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Smile Pretty And Say…

May 3, 2011

From the really cheesy department:

There was an art “exhibit”, The Lady Cheese Shop at a certain New York Gallery this past Sunday, where Miriam Simun hoped to use the art of cheese making to raise questions about the ethics of modern biotechnologies. She offered adventurous eaters to sample her cheeses; West Side Funk, Midtown Smoke and Wisconsin Chew and the reviews ranged from puzzled looks, enjoyment and gagging. The cheeses were made from three different sources, all of which had one thing in common–they were all nursing women who agreed to have their breast milk turned into cheese. One taste tester just about applauded the concept, citing that she would know more of what goes into this cheese than what gets pumped into a cow in the guise of nutrition. And as it turns out, a New York chef served his customers cheese made from his wife’s breast milk and earlier this year, a London ice cream parlor began buying women’s breast milk to make ice cream. I’m gonna say no.

From the 20% off department:

A group in San Francisco has more than enough signatures, nearly 12,000 (about 5,000 more than needed) to qualify a having a particular proposal become a ballot measure for the November elections. This group wants to ban the practice of circumcision in boys (in San Francisco only) below the age of 18. It’s being sought to be outlawed because it is considered as causing harm. However, there is also the issue of religious beliefs, but this law would supercede that. The U.S. Supreme Court has previously indicated in other rulings that “religions don’t get a free pass”. But, wait a second, if The U.S. doesn’t persecute for religious beliefs, how come it’s going to be against the law for an infant Jewish boy’s traditional bris? The only time there would be an exception is in the case of health issues. Oy vey!

From the don’t lose your head department: (hmm…see above? Was that rude?)

The search is officially underway for the real Mona Lisa, Lisa Gheradini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, a rich silk merchant of early 1500’s Italy. Armed with special radar devices, the experts are searching the old dilapidated Saint Orsola convent in Florence, Italy, the last known place where Lisa Gheradini was alive, under the care of her two daughters, both nuns. They want to find her burial place, exhume her skull and reconstruct her face. Of course they’ll have to check the DNA against what they believe to be her remains, with the known and documented remains of the daughters’. Silvano Vincenti, head of the National Committee for the Promotion of Historic and Cultural Heritage says that Gheradini may have been an early model for the painting that could have been commissioned for one of two events: when the Gheradini’s bought their house or when their second son was born. But Mona Lisa’s face was probably also inspired by a young male apprentice of da Vinci’s, Gian Giacomo Caprotti, who some say was the artist’s lover. But let’s go back to the exhumation… is it really so important to know who was behind that enigmatic smile, that this poor woman cannot remain at peace?

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