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Without Coffee? Y?

September 24, 2010

It really is a new world out there, technologically speaking, as I’ve recently learned, e.g., how pencils are so noisy on paper. I have to admit, at the dawn of this information age, I was the last person I’d ever expect to come to rely on it, but here I am, using technology for everything from work, to listening to music, to decide what rental movies I want delivered to my mailbox, to adding to my list of virtual friends, to writing my blog. Oh yes, and my book. Your what, Brian?

But I, as much as I’ve come to find technology can be my friend (except when my Internet connection drops, which hopefully will be alleviated with the installation of the new router last night), and at times a substitute companion even over the TV, I will never give up my coffee, unlike a study group of a thousand millennials who say they would rather go a week without coffee or tea than without Wi-Fi access. Millennial, for those of you not quite up on your tech talk, is another term for Generation Y, Generation Next, Gamer Generation or Net Generation. More than 70% of the U.S. respondents consider Wi-Fi a necessity in restaurants and shopping malls. 64 % of U.S. and 89% Chinese Wi-Fi users say it would be almost impossible to maintain friendships. Not having physical interactions with people is also kind of tough on friendship maintenance, but at least when the do get together they can sit silently, with vacant expressions on their faces across from each other and text people they don’t even know while they’re out having a burger together.

But then I might be contradicting myself because with the Wi-Fi connection we have, it enables our phones, our mini computers, to link up to that “other world” with the greatest of ease and I like it. But my existance doesn’t rely on connecting to the internet, and let’s face it, we all have a tie to cyberspace. After all, I was able to text my other players and got the points for Eddie Fisher. Dead at 82. But now I hear my text didn’t go through. Technology, not friendly. But at least I had my coffee.

But I come from a crossover generation that has seen so much technology come and go and become obsolete the very next day. My generation knows exactly what’s being spoken about the second we hear the term “box of 45’s”, without a look of quizzical panic. Someday, someone will say “text” or “Wi-Fi” and a whole new generation will have that same indifferent look on their faces, push a button somewhere on their person to activate the information chip embedded elsewhere on, or in, their person and figure out what a box of 45’s is, quicker than I found out what a millennial is.

There was no Lou Crew yesterday.

You know what was kind of fun the other day? There was a fly in the house. It must have snuck in while the guys were working. How could it not with everything open? I was in the kitchen and it was buzzing around haphazardly, minding its own business, landing first on the window, then the counter, then the window, just doing what flies do. I watched it for a little while thinking, hmm, it’s been a long time really since we’ve had a fly in the house… it kind of takes me back. Then I killed it.

You know what else I think I’ll be busy killing again? Those damn stink bugs. They’re on the way back and allegedly in greater numbers than last year. They first appeared in Allentown, Pa., in a shipment from Southeast Asia in the mid 1990’s and they’ve migrated to east coast in droves. And now they’re droving live crazy.

When the Lou-Natics left the other day, there were several of them in the new room. They come in to the house to escape the cooling outdoor temperatures. They can get in from smallest of spaces. They don’t reproduce indoors, so that’s good and they don’t bite, but they will release that rancid dead corpse smell as a defense mechanism or when you crush them. So, be sure to use anything but your hands. That odor, though, can attract more stink bugs–Halyomorpha halys for all you entomologists out there–and dead ones can attract other scavenger insects. They are virtually impervious to most commercial pesticides and apparently even industrial strength ones used by exterminators. Believe me, I know. They’ve tried every means available to them over the last few seasons during this time of the year to no avail.

But the government is working on a stink bug luring pheromone that will hopefully attract them elsewhere than in your house, but be assured, they carry no disease and are no indication of unsanitary conditions, though I could stand to run a dust cloth. But with all the construction, why bother?

That’s a heck of a way to end a Friday blog. But there you have it!