with the time change coming later, but even so, the time would have been changed by now and the winter solstice is still  3 days away. Also, considering how the weather pattern has shifted (staying colder longer after the winter is over and staying warmer further into the fall) maybe the earth’s axis has shifted and maybe that, not car exhaust and empty plastic bottles in landfills, is the reason for “global warming”.  After all, how much pollution was around during the ice age?  How many dinosaurs were protesting. “Stop global freezing. Think about the children!” If there are any scientists out there, can you get on this and get back to me?

What else is there I can talk about. There’s a house in Sydney, Australia, that rotates, guaranteeing the family a new view every time they wake up. Luke Everingham came up with the idea after talking with neighbors who wished their houses were angled more to catch the sun. The octagonal house sits on a rotating platform whose motor is controlled by a computer (of course). The house can do a complete rotation in as little as 30 minutes or as much as two hours depending on the speed. And, whoops, how convenient when the house is “docked” facing the tall blonde next door. “Sorry, computer glitch. I’ll have that fixed in a jiffy.”  Just sayin’. They even have their own website. Click here to see it.

And here it is, the end of a stressful work week and so close to Christmas and you probably need a release. Here it is. Have a great weekend!